How to Increase Real Estate Lead Generation Productivity? Top Tips for Your Business

By  //  May 10, 2021

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Real estate agents often like to pack as much work into their day as possible. From managing contracts to meeting clients, agents don’t have a lot of time left for lead generation.

Or, do they? While it can be challenging to free up some time to locate and speak to potential buyers, it’s essential that they use the following tips and tricks that will increase productivity and leads.

Use Lead Generation Software (LGS)

Are you really short on time? Instead of hoping to carve in a bit of time to market your services or email to thank a client, automate the process by using lead generation software. LGS can help your real estate business in many ways, including the following:

Generates more leads by using SEO and paid advertising methods.

■ Attracts leads that are more likely to lead to sales by targeting specific customers.

■ Homes will close faster by automating follow-ups and appointments.

■ Leads are easy to manage and keep track of through reminders.

■ Removes most busy work, like imputing client data or changing contact information.

■ Lead generation software lets you spend more time on maintaining client relationships.

8 Tips for Improving Lead Generation Productivity

The below tips become more effective when you use an online app to handle most of the work. Real estate agents spend most of their time on the phone, so why not utilize its other functions?

1. Focus on One Task

Only 2.5% of people can master true multitasking, while the other 97.5% become less efficient and make more mistakes. Since multitasking actually divides our attention, it’s better to focus on one thing at a time. If you plan on doing lead generation, set an hour aside for that task only.

2. Block out Spam Calls

Real estate agents will have to post their professional number online for their clients to call, but that can leave you open to spam callers that only want to waste your time. Most smartphones have a feature that blocks out unwanted calls, but if it doesn’t, apps like TrueCaller can help.

3. Keep a List of Expenses

Productivity doesn’t start and end with time. Agents need to know how much money they’re spending on open-houses, gas, and personal expenses so they can estimate associated work costs. Using an accountant or an app that automates this process will save you time, as well.

4. Plan Transportation in Advance

Unless you’re taking taxis or Ubers across the city, you’ll have to spend a large portion of your day fighting traffic. During this time, you won’t be able to check leads, find clients, or answer phone calls (unless you have hands-free)—plan in advance to avoid heavy traffic zones.

5. Use To-Do Lists, but Stay Flexible

A to-do list can help you get back on track and establish what important tasks are necessary to accomplish by the end of the day, week, or month. Don’t stress over completing the list every day. Instead, stay flexible to meet clients’ needs and prioritize lead generation during free moments.

6. Take Breaks 2-5 Times a Day

Taking breaks increases productivity, which will make you a powerhouse when it comes to lead generation. Make sure you stretch your legs by taking a walk around the neighborhood. As an alternative, you could meditate or grab a quick healthy snack that keeps you alert.

7. Establish a Routine 

Dropping bad habits and replacing them with new ones isn’t always easy, but it’s necessary to do this, so your mood improves. Keeping a regular exercise, eating, and sleep schedule will make you more pleasant when speaking to potential leads and current clients.

8. Download an MLS App

Every real estate agent knows how vital MLS listings are for finding leads and contacting clients. An MLS app, like Homesnap Pro, can help you speak to clients directly via a chat function, upload photos of staging events, set appointments, and set up ads on multiple social media accounts. Use this in tandem with lead generation software to maximize lead potential.