Co-Curricular Activities: Need of the Situation

By  //  June 24, 2021

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Co-curricular activities are activities that are related to learning but in a different way than learning in school. These activities are helpful for students to learn in a different way other than just sitting in classes and mugging up.

These are helpful for every student to participate in and are developed in such certain ways that they can be taken with academics. Co-curricular activities are helpful in bringing up different skills and enhance them in a way that doesn’t create a burden on students. Co-curricular activities are of different types ad can happen at various places.

They can be performed indoors and outdoors too. some indoor activities are: 

■ Literature/ Essay writing- Writing acts as a therapy for people who fail to express themselves to other people. Writing not only is a relaxing activity but people can actually make great carriers by writing. 

■ Art and Craft- Creativity is in itself an art and art in itself is creativity. Creating requires exploring oneself as well the observe the outside world. And such activities make people understand things better. 

■ Sculpture making- Sculpture making has been one of the finest and famous activities of all time. Not many people do it, but people who do definitely know how amazing it is to present your imagination or reality into something that people adore. 

■ Reading- ‘Reading is to mind what exercise is to the body, healing. Isn’t it amazing how you can know about people and connect to their stories that don’t even exist? It’s almost magical to read as it not only sharpens your facts and vocabulary but also your emotions and imaginations. 

■ Wall decoration- Who doesn’t like to save money and also make their walls shine. Go ahead and paint it all in your color. 

■ Drama and theatre- Expressing yourself through dialogues and actions have no other competitor as its power and effect on people is very deep. 

Some of the outdoor activities that can be performed for the betterment of health and mental peace is listed below: 

■ Sports- Playing sports is one of the best activities as it helps people stay fit as well as learn new things, so if you still do not have a favorite sport then explore one. 

■ Music shows- It is so exciting and refreshing to hear melodious voices and music. It gives people a restart and recharges them for new adventures. 

■ Photography- Not every moment can be captured but the memorable ones should definitely do. Pictures tell stories that the human mind may often forget.

■ Fancy dress competition- An outfit or look might leave a lifelong impact on a child’s life. For example- the role of an IPS officer might provide the student a goal and interest to be a police officer. 

Co-curricular activities can be chosen by you and your interest in the skills you wish to learn or enhance. Learning different skills can also help you in making money as people teach the activities they excel in.

These are helpful in enhancing the communication skills of the student and make them creative. It not only contributes towards good help but also to a better mind. By performing these activities, one can

achieve social engagement and upskill leadership qualities. You can not only learn from these but can also find joy in performing these each day. With proper management, you can perform them in a good way along with your academics and work. 

In today’s time, where every student is taking online classes for their academics, you can learn different skills online. Choose the best software for online teaching and learning in the digital world that you can use as a source of enhancing or learning your skills. For making things happen in a good and educational way, various best software for online teaching is introduced and used by many students. 

Organizations even teach through video calls to let students feel confident and making them feel better about their skills. Many applications are used for these purposes and are effective too. 

Around the world, the pandemic has opened a new doorstep to students by learning through online platforms. This even created a new vision for every teacher towards Online teaching and online classes app.

Co-curricular activities are making people engaged during these harsh times and helping them upskilling themselves. With help of online platforms, teachers are spending their time helping students and can earn without facing issues at home. Online teaching through mobile is very popular nowadays, seeing to the situation around and the ease it provides.

You can easily access the internet and VOILA! your door to teaching is a step closer. For teaching with the phone, you just require internet access and a phone.

There are many apps and tools that can be used to make things better and more fun for your students. So, take advantage of technology and grow while studying. 

All the best!