3 Best Trustworthy Places to Buy Nootropics Online

By  //  June 13, 2021

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Supplements that support and enhance brain function aren’t really something novel, except for being referred to by the modern fancy term of “nootropics”. In fact, many of the herbal nootropic compounds have been known and used in traditional medicine for thousands of years.

We’ll look at some of the most noteworthy nootropics below, but if you already have an idea of what supplements you want to buy and just looking for a reliable vendor to order from, then check out the following suggestions.

The following three online shops are among the most trustworthy in the industry, each of which offers a decent selection of high-quality, lab-tested nootropics (brain enhancers) and other types of supplements.

1. LiftMode

LiftMode is a very reputable company that makes and sells a range of brain booster supplements and formulas. They are particularly well known and vouched for by the nootropics community on Reddit.

This vendor mostly sells natural nootropics, but they do offer one synthetic nootropic; phenibut. They are in fact one of the few remaining legit places that still sell phenibut online. Their products are of decent quality and you can view the lab reports (COAs) for each product on its page.

LiftMode’s most commendable advantage is their quick and responsive customer service. Their support team is very helpful and responds in a timely manner. If you’ve previously dealt with companies that have the habit of ignoring or taking too long to respond to emails, you’ll appreciate LiftMode’s prompt service even more.

2. Nootropics Depot

Nootropics Depot is another trusted vendor of nootropics, especially synthetic compounds that are only available at a few online shops — e.g. racetams, adrafinil, phenibut, etc. They also have a great selection of natural nootropics like theanine & caffeine, lion’s mane mushroom, KSM-66 ashwagandha, and many others.

ND has remarkable quality control and everything they sell is lab-tested for identity and purity. The company’s owner is an active member of the Reddit community. They have their own subreddit where they publish updates about their products and you can also get in touch with the company’s support reps as well as the owner himself.

They normally process and ship orders quickly (same or next day during work days) from their Arizona-based office. Most of their products ship worldwide with some exceptions for some compounds (says so on the product’s page).

You can get a 10% discount on your order from Nootropics Depot if you subscribe to their free newsletter here. After you confirm your subscription, they will email you a one-time special coupon code that offers 10% discount (only one per customer is allowed).

3. PureFormulas

Unlike the two nootropics-focused stores mentioned above, PureFormulas is a more diverse online shop that has almost any kind of dietary supplement you’ll ever need. They only sell nutritional supplements, which include various natural and herbal cognitive enhancers.

PureFormulas is the place where you can find and buy some premium practitioner brands that are hard to find elsewhere, such as Thorne and Pure Encapsulations. These are two of the most reputable manufacturers of premium quality supplements. They are quite expensive though, and there isn’t really anything that special about their products, but they are known to have professional high standards for ingredient sourcing and testing as well as outstanding finished product quality.

You can also find plenty of other more affordable and high quality brands at PureFormulas. Just to name a few of the best budget-friendly brands: NOW Foods, Jarrow Formulas, Nature’s Way, and others. You get free domestic shipping on most products and they also offer expedited shipping options.

Nootropics FAQ

The following are brief answers to some common questions about nootropics and their vendors that might be helpful to you:

Which Are The Best Nootropics to Buy?

Since everyone uses nootropics for different purposes, the best supplement or stack of supplements for you will largely depend on your specific needs. Just like any other supplements out there, the efficacy of nootropics varies for each individual and there is no guarantee that a certain product will work for you. Make sure to do your research and due diligence before you buy a nootropic. You can check out articles like the ones reviewed by Evidencelive.

With that in mind, the following are some of the most effective and try-worthy supplements to look into:

■ Acetyl L-Carnitine

■ L-Theanine (optionally with Caffeine)

■ Ashwagandha

■ Rhodiola Rosea

■ Lion’s Mane Mushroom

■ Citicoline

Are Nootropics Worth It?

Well, it depends on what you plan on using it for and what results you expect to achieve. In general, most nootropic supplements have mild effects and will not cause any dramatic changes, which is the case with most supplements out there.

Nutrient-based nootropics — such as choline, phosphatidylserine (PS), B complex, and others — are only effective in case you don’t already consume enough of those in your normal diet. If you eat plenty of nutritious foods (fruits, veggies, nuts, etc.) on a regular basis, you can skip these nootropic nutrients as you aren’t likely to gain noticeable benefits from additional supplementation.

As for herbal nootropics, such as ashwagandha and lion’s mane mushroom, they may have some positive effects on brain function and cognitive performance, but there is no solid clinical evidence to affirm their long-term benefits. People often have mixed results with herbal brain enhancers, and one can only try different compounds for themselves to see which one(s) work best for them.

And finally, there are the synthetic nootropics which are not considered dietary supplements. These have very limited studies on their potential nootropic effects and they have originally been intended for use by people who suffer from some form of cognitive dysfunction or decline. Most healthy people experience little to no effects when taking such synthetic compounds, which may not be a viable or safe long-term option.

In short, if you are a healthy individual with no specific reason to take nootropics, then don’t! Don’t fall for those amazing breakthrough formulas advertised on the internet or rave reviews on Amazon, forums, etc. There is hardly any supplement on the market that can give you anything more than a good cup of coffee does, so you may want to stick with that — maybe with some added theanine to counteract the jitters and support overall mental function.

What to Look For in a Vendor?

If you are looking to buy man-made nootropics — such as noopept, aniracetam or phenibut — then you only have a very limited number of options for reliable vendors to choose from. It’s important to note that the raw materials that go into these products mostly come from China.

Even products that say “Made in the USA” on the label source their raw materials (the active ingredients) from Chinese suppliers since there are no manufacturers that produce most of these substances in the USA or even Europe. One can never fully trust the authenticity and purity of most stuff that comes from China, so it is important that the company you deal with does lab tests on each batch of the raw materials they import to verify its identity and purity.

The same goes for natural supplements and ingredients, most of which are also sourced from foreign countries. You want to make sure that the manufacturer tests their products for identity and potency, as well as for common contaminants, such as heavy metals, pesticides (for herbal ingredients), and biological contaminants.

The good thing about natural supplements is that there are many more brands on the market to choose from, including very well-established ones with a much larger base of customers who often share their experiences (positive and negative) with others, which makes it easier to make a decision for a first-time buyer.

Another important thing to seek in a vendor is quick service and responsive support. There are some smaller nootropics vendors out there that don’t mind keeping you waiting for days for an answer to your emails or may even not respond to you at all, unless maybe if you keep knocking on the door!

When in doubt, before you place an order, just send them an email with specific questions about their products, lab reports, shipping concerns, etc. A good company will respond in a timely and professional manner and will fully answer all your questions and concerns. If they take too long to reply, they provide partial unhelpful answers, or they don’t reply at all, then that’s a sign you should move on and look elsewhere.