Why Restoring Old War Photos Is Important: Preserving History And Heritage

By  //  May 25, 2021

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Many families keep albums full of their treasured old photographs, but quite a few are holding on to something more valuable than they think! Buried amongst many lovely pages of graduation and wedding pictures may be photographs of family members who have served in the military, or even pictures of incredible historical events!

Unfortunately, these photos are very fragile and prone to fading over time. Without photo restoration, these historical treasures may be lost forever. Luckily, there are many affordable services for fixing old photos in USA – with their help, detail and colour may be restored to these precious images.

Read on to find out why you should dig your family’s old war photos out of storage and have them restored. These reasons are just a few that should convince you to dust off those albums and take them to a professional!

Restoring Them Honors The Service Of Family Members

Many people are proud of the military service given by generations in their family, be it from wars long since consigned to history books, or by younger generations who have chosen to sign up and serve their country. It is a point of pride for them to commemorate the blood, sweat, and tears that soldiers have given, and this is even truer for those members whom they have lost in combat.

For these families, restoring old war photographs of their ancestors or more recent family members is a way to remember their sacrifice and ensure that it will never be forgotten. Many of these families frame them and hang them in a place of honor. More than a piece of home furnishing, these are prized mementoes that preserve a family’s heritage.

They’re A Way Of Preserving Valuable Historical Information

Photographs are a way to capture a very specific moment in time, and many details which would otherwise be lost to history have been preserved and recreated thanks to carefully restored photographs. Details such as the cut and make of military uniforms, the faces present at turning points in history, and the weaponry available for battle have all been corroborated through photographs dated from those periods.

Photographs Shed Light On The Realities Of War

Back in the day, images of war were confined solely to whatever artists could capture with their brushes and canvasses. This gave them plenty of license to create sweeping, glamorous depictions of war which were meant to inspire people back home.

This was no longer possible with old war photographs. While posed photos were still used as a way to commemorate important historical moments, many of these old photos were taken on site or in the aftermath of terrible conflict. These gave the public a glimpse of the true face of war, and strengthened resolve to maintain peace between countries.

It Creates Appreciation For Older Photography Techniques

The high-resolution images and vivid colors of digital photography are a far cry from the photography techniques of old. Many old war photos had to be taken using box cameras and plate cameras, which had limited capabilities for clearly capturing subjects in motion. Once these photos were snapped, great care would be taken with the negatives for storage and transportation, before they were sent for developing with chemical fixatives.

The trouble that would be taken to capture as much detail as possible is something that we now take for granted with our high-tech phone cameras. These difficulties make clear, intact photos from the past even more valuable. Many of these photos are in black and white or sepia, and as time goes by, the chemicals used to fix pigment and details will have broken down.

Restoration will prevent further damage and bring them back to their former glory. Some historical societies or families even opt to have these old pictures colorized, to give a look at how these moments in time would have appeared in real life. Seeing the hard work needed to take these photos makes people appreciate the quality of the cameras which took them, and the complexity of operating this equipment.


If you have old war photos in your home, take this as your sign to have them restored for more generations to preserve and treasure. They are full of historical value and are a testament to the honorable service of family members.. You can also send restored copies to historical societies in your hometown, providing valuable materials for students and researchers interested in learning more about those periods in time.

Get a reputable studio to breathe new life into them and repair any damage, then hang them in a place of honor in your home. This is a simple but meaningful way to recognize the contribution of past generations and to ensure that their sacrifice will never be forgotten!