How Custom Socks Can Effectively Promote Your Brand

By  //  May 26, 2021

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Brand awareness and client loyalty are key metrics of a successful brand or company.

There are several methods for this. The most popular is the next:

■ company blog on the website, where brand shares useful information in the field of the sphere they are experts;

■ senders name in the mass mailing, SMS, and other communication channels;

■ collaboration with bloggers in a social network;

merchandise is one of the most interesting ways for increasing brand awareness.

All these types are cool and work effectively together but if it created according to all marketing rules. Today we tell you how custom items especially socks will promote the brand. 

Read the article and find out how to increase clients’ loyalty with the help of merch. 

What is merch?

Merchandise (merch) are clothes, accessories, souvenirs, and any other functional or simply beautiful things with brand symbols.

Merchandise is a great chance to involve clients, increase sales and create an army of loyal clients. The right merchandise creates brand associations and becomes a tool for self-expression. Recently, the merchandise industry is reaching a new level ㅡ more and more often there are merchandise collaborations of famous companies with fashion designers and contemporary artists.

Let see how merchandise helps brand promotion on the example of socks.

Why design custom socks?

It could be a T-shirt, bag, hoodie or any other item of clothes. But we talk about socks, why?

The answer lies on the surface. How often do you wear a hoodie, T-shirt, blouse? We think these clothes are not your everyday look.  But swag socks are that thing that you put on every morning if it’s not summered outside the window, and you are going to walk in sandals. 

When people put on socks with your brand mentioning it is something like a trigger to remember your company and think whether you have something new and special for them. 

Imagine the situation. You wake up in the morning, go to the bathroom, clean your teeth, wash your hands and go to the kitchen to eat your tasty breakfast. After these actions, you start putting on clothes. When it comes to socks you start choosing them your eyes will definitely catch something special and bright. Moreover, if it will be the custom high socks with favorite brands mention this is another extra reminder about the company. 

The reason why we choose socks you have already known, let tell how and where to use them as a promotional tool. 

How and Where Use Socks to Promote Your Brand?

To promote a brand or company effectively you have to know places and reasons where giving socks is appropriate. Here are some of them.

Conferences And Trade Shows

Participating in different conferences is the main part of brand promotion for every company. Such events are a great chance to start presenting custom socks. If you have a booth on the trade show, giving beautiful socks is a cool way to stand out from competitors and engage people to become acquainted with your brand. It has a great impression and furthermore, it is a useful thing that will serve for a long time.

Add to your socks your company logo, special writings, use corporate colors. All the details should remember your company.


Spreading items in case to collect money is a perfect way to show the brand as a person. 

It demonstrates you as kind-hearted people if you present socks to people who give donations. 

You can create different designs depending on the sum of donations. But include your logo on each pair of socks.

Set up the table with your socks and give them to people who donate money. It is good not only for you but also for those who need help. 

Thanks to employee

Your employees are the best people who can promote a brand because they know all details and advantages of the company. Presenting socks to your coworkers is a great way to show your appreciation for good work and involve them in increasing brand awareness.

They will represent your company even if they are not in the office. Your employees will show such socks to guests, friends, relatives and tell them about the company. Furthermore, it is a good indicator when people wear custom socks not only in the office. It means that he/she likes the work and it is so, the brand is good. 

Gifts to Prospects

If you have potential customers but want to convert them into real clients, present them a pair of beautiful socks with your logo. Order custom socks online in advance to have always the things, because in this situation waiting for a gift is not unacceptable.

Prepare a stock of socks not to fail with great prospect. 

If you do everything correctly it becomes a small bridge between you and your clients.


Use all possible ways to increase brand awareness. Competitors don’t sleep and you should be better. We hope you have already found a designer that creates a design of your custom socks, haven’t you?