5 Best Citrus Fruits Grown in Florida

By  //  June 20, 2021

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Florida is a well-known state with plenty to offer. Among its many natural gifts is an absolute abundance of citrus fruits. This is one of the many qualities that comes with earning the name of the Sunshine State.

As a result, if you love healthy citrus, this is the place to be. Here are 5 of the best citrus fruits grown in Florida.

1. Oranges

We have to start with the world’s most famous and popular member of the citrus family. Oranges are grown in many parts of the world. They are especially easy to find in states such as California. But it’s the state of Florida where many experts feel they attain their most prominent heights. There is nothing quite like a Florida orange.

If you want to learn more about fruits like these, check out this complete citrus fruit list.

Perhaps it’s the abundance of good soil and tons of sunshine that does the trick. But when you bite into a ripe, sweet orange from Florida, you know where it came from. You will know as soon as you taste it that you are getting a real treat. Oranges grown in Florida have a texture, body, aroma, and taste that no other state can ever match.

There are many different kinds of oranges for you to enjoy. Most species of orange can be grown right here in Florida. Go out to your local store or shop around at a health boutique and you’ll surely run into all of them. The sheer variety of different species of orange tells you all you need to know about this truly magical citrus.

2. Limes

There are many different members of the lime family for you to check out. These include key lime, finger lime, kaffir lime, Persian lime, and many more. The fact that the state of Florida can host limes in such variety is a true testament to its great climate. It’s also a tribute to the versatility of the growers who produce the fruits.

Limes aren’t just for saving sailors from catching scurvy. They are one of the most unique and flexible fruits on the menu. You can use them in all sorts of settings, from a standalone snack to an integral ingredient in a yummy pie. Limes, like all members of the citrus family, are rich in Vitamin C and a host of other nutrients.

3. Lemon

Sometimes life is bound to give you lemons. But there’s a reason why you may be getting them more often than others. It may be because you happen to live in the state of Florida where lemons are incredibly popular and common. And if you end up drinking plenty of delicious lemonade, is that really such a bad thing as people may think?

The truth of the matter is that the state of Florida is blessed with an abundance of tasty, tangy citrus fruits. Lemons are one of the most prevalent because they are so healthy. You may not want to bite into a lemon but you know that they have their uses.

From lemonade to lemon pie to a winning pull at a slot machine, lemons are good times.

4. Grapefruit

Everyone reading this list knows what a grapefruit is. You may have had an unpleasant experience with one of these sour-tasting beauties at some point in your life. You should also note that there sure are a lot of them to be found in Florida. They aren’t the tastiest or most popular members of the citrus family. But do they get a bad rap?

The fact is that grapefruits may be low on the scale of popular, albeit very common, citrus fruits in the state of Florida. But they are very rich in Vitamin C and a wide host of other essential vitamins and minerals. They are certainly a staple in every health and fitness fanatic’s diet. Love them or loathe them, they deserve their place.

5. Buddha’s Hand

The Buddha’s Hand is one of the strangest members of the citrus family. Unlike the other fruits on this list, it isn’t actually meant for eating. There is no juice and not much pulp to be found.

On top of that, their shape is so odd that it inspired the strange name they have been given. But if you love the sweet aroma of citrus, a candle or incense stick of Buddha’s hand will be right up your alley.

Florida is the Place to Find Citrus

When it comes to growing citrus, very few places on the map are blessed to the same degree as Florida. This is the state where you can find examples of almost every member of the citrus family. For this reason, it’s a good idea to get as familiar as possible with all of them. It’s a sweet reward that you get for minding your health.