5 Ways Internet Technologies Is Changing Modern Relationships

By  //  June 10, 2021

When the first commercial online dating outlets were launched in the mid-1990s, they provided a platform for singles to meet other singles. In the decades since then, they have become a global phenomenon, with thousands of websites catering to millions of members in every continent.

As they have embraced technological innovations, websites have evolved into multi-faceted, interactive platforms, capable of transforming relationships at the flick of a few keys. Here’s what you can expect if you join a dating app in 2021.

Algorithms to find your perfect match

Here’s how easily technology can be harnessed to help you contact someone who could turn out to be someone special in your life. When you fill in the application form you’ll discover on the homepage of any site or application, you’ll be asked to complete various fields, such as your age range, and location.

This data can be matched with the information provided by other site members, and where there are any overlaps, this will be flagged up. When you go to the search pages, you may well be presented with a readymade list of a bunch of singles who happen to live within a 5-kilometer radius and are ready to mingle.

Artificial Intelligence

The tech behind these algorithms has been refined over recent years, evolving into an even more proactive tool. As well as checking out what has motivated you to join a particular app based on your application form, analytical software will examine your activity while you are interacting with other site members. Is this overly intrusive? Well, not really.

This information is only used to indicate the type of relationship you appear to be looking for. The website can then be programmed to offer all sorts of worthwhile suggestions towards enhancing your experience. Some of this artificial intelligence is sophisticated enough to offer date suggestions, such as which restaurant or coffee shop to consider for your first liaison? 

Communication techniques

Have you ever been in a situation where a work, college, or family commitment has meant you and your partner have found yourselves having to spend some time apart? Previously, you would have had to rely on regular texts, emails, or phone calls to touch base.

There are so many tech solutions available to you once you join a dating site. You can choose from emailing, WhatsApp messaging, phone calls, or even video chatting. The latter represents such a convenient way of maintaining a strong connection with a loved one, allowing your relationship to prosper, even although you are separated by distance. 

Breaking barriers

Once upon a time, relationships were readily formed between people who happened to be enjoying the same location, whether that was a bar, a nightclub, or some other social function. The moment you download an app from Google play and sign up to it, the potential pool of talent you could be connecting with is worldwide. If you have always wanted to flirt with Latinos or Filipinos, then all you have to do is pop the appropriate details into your search form. Within a few keystrokes, modern relationships can transcend national boundaries. 

Virtual reality

Virtual reality headsets are already allowing site users to arrange remote connections in some sites. Liaisons can be engineered with ultra-realistic versions of a loved one, against fantastical backdrops, with the individuals at either end of a computer connection. The beauty of this technology is that it is evolving in sophistication all the time.