Why is Sports Betting the Fastest Growing Entertainment?

By  //  May 22, 2021

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A majority of the world’s population identifies as fans of one sport or another. It is only natural that a good number of these fans want to bet on their favorite sports and teams.

In the past, betting on sports was for die-hard fans and professional gamblers. But nowadays you will find soccer moms wagering occasionally when the home team is playing. Sports betting has become easier than ever courtesy of friendly betting apps like Pointsbet App where fans can access thousands of betting options. Sports betting is growing very popular as an entertainment option. Why is this happening? Check out Oddspedia for more information.

Mobile Entertainment

For most people, smartphones have become the entertainment gadgets of choice. From interacting with friends on social media to watching the latest movie trailers, movies offer variety in entertainment. Sports bookmakers have wised up to this fact and have been quick to offer sports fans an entertainment choice they can hardly refuse in mobile betting apps.

Mobile apps have completely changed the way people gamble. In the past, you had to walk to a bookie’s kiosk or call to place your bets. Nowadays, you can bet on a game playing on the TV from the comfort of your home. 

Betting apps contain everything sports fans need to make an informed bet. They will show stats on team performances going back several seasons. These stats are available quickly and free of charge, unlike before when you had to access them through paid services.

More Convenience in Betting 

The convenience in mobile betting has attracted people who would otherwise not be interested in betting. People who would never dream of stepping into a land casino are more comfortable playing in online casinos.  

There is also the fact that online betting offers 24/7 betting markets. You can bet from anywhere  at any time. You can place a bet as you watch your favorite game in the sports club, or while waiting in the ATM queue. You only need an internet connection to access thousands of games playing worldwide. 

For loyal sports fans,  the convenience in placing live bets is the biggest attraction. Changing odds in live games  present different betting opportunities that a bettor can exploit. You don’t have to place calls to a bookie while the odds are dropping. You can place a bet within seconds of a change in the game. 

Variety in Entertainment 

Online sports betting presents endless opportunities for sports fans. For example, in football alone, there are over 10,000 matches happening across the world in any weekend. You can access betting markets across the world easily. 

eSports is pulling in a lot of fans to sports betting. Games like DOTA2 and League of Legends have millions of fans. Pool prizes in esports have become very lucrative. DOTA2 International tournament had $34 million in prizes in 2019. With such high stakes, eSports fans flock to sports betting sites to wager on their favorite eSports teams. 

Easy Money 

Sports fans who can read games accurately have consistent wins in sports betting. Unlike casino games, winning in sports betting relies more on analytical abilities than pure gambling. Sports fans who have in-depth knowledge of their sport and teams can achieve high win rates in sports bets.

Online sportsbooks offer lucrative bonuses to pull in new clients and  keep existing members loyal. There are welcome bonuses that match your first deposit up to 500%, cash back bonuses that will return part of your money when you lose a bet, and referral bonuses for introducing your friends. You can use these bonuses to boost your stake and win larger bets. 

There is a unique element of fun in pulling out your phone and placing a quick bet as your favorite team is playing. That’s why sports betting is growing in popularity as the entertainment of choice for many sports fans across the world.