Best Space-Themed Games to Play Right Now

By  //  June 22, 2021

The wonders of the universe have always been something people are interested in. Throughout the years, we’ve used our imagination to bring possibilities of what’s out there to our world through top-notch entertainment. Luckily for gamers, video games are on that list.

There are thousands of games that explore the vastness of space during their runtime. These titles often add fantastical elements into the mix to enrich gameplay and make things more interesting. If you’re a space geek looking to play the best space-themed games out right now, here are a few options you can try!

Space-Themed Slots

Most people might not know this, but the space theme is pretty common in modern slot games. These casino staples have evolved a lot through the years, and they now offer action-packed gameplay that anyone can get behind! Most often, you’ll find the space theme when BTC slots are in question. These crypto-powered games are gaining more and more traction in online casinos, so getting your hands on a fun space adventure is an easy task.

Space-themed slots come in many different varieties, so you can find multiple subcategories of the genre easily. It doesn’t matter if you a fan of the sci-fi route or the traditional space exploration route, these games cover everything you can imagine! Usually, the space theme in these games is expressed through the symbols used during gameplay. Additionally, you’ll find that the background in these games is often an unexplored nebula filled with endless possibilities!

No Man’s Sky: Beyond

Space exploration is something most of us have an interest in. Knowing this, it’s no surprise why No Man’s Sky got so much hype before its initial release back in 2016. The promise of an endless space adventure where you can explore different planets, interact with other life forms, and experience some top-notch action had us all hooked, and with good reason! Unfortunately, the game’s release turned out to be a big bug-riddled disappointment that didn’t live up to expectations.

The good news is, No Man’s Sky had a few years to recuperate and bring forward a new and improved version of the game that patched up most of the issues people had with it before! With the No Man’s Sky: Beyond release, players got what they hoped for in the first game! The title improved the gameplay aspect immensely, and the VR twist of the new release was exactly what was needed to breathe some new life into the now-successful modern masterpiece!

The Halo Franchise

If you’re in the mood for a space-themed classic, then look no further than the Halo franchise. With over ten titles in the series and counting, Halo is one of the most recognizable game franchises in the world.

Of course, space plays a big part in the whole ordeal. The FPS games focus on a war between humans and aliens, boasting incredible action sequences, stunning visuals, and Oscar-worthy storylines that can get everyone teary-eyed. While we recommend you start with the original Halo trilogy, going for some of the newer additions on the list of Halo games is never a bad idea.