Is Tom Brady Going to Win Another Super Bowl?

By  //  May 21, 2021

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When it comes to the NFL, leading Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady is perhaps one of the most famous names on the scene. After his stint at the New England Patriots for so many years and now in his prominent position as a quarterback with the Florida team, he’s been a big name on the scene for over two decades.

But one key question for those who follow the NFL is whether or not he’s in with a chance of seizing yet another Super Bowl title. According to some pundits, he is in the running. Others, however, are less convinced. The gamblers amongst us will be eyeing up this stake with great interest – although with the wait time until Super Bowl LVI, sites like skycity may better scratch that itch with their selection of simulated sports events.

Yes: he’s in with a shot

At the most basic level, the numbers are on Brady’s side. He’s a Super Bowl machine: the star player has won seven Super Bowls so far and there’s plenty of evidence to suggest that he could be about to tip this figure over the edge. His other vital statistics support the case that he has it in him to do this. He has, for example, managed to beat the current Most Valuable Player – Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes – by securing just over 20 out of 29 passes in 201 yards. He also managed to do this without a single interception, which is quite the achievement.

It’s also worth looking at what the odds say. Bookmakers, of course, also don’t have a crystal ball or the ability to look into the future. But given that they derive their revenues and profits from the predictions they build into their odds, it’s also the case that lots of research and effort goes into putting their predictions together. 

Odds fluctuate, but the overall trend in the last few months has been in favor of Brady’s team. Currently, odds of around +900 are available on the chances of the Buccaneers stealing the top spot. Working out whether Brady can lead his team to victory is pretty exciting – j

No: he won’t win

Brady isn’t guaranteed to take home the title, though – and there’s some evidence to suggest that Brady might not quite be able to pull it off. Some pundits have focused on his age, as Brady will be in his mid-40s by the time the next Super Bowl happens. This could well reduce his chances as time goes on, as there’s evidence to suggest that once players pass a certain age, they lose their edge. That, of course, is not certain to happen, and it could be that Brady is the exception to the rule – perhaps along the lines of other top players from history, such as Brett Favre. 

It’s unclear whether Brady and his teammates are superstitious. If they were, though, they might be slightly concerned by the fact that it’s very rare for the Super Bowl winner to snatch the title again twice in a row. In fact, it hasn’t been done since Brady himself pulled it off in the early 2000s. But with Brady clearly enjoying football skills that go far beyond the normal or standard, it could well be that this small matter won’t hold him back at all. 

Finally, the distribution of odds complicates matters even further. While the odds do indicate that the Buccaneers are in with a chance, they’re not out in front. Teams such as the Kansas City Chiefs have slightly better odds, and are currently hovering at around +550. This just goes to show that the Super Bowl and NFL are, generally, team games: while Brady might lead his team to success, there are plenty of potential weak links in the wider squad. It may well be that Brady has it in him but that his colleagues end up inadvertently holding him back against a team that has a better overall side.

It’s close to impossible to predict with full accuracy just how any competition will play out in the long run. Even top players like Tom Brady never quite have titles or positions of prestige in the bag – and as this article has shown, the Super Bowl is not necessarily his for the taking. Overall, only the passage of time will indicate whether this star Tampa Bay quarterback has it in him to win once more.