Best Synthetic Urine Brands: Top 5 Fake Pee Kits to Pass a Drug Test

By  //  June 21, 2021

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Imagine this: you are riding the bus from your apartment to the clinic with a jar of fake pee tucked in between your breasts or buried deep in your pants. You reach the clinic, go to the washroom, retrieve the fake pee jar and carefully pour it in the cup provided to you. Phew! You breathe a sigh of relief, thinking the toughest part is over.

But wait, that is NOT the hardest part. The most important part of preparing for a urinalysis is selecting the best synthetic urine there is, which can mimic the real thing and help you ace your test.

Ergo, we created a comprehensive list of the best fake pee brands, after thorough research of course, that might just help you breeze through your urine test with flying colors! 

Top 5 Best Synthetic Urine Kits Available Online

  • Incognito – Best Complete Fake Pee kit to Pass a Drug Test
  • Test Clear – Cheapest Powdered Synthetic Urine Kit
  • Urinator – Best Synthetic Pee With Urinator

Synthetic urine is a legit thing, which albeit resembles the real deal, but is a little less gross. It is the simplest and most reliable way to beat a drug test. You can always borrow your friend’s pee on the days you are anticipating a surprise drug test at the office. But the chances of failing using someone else’s pee are just as much as using your own.

Hold on to your horses, there is no need to panic just yet! In the following article we have compared pros and cons of 5 synthetic urine kits to help you out. 

#1. Incognito – Best Complete Fake Pee kit to Pass a Drug Test

In 1828, when chemist Friedrich Wöhler created the first sample of synthetic urea by mistake, little did he know that his discovery would provide marijuana enthusiasts a clear-cut way out of drug tests. 

And Clear Choice’s Incognito belt with synthetic urine is a perfect example of this. Clear Choice prides itself for creating one of the best and most effective synthetic urine formulas on the market.

This kit contains a bag and a bet which is specifically designed to help you carry the urine sample discreetly in the drug test clinic. It is considered to be amongst the most light-weighted options out there. Incognito is voted as #1 best synthetic urine brand by LAWeekly. 

What is Incognito Premixed Synthetic Urine? 

Incognito belt is a gravity operated device that promises to deliver 100% effective and undetectable synthetic urine for all your needs – toxin and biocide free!!

It comes with a heating pad, which can help you maintain the required temperature of your sample. 

The urine passes through a rubber tube which you can wrap around your body and hide under your clothes. You can deliver the urine by releasing a clip that retains it in the bladder bag. 

The synthetic urine is created using 11 ingredients, essentially found in human urine – including urea and uric acid. The pH of the sample is also balanced and it also contains creatinine for optimal use. 

What is Inside Incognito Premixed Synthetic Urine Kit?

Incognito premixed synthetic urine kit contains the following – 

  1. 1 bladder bag with 3 ounces of premixed synthetic urine.
  2. 1 adjustable velcro belt.
  3. 2 heating pads to help maintain temperature.
  4. 1 temperature strip to help keep the temperature in check.

The synthetic urine can be used 2 times and has a 1 year shelf life. It is designed to be used by both men and women. 

How to Use Incognito Premixed Synthetic Urine Kit?

  • First open up the heat pad and shake it for a few seconds to activate it. Put the heat pad near the bag between the belt and urine pouch. 
  • Next, wrap the belt around your waist or leg or wherever you prefer – underneath your clothes, ofcourse!
  • When you reach the clinic, unfasten the white clips to drain the contents into the jar provided. 

The major advantage of the Incognito belt is its light-weightedness- it does not weigh you down. And the velcro belt makes it pretty easy to hide the pouch on the dreaded day. 

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#2. Quick Luck – Best Heated Fake Pee

Whether you have already landed your dream job or you are hunting one down,  surprise drug tests can stupefy you anytime! When that happens instead of surrendering to your unavoidable future, seek the best synthetic urine you can find and put it to good use. 

Quick Luck Premixed Synthetic Urine is one of the best fake pee kits available in the market today. Manufactured by Clear Choice, it is one-of-a-kind pre-mixed synthetic urine which claims to be 100% effective. 

It promises to be completely undetectable, biocide free and toxin free and can be used by both men and women to pass their drug tests. 

Clear Choice Quick Luck Synthetic Urine is labeled as the cream of the crop for a reason. It is “pre-mixed”, that is, it is ready to be used anytime you want. 

Imagine, your boss decides to conduct a sudden drug test one day giving you just minutes to prepare for it. But you walk up to the test room with your head held high with a bottle of Clear Choice Quick Luck Synthetic Urine hidden in your pants. 

Clear Choice’s innovative solution of synthetic urine might just save your day and your career.

What is QuickLuck Premixed Synthetic Urine? 

Launched in 1993, Clear Choice still thrives as being the best at what it does – providing affordable and premium drug test solutions to its wide customer base.

Quick Luck, albeit new, is one of the most superior synthetic urine products in the market today, claiming to have been created after 16 years of thorough  lab research. 

This premixed synthetic urine is an amalgamation of 11 effective ingredients including uric acid and urea and strives to mimic real human urine in the best way possible. It also includes creatine and other chemicals that are found naturally in human pee. It is also pH and specific gravity balanced.

Quick Luck synthetic urine even resembles the real deal in terms of color, looks, froths and smell – so don’t sniff it while you eat!

What is Inside QuickLuck Premixed Synthetic Urine Kit?

Clear Choice Quick Luck Synthetic Urine contains 3oz of premixed urine which is designed to be undetectable and toxin free. 

The kit also contains two heat pads, which when activated can warm up the fake pee upto 10hours. The synthetic urine contains heat activator powder which may help raise the temperature within seconds. 

Quick Luck also comes with an easy-to-read temperature strip which can be used to check the temperature of the urine right before the test.

How Much Does the QuickLuck Premixed Synthetic Urine Kit Costs?

The last we checked, Clear Choice Quick Luck synthetic urine was priced at $100 only. You can easily buy this online from the official website. We suggest that you never trust your local drug stores while searching for this synthetic urine kit, as you may end up getting disappointed!

If you are new to the world of synthetic urine, and would like to practice before taking the test itself, Quick Luck also offers a practice kit along with the main product for a combo price deal. If you have never done this before, it can never hurt to practice the whole routine once at home. As a wise man has said- practice makes perfect!

How to Use a QuickLuck Premixed Synthetic Urine Kit?

Quick Luck is pretty easy to use and comes with a simple list of instructions which should be carefully followed. It is recommended to not break the seal until the day of the test. If broken by mistake, it can still be refrigerated for up to 48hours.

On the day of the urinalysis, break the seal and heat the synthetic urine using heat pads and heat activators(if required) to reach an optimal temperature range of 94°F to 100°F. While using the heat pad, do keep in mind that the temperature may rise more quickly than you anticipate and it takes a lot of time to cool down. So do not use the powder until absolutely necessary or you may end up with hotter pee than needed. 

As a final note, it is important to remember that Quick Luck is no magic potion which will work on its own. You have to follow the instructions carefully otherwise you will end up with a sizzling hot pee that can take hours to cool down. 

Quick Luck may not reveal the contents of the secret formula making you a little skeptical about the product, but if the thousands of customer reviews online are to be believed, Quick Luck synthetic urine may actually be 100% effective. Granted you follow the steps as instructed. 

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#3. TestClear – Cheapest Powdered Synthetic Urine Kit

Most people dread taking drug tests. That’s because they are never really prepared for it! People fall prey to the false hope provided by cheap detox products and diets which can never really help them cleanse their body in time.

This is where fake urine kits like TestClear’s Powdered Urine Kit come into play!

Technically, TestClear is not even boasting synthetic urine. It claims to have actually been derived from real human urine – yikes! 

But don’t get grossed out just yet, TestClear Powdered Urine contains all the qualities of authentic human pee, but the fresh and clean kind!

This powdered urine kit seems to be people’s first choice when it comes to buying a real pee stimulation kit. 

We have thoroughly reviewed this product after careful evaluation which can help you find all the information you need on TestClear’s Urine Stimulation.

What is TestClear Powdered Urine Kit? 

TestClear is one of the industry leaders in providing the best drug testing solutions to people all over the world. Founded over 23years ago, TestClear’s solutions have been helping people pass all kinds of drug tests like – urine, hair and saliva. 

TestClear Powdered Urine Stimulation with Powdered Urine Kit is one of its most sought-after products. But what makes this product unique and effective? 

As per TestClear its Powdered Urine is completely toxin free and has “never failed an experiment in the history of the product”. It resembles drug-free human urine and claims to contain all the qualities of the same.

TestClear powdered urine contains uric acid, which is a major component of real urine as well, and other compounds like urea, chloride, dissolved ions, potassium, creatinine, sodium, urea. All you have to do is add oodles of water – carefully measured of course, and you can probably nail any drug test you want!

What is Inside TestClear Powdered Urine Kit?

TestClear’s Powdered Urine Kit includes the following items – 

  1. A sealed vial with the drug-free powdered urine.
  2. A 50ml plastic transportation vial  to help you carry the final product on the dreaded day.
  3. A temperature strip attached to the transportation vial to help keep a check.
  4. An air-activated heater that can last upto 6hours.

The heaters are for one-time use only, so make sure to use the heaters 45minutes to 1 hour before the test. You can always purchase extra heaters at the time of purchase, which might come in handy, if the Test gets delayed.

You must always remember that the key to passing any drug test using synthetic urine is following the instructions provided as prudent as possible. 

How Much Does the TestClear Urine Stimulator with Powdered Urine Kit Costs?

Currently, TestClear’s Urine Stimulator with Powdered Urine Kit is priced at $49.95 – 49.95-which seems a little heftier than the other alternatives in the market, but might just be worth your money!

It is recommended to never buy TestClear Powdered Urine Kit from anywhere but its official website. If experience has taught us anything, it’s that no third party vendor can be trusted and you may end up purchasing a fake product. Okay, go ahead, don’t believe us, but are you willing to risk your job over this?

How to Use TestClear Powdered Urine Kit?

As per the instructions given by TestClear :

  • You first transfer the powdered urine into the 50ml transportation vial.
  • Next, you add in water slowly till you reach the brim and then tightly screw the blue cap on.
  • You then shake the vial until the powdered urine is completely dissolved in the water.
  • Then, apply the temperature strip at the front of the vial.
  • After this, open one of the heaters and stick it to the opposite side of the temperature strip.
  • Keep monitoring the temperature until the test. 

Overall, we found TestClear urine stimulation and powdered urine kit worth the hype. However you must keep in mind that it may not always pan out as you want it too. Weather, situations, testing techniques and your own confidence in carrying this feat out, certainly affects the outcome of your test.

However, TestClear still remains one of the best options for passing a drug test.

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#4. Clear Choice Sub Solution – Best Unisex Fake Pee

At times when you can’t wiggle your way out of a drug test, Clear Choice Sub Solution Synthetic Urine can be helpful!

Sub Solution is the first-ever synthetic urine created by Clear Choice. It is one of the most popular fake pee kits that has been the crowd favourite since 2003. 

It is a scientifically designed fake urine with all the natural qualities of authentic human pee. Urea, Uric acids, creatinine and all the other compounds that are found in real urine are also incorporated in this product.

Although it is an older version of QuickLuck, Clear Choice still promises it to be just as effective. Biocide free, toxin free and totally undetectable – this is how Sub Solution is advertised. 

What is a ClearChoice Sub Solution Synthetic Urine? 

Sub Solution is created to mirror the qualities of real urine – both physical and chemical. It looks, feels, smells and tests just as the original. 

It is considered to be one of the most reliable synthetic urine kits in the market with a success record of 17years. Containing the necessary 13 compounds including urea and uric acid, Sub Solution might help you outshine in your drug test. 

Clear Choice also claims to ensure that the pH level and specific gravity are well within the recommended range as well.

What is Inside the ClearChoice Sub Solution Synthetic Urine Kit?

Sub Solution Synthetic Urine Kit includes the following items – 

  1. Powdered urine sealed tight in a vial
  2. A 88 ml container
  3. One Temperature strip 
  4. Heat Activator powder

You can also buy a stash leg belt if you are not sure how to carry the urine safely on the day of the test. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. Also, you can purchase a practice kit, if you are trying your hand at synthetic urine for the first time.

How Much Does the ClearChoice Sub Solution Synthetic Urine Kit Costs?

Currently priced at $80, Sub Solution Synthetic Urine Kit might be one of the most affordable and effective synthetic urine kits there are. 

The stash belt and practice kit can be purchased at an additional cost of $24.95 and $35 respectively. 

Look, we know what you are thinking, it does seem a little pricey and there might be some cheaper options out there – but will they really work? Are cheap knockoffs worth losing your job over? No. It is better to do your research and invest in a synthetic urine that may actually help you save your dream job – Sub Solution might be one of your best options. 

How to Use a ClearChoice Sub Solution Synthetic Urine Kit?

Sub-Solution is not a pre-mixed synthetic urine, you need to add water to make it usable. 

  1. Add water at room temperature up to the bottom of the bottle neck .
  2. Add the entire contents of the synthetic powdered urine. 
  3. Put the cap back on and gently shake the vial, until the contents are perfectly dissolved. 
  4. If the temperature is well within the normal range, then you need not add the heat activator powder, but if it isn’t then slowly add the heat activator powder, fractions at a time. All the while, keep checking the temperature strip. Stop when you see the sample has reached the normal temperature range.
  5. And you are done!

Clear Choice Sub Solution is not as efficient as the ready-to-use Quick Luck Synthetic Urine. But if you have time to prepare for your test, you can use the Sub Solution, which has garnered positive reviews from thousands of customers. The only downside is that it does not come with heat pads, but if the heat activator powder is carefully used, you can get the desired results without any problems.

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#5. Urinator – Best Synthetic Pee With Urinator

It is estimated that, today almost 56% of employers require pre-employment drug testing. First started with the “just say no” movement of the US government in the 80s, workplace drug testing is slowly coming to a standstill, with gradual legalization of marijuana.

If you are someone who is reaping the benefits of Marijuana legalization, but still finds themselves facing an imminent drug test at their office, well then the Urinator can be your quick-fix. 

The Urinator is another effective drug testing solution manufactured by Test Clear. Most of the products by Test Clear are cited as reliable and trustworthy by the users. It is also accompanied with three free packs of synthetic urine powder.

What is a Urinator with Synthetic Powdered Urine? 

The Urinator is marketed as a “state-of-the-art” electronic urine testing device. So not only does Test Clear provide you a fix to your plight, it even provides you with a way to keep the solution workable for as long as possible.

The urinator helps maintain the temperature of the synthetic urine for a minimum of four hours with the help of batteries and what’s more is that it is completely reusable. 

It is compact and simple-to-use and touted to have the best quality possible.  

What is an Inside Urinator with a Synthetic Powdered Urine Kit?

This Urinator kit bags the following items – 

  1. One 100 ml vinyl dual-port IV bag with a temperature stri attached. 
  2. A 60 ml syringe.
  3. One Stainless steel sensor rod to regulate temperature.
  4. A Digital controller to maintain the correct temperature.
  5. One Flexible silicone heater attached to the controller. 
  6. 2 nine volt batteries for power.
  7. A thermal-insulating mini blanket.
  8. 3 powdered urine vials.

How Much Does the Urinator with Synthetic Powdered Urine Kit Costs?

The recent price of the Urinator and synthetic powdered urine is $169.95 only. Since it contains 3 powdered urine vials, you can even practice at home, before taking the test.

How to Use Urinator with Synthetic Powdered Urine Kit?

The urinator is pretty easy to use, however it is still recommended that you first practice once at home. 

  1. Using the syringe provided, fill the plastic bag with approximately 75 to 85 ml of room temperature water. 
  2. Remove as much excess air as possible and seal the bag.
  3. Attach the batteries and fold the blanket shut.
  4. Secure the velcro ends and wait to read the temperature.
  5. Once the temperature reads somewhere between 98-100, you are good to go.

One of the most popular reasons people fail a drug test is due to the temperature of their sample. People don’t keep a check on the optimal temperature range and end up submitting a cooler or hotter sample. With the Urniator you can make sure that the sample urine you are submitting is just the right temperature.

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What is Synthetic Urine? 

We guess you already know what synthetic urine is. Nevertheless, let us give you a brief idea. When you first hear the word “synthetic urine” it doesn’t sound like something scientific at all – more like a gag gift.

But synthetic urine is a scientifically created artificial urine that contains all the qualities of a human pee. The chemical makeup of a good quality synthetic urine is almost a mirror of real authentic human urine- and that’s what we strive for, while searching for the best one!

Containing all the necessary chemicals present in human pee like uric acid, urea and creatinine, fake pee tries to mimic the real deal. 

Traditionally designed to test the effects of urine on diapers, mattresses, cleaning agents and/or medical devices, it is now used by employees to work their way around workplace urine drug tests.

Urine Drug Test is a simple way to analyze your urine for illegal drugs.

Then, what is the hype around passing a urine drug test?

Well, urine drug tests are pretty accurate. And this accuracy and duration of detection of drugs in your pee, makes this test rather difficult to pass. But not impossible.

So how does the test work and how to beat it using a synthetic urine kit? We will be explaining everything you need to know over the next few sections.

Does Synthetic Urine Really Work?

If the thousands of positive customer reviews and testimonials online are to be believed, then – yes synthetic urine really works!

All you have to do is use it as instructed and boom – you can pass your drug tests with ease!

Synthetic urine is very hygienic and easy to use instead of someone’s real urine. First of all, if you spill it on yourself during testing you won’t be grossed out! 

Secondly, real pee is a little difficult to store – will you keep it in your fridge overnight along with the food you eat? It’s not very hygienic. 

But you can store synthetic urine overnight in the fridge or if it is in the powdered form and sealed, some fake pee has a shelf life of upto an year.

And lastly, almost all synthetic urine kits contain heat pads or heat activating powders which can help you get your pee at the exact right temperature on the day of testing. 

So exactly how does synthetic urine work? Well of course that involves a little sneaking on your part. On the day of the test, you pass off the fake urine as your own urine. 

The trick is to carry the fake pee hidden underneath your clothes and fill the vial provided with it, when asked for, without spilling any. Also, do take a look at the temperature reading and make sure it’s within the optimal range.

Remember the major reason people fail a drug test is ‘cause the temperature is just not right. So if you don’t wish to get flagged and get fired, our recommendation is to use a good quality synthetic pee which comes along with a temperature strip. 

What to Look For While Choosing A Synthetic Urine?

While searching for the synthetic urine that works make sure to keep the following points in mind – 

Synthetic Urine Brand Matters- Do not just opt for the cheapest options out there. When it comes to quality and efficacy, brand name matters. Choose a brand that is popular among the users and which is trustworthy and transparent.

Brands to Avoid- It is better to avoid the products which are priced too low, because synthetic urine does not come in cheap. You can also tell by the packaging and the marketing policies of the brand, if it is genuine or not. It is also best to avoid third party vendors like amazon, because chances are you may get scammed.

Look for Bad Reviews- Reading customer reviews of the brand cant hurt. If you find too many bad reviews of a product, our recommendation is to switch to another brand.

Where to Buy Authentic Fake Pee- You can buy reliable synthetic urine from any of the 5 brands we have mentioned in this review. We came up with this list, only after careful evaluation and going through thousands of customer reviews online.

Properties of the Synthetic Pee to look out for  –  The first thing you can notice while buying is the color of the pee, it should be yellowish in color. The skit should be accompanied with heating pads and temperature strips. Also if the pee is odorless, it is no good, you should return and get your money back if possible.

Drug Testing 101 : How To Use a Synthetic Urine Kit to Beat a Drug Test?

If you are an apprentice and still unsure about how to use a synthetic urine kit, we got you covered! 

You may have heard a lot about detoxing methods, drinking tonnes of water or other drinks to rid your body of toxins. These methods may work if your employer gives you at least one week’s notice before the drug test .

But if not, then synthetic urine is your best choice. 

There are two basic types of fake pee – powdered and liquid. 

Using Powdered Synthetic Urine 

These cannot be used as is – obviously! You have to add water at room temperature in the powdered urine and shake it until it dissolves. Different brands may instruct you slightly differently, about the quantity of water to be added and how long to shake it for – so do read instructions provided carefully.

Using Liquid Synthetic Urine

Some liquid synthetic urine can be used in their original form . Some need a little more water. But what they all need is a temperature check. If the liquid urine is cooler than required then add heat activating powder or attach heat pads to make them warmer.

Which Works Better – Powdered vs Liquid Synthetic Urine?

Pros of Powdered Urine

  • Looks and smells exactly like real urine, once water is added
  • The foam it forms makes it look more authentic
  • Greater shelf life
  • Mimics properties of real human pee well

Cons of Powdered Urine 

  • Needs a little prep time
  • Directions needed to be followed religiously
  • Higher risk of being ineffective

Pros of Liquid Urine

  • Easy to use, no preparation required
  • No risk of getting caught during mixing
  • More effective

Cons of Liquid Urine

  • Shorter shelf life
  • Have to keep it warm

FAQ About Synthetic Urine Kit

Q. How Long Does Synthetic Urine Lasts?

Both the powdered and liquid synthetic urine has expiry dates. Although powdered urine might last a lot longer than the liquid urine – before the water is added.

If kept sealed, synthetic urine may have a shelf life of upto 1 year – more in the case of powdered urine. 

Q. Is Freezing and Reheating Synthetic Urine Possible?

If you have used a relative’s or friend’s pee before, you may have frozen it in the freezer to stop it from going bad. You can do the same with synthetic pee, if you have opened up the vial.

However make sure the synthetic urine isn’t expired. Also it should not be frozen and reheated again and again, otherwise it will lose its real-like properties. Also, it should not be exposed to sunlight. 

Make sure to follow the steps provided by the manufacturer carefully.

Q. What are Some Other Uses of Synthetic Urine?

While a majority of the people reading this review might just use it to pass their drug tests. Many people also use fake pee for the following reason – 

  • A great gag gift- If you want to prank a friend or relative and gross them out! 
  • Can be used as animal repellents- Some gardeners use it to keep rodents and rabbits away.
  • For experiments – These are also used in school/colleges for experiments. 
  • For Adult Entertainment – Some people also use it to satisfy their fetishes – okay, we are not here to judge!

Q. Can Drug Tests Detect Synthetic Urine?

Synthetic urine might get detected in certain drug tests – but not easily. If you fail to follow the set of instructions given with the product, miss out a step or do not record the temperature carefully – yes you may still fail a drug test using fake pee.  

Q. How Many Ounces of Synthetic Urine Do You Need?

Typically urinalysis requires 2 ounces of your urine for testing. But our advice is to be ready with a bit more, in case of spillage!

Q. Is Synthetic Urine Unisex?

Yes, most synthetic urines are unisex. The ones we have discussed in this review can all be used by both men and women.

Q. Is Synthetic Urine Legal?

Well this question is a bit tricky to answer. As the legality depends on where you reside and which company you work in. Although marijuana legalization laws have been coming up in various areas of the USA now, certain states still deem it illegal. 

It is legal to sell synthetic urine in most states,  but we still recommend that you check your state laws before opting to buy one.

Q. Can You Make Your Own Synthetic Urine?

So you want to take a page out of Hermione’s book and brew your own magic potion? We highly recommend against it. Technically, yes you can create your own synthetic urine – but in a lab, with proper chemicals, which we are sure you will not have in handy! Best to stick with the 5 best synthetic urine mentioned in the article.

Q. Can You Mix Two Different Kinds of Synthetic Urines?

Yes you can mix two samples of the same synthetic urine, if needed. Both should be well within the expiration date.

In Conclusion : Which Synthetic Urine Kit Brand Should You Go For?

With many states in the USA legalizing marijuana use, it is not fair that some companies still screen their employees for drugs. 

It may not be fair, but it is the reality – for now. So if you are planning to buy fake pee to beat the drug test, you can go for either of these two- Incognito Belt and Quick Luck.  

So with the options of 5 best synthetic urine well within your reach, there is no need for you to fret over any surprise drug tests at your workplace. 

These are just meant to make sure you are mentally and physically fit to give your best in the office. So are you ready to take a drug test? We sure hope so!