Advantages of Taming Foxes in Minecraft

By  //  June 23, 2021

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If you are new to games then the first thing that would come to you is Minecraft. Minecraft is a sand video game and first came out in the year 2011. It has become the best selling video game of all time.

There are approximately 128 million active users of this game. In this game, the player can discover raw material and build his terrain. He can either cooperate or compete with the other players of this game. The game can be modified according to the preferences of the player. 

There are two modes – survival mode and creative mode. In the survival mode, the players have to build things through resources and maintain their health. In the creative mode, the players get unlimited resources.

When talking about the foxes in this game, they are very useful and they are tamed properly then they can bring you the things they pick from their mouths.

They mostly bring feathers to you but there is a possibility that they might bring other things too. You can feed the foxes with sweet berries to tame them and make them loyal. They are mostly shy and will run away from you. There is a way on how to tame a fox on minecraft and some benefits of doing the same are listed below in the article. 

Advantages of taming foxes in the game –

■ Spawning –

In the game of Minecraft, the foxes spawn in the group of 2-4. They can have the following items in their mouth. They spawn and bring the items to the one they are loyal to.

The items can be –

■ Emerald

■ Rabbit’s food

■ Rabbit’s hide

■ Egg

■ Wheat 

■ Leather

■ Feather

On death, they drop the items which can be of benefit to you. They drop the items they have in their mouth or on which they have spawned. They flee quickly, but not when the player comes to them quietly. If you feed two foxes and make them breed, their baby will naturally be loyal to you. 

■ Behavior –

They feed on chicken and rabbit for food. They are of benefit as they can attack the mob that has injured the player to whom they are loyal. They attack by running and pouncing on the target. They also eat fish and can swim in the water to catch it. They sleep during the day as they are nocturnal.

They can sense the player approaching it and wake up from it. If the player comes sneaking then they don’t wake up. It might get difficult for you to find a single fox as they do their activities in a group. 

They can fall prey to Wild Wolves and Polar Bears so make sure it stays clear from them. They can steal items from villages for the player they are loyal to and drop them for them. They sneak into villages at night as they are very active at that time. They take the items near them in their mouth. They mostly pick up food items and if they pick up something else, they drop that for the food item. So that can benefit the player.  

■ Breeding –

You can use sweet berries to lure a fox and feed them to it, making them loyal to you. The baby fox who grows by breeding loyal foxes becomes automatically loyal to the player. If the adult runs away, then it is possible that the baby foxes might run too because they follow their parents. The players can use a lead to prevent the baby foxes from running away. 

■ Taming of Foxes –

You will need two berries to tame 2 foxes and this will result in their breeding and having a baby fox that is already tamed to you. Harvesting a sweet berry bush can let you have sweet berries to tame foxes. Before feeding them, you need to locate them too. You need to interact with the fox to make them loyal to you.

The baby will spawn after the breeding of the foxes has finished. After the baby is there, the baby fox becomes loyal to you after you bring it to the base in the game and attach the fox to a lead. The baby foxes might take drowning damage when they go swimming to catch a fish. 


In this article, I have mentioned the things that show the benefits of taming the foxes in the game of Minecraft. So this is the right time for you to start taming one of them as they are beneficial to the player and can get you various things.