Advantages of Working with Ukrainian Surrogacy Agencies

By  //  June 23, 2021

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Surrogacy in Ukraine is one of the reproductive technologies that allow a couple to become biological parents of their child if one of them has diseases that cause infertility. The surrogate mother and the biological parents of the future child agree on childbirth.

It is the basic document that defines the rights and responsibilities of the biological parents and the surrogate mother, taking into account the requirements and wishes of both the spouses and the surrogate mother. To ensure the legality of the procedure, many people use the services of surrogacy agencies. 

Key Advantages of Surrogacy Agencies

All clinics that deal with reproductive technologies and surrogacy try to conduct business as transparently as possible. Otherwise, it is a violation of the law and a very big risk for the company. It is worth noting that surrogacy programs are not their main source of income.

They provide many other services in the field of reproductive medicine, so their reputation is very important: both in the Ukrainian market and abroad.

The advantages of approaching the surrogacy agency in Ukraine cover a range of services, including ensuring the legality of the process, negotiating about the cost, and the ability to check the trustworthiness of the agency itself. In particular, such companies can do the following:

1. Take risks of choosing a surrogate mother

Not every woman can be a surrogate mother: the selection is very strict. Only 2-3 women of the 10 applicants who pass the first selection stage, become participants in the program. Agencies are looking for a woman who has already given birth to a genetically and physically healthy child.

Surrogate mothers are really special women who are in good health, and now this is not so common. Medical psychologists consult the woman to identify possible psychological disorders and to understand whether she is ready to become a surrogate mother.

2. Regulate various agreement aspects 

A surrogate agency as can help to regulate the legality and cost of the services provided. In particular, they assist in regulating medical rights (which medical services will be provided during a woman’s pregnancy), and economic rights relating to the remuneration of the surrogate mother, the financial costs of giving birth to a child. In some cases, an additional monthly fee may be required.

3. Help with the legal issues outside Ukraine

Most clients who apply for surrogacy in Ukraine are foreigners. One of the problems that require the participation of a surrogacy agency is to bypass the ban on surrogacy in the country of spouses who have ordered these services.

This means that, despite an officially issued birth certificate in Ukraine indicating the paternity of the spouses, such a document will not always be recognized in another country. To get out of this situation, spouses need to further establish the fact of parenthood concerning children born through the use of assisted reproductive technologies in Ukraine.

These are just a few examples of the help that a professional surrogate agency can provide in accompanying surrogacy in Ukraine.