3 Online Careers to Try From Home

By  //  June 10, 2021

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Thanks to the evolution of digital technologies like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Slack, and Skype, the daily commute to the office is no longer a requirement of 21st Century careers.

According to the digital job marketplace Upwork, over half of the American workforce currently regularly work from home, while 40% of the demographic work remotely on a full-time basis. By 2025, Upwork has even predicted that around 36 million American workers will make the switch to being fully remote. 

There are several benefits for businesses who allow their employees to be home-based, with productivity levels and resource management being some of the most obvious. There are also plenty of rewards on offer for employees too, particularly when it comes to the sheer variety of home-based careers that are now possible in 2021.

If you’re on the lookout for an exciting new career path and are considering working from home, here’s the lowdown on 3 digital careers that you may not have considered yet. 

Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate Marketing is one of those segments of the marketing and advertising industry that simply wouldn’t be possible without digital technology. Affiliate marketers generate an income by promoting products and services that they enjoy across their online ‘real estate’ and earn profits from each sale that’s made from their affiliate links. 

The industry itself has grown significantly in recent years, as more and more big brands wake up to the potential of affiliate sales. It also continues to grow here in 2021, with business spending on affiliate marketing on course to be worth as much as $8.2 billion in the US alone by 2022.

Affiliate marketing is also one of those work-from-home careers that has no barriers to entry, anybody with a high-ranking blog, social media profile, or YouTube channel can get involved in it and start generating a passive income

Pro Gaming

Just a few decades ago, video gaming was considered to be quite the controversial hobby. Here in the 21st Century, however, gaming is a multi-billion-dollar global industry that supports an entire ecosystem of organisations, businesses and individuals. 

One of the more aspirational job roles to have emerged in recent years is that of Pro Gamer. Gamers can now play professional across all sorts of gaming tournaments and online gaming verticals, particularly in the eSports field. A typical career path begins in grassroots tournaments, then progresses to game-specific higher-ranking tournaments. Ideally, a pro gamer will be scouted by a team or league and supported through international tournaments. 

It’s also possible to develop a career as a poker player online. In fact, that’s where several notable pro players like Muskan Sethi and Chris Moneymaker found their big breaks. Before you start researching how to enter the 2021 WSOP, however, you will need to get some experience under your belt and develop a solid understanding of the game as well as airtight strategies.

Virtual Assistant

Admittedly, affiliate marketing and pro gaming may not be everyone’s ideal choice of career, but there are still plenty of other types of jobs you can do while working from home. Becoming a Virtual Assistant is a smart move for anyone with creative, administrative, or technical skills who wants autonomy over their career. 

Virtual assistants can work across many different fields and industries, providing administrative and clerical support for legal or financial companies, acting as a PA for a sole trader, or even in specialised departments of local government or healthcare organisations, for example. 

There’s also the option to run your own VA businesses or work for a company that will offer you contracts with different clients. It’s the perfect work from home career choice for tenacious and conscientious individuals, providing real earning opportunities as well as the possibility to work with a wide range of different companies.