Why to Choose a Modern, Minimalist Phone Instead of the Old-Fashioned Mobile Phone?

By  //  May 25, 2021

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You are considering replacing your current smartphone with something simpler, and you are not sure which product would suit your needs best?

Usually, people make a choice between special, modern, minimalist phones created with the newest technologies and old-fashioned mobiles with limited features. What are the differences, and which would be better for you?

What is a minimalist phone?

On average, a mobile phone user in the US checks his phone 63 times per day, also – according to the article placed on TechJury – Americans spend almost 5.5 hours on their mobile devices every day. Crazy?

More and more people realize that social media and mobile applications steal a lot of our time and that our lives take place more online than in reality. That scares many people, they look for a good solution that would enable them to stay in touch with their loved ones but not be consumed by technology at the same time.  

A minimalist phone is a concept created by technologists whose main concern was to provide customers with a phone that would help them to spend less time online and focus on real-world and real people more.  Such phones have been stripped down to as few special features as possible. Some of them leverage special technologies to make using the phone less damaging to your health. 

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What kind of extra features can minimalist phones have? 

Some of those mobiles have some special features. They are usually meant to help you enjoy your real life more and improve your mindfulness. 

Mudita Pure for example comes with a Meditation Timer and high-quality Harman loudspeaker, so you could enjoy your music more. It is also designed to reduce SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) value as much as possible, without compromising the signal strength.

You can use a simple button to easily switch between different modes. Mudita Pure also uses the E-Ink technology and customized display light – interacting with the screen is more pleasant and the phone will not distract you as much as a smartphone. 

Who could benefit from using a minimalist phone?

There are some groups of people who would definitely enjoy using a minimalist phone instead of a smartphone. Perhaps it would be a great mobile device for you? 

People having trouble staying focused

There are many people who easily get distracted by constant notifications from various apps installed on their smartphones. They know their focus shifts quickly but cannot resist. Having a minimalist phone with only indispensable features could help them stay focused. 

Those who are stressed due to work 

If you access your professional mailbox or any other business application from your private mobile device, you surely know what it is all about. Many people use only one mobile device both for private and for business purposes. This increases stress levels. Use a phone with many features at work and switch to a minimalist device after hours.

Non-tech-savvy phone users

Not everyone knows how to handle modern mobiles with a lot of features. Sometimes we would prefer an old-fashioned Nokia to call, text, set an alarm and play a bit of Snake during the coffee break – easy to use and doesn’t distract at all! The minimalist phone is a great choice for those who simply could do without those fancy applications.

Old-fashioned mobile phones vs. minimalist phones – what are the differences?

“So, why not buy an old-fashioned Nokia or any other old cell phone model?” – you may ask. Well, nowadays using old phones is not really trendy, so there are not so many of them left, and you may also have difficulties buying a charger. That is not the main reason why investing in a minimalist phone would be a better choice, though.

Old phones do not really leverage most of the technologies that for example Mudita does. E-Ink solution, which makes your screen more paper-like, customized display lighting, reduced electromagnetic radiation – all of these make you healthier and improve your mood.

They are often equipped with more powerful batteries and speakers. Compared to old-fashioned cell phones, minimalist phones are taking advantage of the newest technologies in order to provide you with a modern, intuitive, user-friendly, well-designed product that will enable you to enjoy a slow, less stressful life. 

Choose your real life over the virtual one and don’t let technology rule over you.