A Quick Guide to Using Instagram for Business

By  //  June 18, 2021

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Social Media has changed businesses as we once knew them. Everything and everyone is on social media. From small scale to large scale, everyone is on social media trying to sell their product.

Going viral has become the key element in digital marketing strategies for companies nowadays. Undoubtedly, social media has evolved the ease of doing business. 

So many young entrepreneurs including homegrown products are now on social media. Instagram, amongst many other social media applications, has taken the crown for businesses. Instagram has one billion active users now making it one of the best social media sites for business. 

Today we will share with you a quick guide to using Instagram for business. Keep reading till the end and find out how to increase engagement on Instagram. There are way too many brands trying to sell their products and services through Instagram. Standing up to them or creating your brand awareness will not be easy. As suggested in the WorkMacro review, creating your brand value on Instagram is going to take consistency, high-quality posts, and most of all – responsiveness.

Without any further adieu, let’s start with our guide:

■ Target Audience 

You need to define whom you serve. Defining your target audience is your first step. Once you do that you can streamline your content strategy. A SMART framework can ensure that your Instagram strategy is Specific, Measurable, Relevant, and Timely. 

Keep Track – There are four stages of a customer journey – awareness, engagement, conversion, and customer. Keeping a track of your customers at every level is in your best interest. Metrics of every stage can help you understand where you need to concentrate next. 

Content Calendar – Most amateur Instagrammers do not follow a content calendar. Following a calendar can help you streamline what creatives you need to post the next day. If you keep your creatives ready beforehand, you can post them on time and before others. Ideally speaking, never miss out on holiday updates and events. 

■ Optimize your profile 

Social Media Marketing is all about perception. Make your profile look professional. Be seen as a business entity from post #1. 

Create a BIO – A great bio can change the way people perceive your brand. Some people provide details of their brand while some prefer keeping it suave with one word. Whichever way you swing make sure you make a statement. If you have more than one word to share, you should use line breaks ‘like | this’.

Profile Picture – Make sure that your DP attracts eyes. Plus, it’s a round space, so use your logo-making skills wisely. 

One Links – This is a powerful action area where you can take your audience to places like your website, your other social media handles, or your latest blog post. For Instagram handles that have less than 10k followers, one link is crucial. 

Contact Buttons & CTAs – Use a CTA button for better customer conversion. Using relevant contact information in the bio section can help you net more queries. Always remember that a query is just one step closer to a sale. 

■  High-Quality Content 

At the cost of stating the obvious, high-quality content is a given. Apart from sharp images, photos from photo shoots, the use of color pops/breaks on your content can take your insta-game to the next level. 

Maintain your aesthetic from top to bottom and make sure you never change your color scheme. Remember that not all things require similar kinds of aesthetics. Therefore, everything depends on what you are trying to sell.  

Use editing apps like Snapseed & VSCO for precision. Some use Canva & Adobe Spark Post for creatives and they are equally cool. 

Crunchy Captions can make people wait for your posts. Tell your story and build a community based on trust & empathy. 

Daily Dose of Stories can create a continuous engagement on a personal level with your audience. Plus, stories help you be more relatable to your audience. The better and more regular your story updates are, the better are your chances to convert cold likes & Instagram followers into actual sales. 

Play around with stickers, ask more questions, use polls and do much more with IG Stories. Use story mentions as you have never used them before. With more people mentioning your brand in their stories, your profile visits and follower counts will increase. 

Quirky Reels – One of the most engaging features of Instagram is Reels. If you can use this to your advantage, your brand will go viral. To be frank, your ability to create engaging reels will define your metrics. 

■ Engagements 

Replying to comments and DMs are also valuable ways to engage with your audience. You may choose to use automated platforms for a quick response. Or, better still, respond personally. 

Don’t forget the power of hashtags yet. Instagram was one of the pioneers of hashtags, so use them carefully. One of the major growth hacking techniques is to engage in business with similar channels or working with content creators. 


People use the best sites to buy Instagram followers to create a perception before they go viral. 

Learn what’s best suited for business and implement only such Instagram strategies that work best for you. Tailor your content & implement the best social media practices. 

The idea is to look successful before you even get to 10,000 followers. Use perception to your benefit and voila. You have a successful business right from your smartphone.