5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Video Content Marketing in 2021

By  //  June 18, 2021

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Video content is the new norm in the digital marketing industry. Since netizens from across the globe watch a billion hours of videos on YouTube every day, it is to be expected that such platforms would result in many benefits to marketers globally.

Marketers have seen a full-fledged video revolution this year. 63% of businesses have begun employing video content marketing, according to Wyzowl data. 

82% of those surveyed believe video marketing is an essential aspect of their overall strategy. 

This trend is spurred by the fact that 83% of organizations believe video content marketing provides a high return on investment.

Hence, video is fast evolving, and we may expect it to reach new heights sooner than we anticipate. 

This post will highlight 5 key reasons why video content marketing is so crucial to your business’s marketing strategy.

5 Statistics That Explains Why Marketers Need Video Content

1. Conveys Clear Message

According to 97% of marketers, videos assist buyers to comprehend products.

For the most part, today’s marketers don’t use a pitching strategy – why? There’s just too much to choose from. 

Consumers and companies don’t need to be marketed to; instead, they’ll do a simple internet search to identify the greatest product in their area, if not the whole globe, and then purchase it online.

For this purpose, marketers need to approach audiences with a value-based offer rather than a “sale,” and video is the best tool to provide buyers an up-close look at a product or service.

According to ComScore, 90% of consumers find videos highly useful in making buying decisions, and 64% of them are more inclined to buy a product or service after seeing a video.

2. Boosts Conversions and Sales

Video’s efficacy isn’t all that unexpected. After all, our most dominating sense is vision. If pictures can significantly increase engagement, think about what moving visuals can do for your brand.

First and foremost, you can earn a lot of money through video content marketing. A product video on your landing page may boost conversions by as much as 80%.

Video may also potentially result in direct sales. According to studies, 74% of people who saw an explainer video on a product or service went on to buy it. 

Another reason video is good for website conversions is that it keeps consumers on the site; people watching a video hang around for some two whole minutes longer if there’s a video.

So it’s about time to start making your exciting product videos and if you want to get them done professionally, hire a freelance video editor to enliven your brand image. 

3. Lifts Search Engine Optimization

According to Cisco, more than 80% of all online traffic will consist of video by 2021.

Because search engines consider videos as high-quality content, using them on your major web pages and other types of content may help your SEO tremendously.

The more video content you produce, the more traffic you can generate to your website, which will lift your overall SEO in the long run.

The key is to have correctly optimized videos. This entails using the proper keywords, a compelling meta description, and a persuasive title.

To ensure your digital marketing success through video content marketing, it’s better to find a video editor who is well versed in best SEO practices. 

4. Offers Matchless ROI 

According to the latest Hubspot data, 88% of video marketers reported an excellent ROI from video content marketing. This is a significant rise from the prior year when 83% of marketers reported a favorable ROI.

As evident by research from 2015, we’ve come a long way: just one-third of marketers earned a good ROI from video content marketing five years ago.

Hence, the effects of video content are progressing at a striking rate, along with our knowledge of how to generate video content that really communicates to the target audience. 

Furthermore, internet video editing tools are constantly developing and becoming more accessible. Even your smartphone is capable of producing good videos.

5. Builds Trust

Conversions and sales are earned on the basis of trust. The whole premise of video content marketing is put up on building long-term connections and trust.

The idea is to stop selling and instead attract customers by presenting them with fascinating and valuable information, Income artist has blogged about MySocialFollowing, expressing that video does it all.

We are more likely to be engaged and have our emotions sparked by video content. As a result, if you’re serious about marketing, you need also be serious about video marketing.

Promotional videos may also help to build trust. Some customers are still wary of purchasing goods and services via the internet due to concerns about fraud and deceit.

Effective marketing videos, on the other hand, present your products in a conversational manner. 

This provides a feeling of personalization, which is why 57% of buyers think videos have increased their trust in making online purchases.

The Takeaway

We’ve jumped to a conclusion that video has outdone all content forms in the world and the fact is that it’s not going away anytime soon.

The key is to think beyond business and product – use video content marketing to show your audience something about your philosophy or offer some valuable information. The more they see your positive ways, the more likely they are to stay with you.