Types of Poppers

By  //  May 19, 2021

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Poppers are not new to the market. These magical chemicals have been in existence for quite some time now. In fact, you might be using them without much knowledge.

Studies have also revealed that a large portion of the population cannot have sex without using poppers. Moreover, several people are already addicted to poppers. Popper lovers use these drugs for various recreational purposes and are commonly used to crank up the sex drive and for an instant high.

Although poppers have been growing in popularity over the years, most people use them without knowing what they are and what they do. This guide will help you know everything there is about poppers.

Various Types of Poppers

Poppers belong to a group of alkyl nitrites. Hence, various types of poppers and nitrites produce varying effects when smoked. The best poppers uk nitrites include propyl nitrites, butyl nitrite, amyl nitrite, and pentyl nitrites. Discover more about different types of poppers below:

Amyl Nitrite

Amyl nitrite was commonly used in the 70s due to its success. This nitrite is usually used by connoisseurs and has a strong smell. Moreover, the effects of amyl nitrite last longer than that of other nitrites. Using this nitrite before a party will allow you to lose your inhabitation and let go of all your fears. Famous amyl nitrite brands include Pig Black, Everest Brutal, Amyl24, and Pur Amyl.

Pentyl Nitrite

Pentyl nitrite poppers are famous for their instant rush and intense euphoria. These poppers are perfect for party animals and sex lovers. Another reason why these poppers are popular is that they have a slow evaporation rate than other poppers. Popular Pentyl nitrite poppers include Adler, Everest Original, Everest Black Label, Locker room Black Label, and Jungle Juice Platinum.

Propyle Nitrite

These poppers are the strongest on the market. That is why the government had banned it years ago in fear that it will affect the population and cause long-term effects. However, many governments decided to lift the ban after studies revealed that it does not have lasting side effects. Some of the popular propyle nitrite brands include Black Out, Pur Propyl, Iron Horse, and more.

Butyl Nitrite

Butyl nitrite poppers are popular among anal sex lovers due to their remarkable ability to dilate anal muscles and improve the quality of orgasms during an intense encounter. Hence, butyl nitrite should be your go-to option if you are looking to spice up things in the bedroom. But it is essential to note that it might be difficult for connoisseurs to handle. People who have used other poppers might also find butyl nitrite poppers challenging to handle.

Mix of Poppers

The mix of poppers is slowly gaining popularity since it reduces headaches that come with typical poppers. Made from a mixture of poppers, the mix of poppers will crank up your sex drive, improve the quality and quantity of your orgasms, and dilate the mucous membranes.

Final Thoughts

Each type of popper has specific traits and effects. The effects range from intense, mild and low. Poppers are growing in popularity among party lovers and anal sex enthusiasts. However, they are legal and banned in some countries. For instance, poppers are legal in France and the UK and are illegal in Canada.

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