Everything You Need to Know About Responsive Email Templates

By  //  June 17, 2021

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The ways that different businesses reach prospective customers are consistently increasing. Multichannel marketing is opening doorways to make client-centered communication easier and faster.

As a result, the market has never been more steeped in competition. In such a techno-cultural landscape, improving your marketing skills is not only useful but also essential. 

Email marketing is a traditional, reliable, and ever-effective way of establishing connections with prospective audiences. Most businesses do well to capitalize on this method as a source of communicating their campaign message, products, and services. But curating an email marketing strategy is only the first step in the journey. Several factors go into this to ensure that your campaign is successful. 

For starters, it is important to make sure that your campaign looks good and brings great results! One way of doing this is by making your email campaign responsive. Knowing the right email templates will assist you tremendously in the deployment of your campaign. So, we have compiled some things that you will benefit from knowing as you curate your content. We hope you find these useful! 

What Exactly is a Responsive Email? 

Such a template allows your customer to access the content that you are delivering across any device. These designs allow you to deploy emails that can adapt to and function on different device features such as screen size. Accessing a responsive email means that the content display will be ideal across different mobile devices and tablets. These types of emails are created with a particular type of coding. They function with two layers of CSS code. 

The first layer is assigned to managing the desktop display. The second layer is encrypted with the code that presents the email on a mobile device with a perfect layout and display. So, without using a responsive email template, the same content that appears seamlessly on a laptop or computer can look jumbled haphazardly on a mobile phone. A responsive template makes your emails show up instantly and neatly no matter what device your prospective audience chooses to view them on. 

How Do You Map Your Progress?  

One can map progress by opting for responsive email templates. These templates dictate how you measure audience response, just as one can measure the success of your regular email marketing campaigns! Since you might have already perfected that strategy, this will be a piece of cake for you! All you need to do is draw out the analytics of the subscribe, unsubscribe and click-through rates and then compare them to what the statistics were before you employed the new email template. 

Ideally, the results should display a fairly increased rate of subscription and significantly reduced unsubscribe rates. Of course, you don’t have to go through this alone, and you can always take some assistance from salesforce experts who can help you generate the best responsive email templates.  

Why Should You Consider Responsive Email Templates? 

All of us must adapt to and change with the times, and the same rules apply to business agencies and their campaign models. Most people these days prefer to access and respond to their emails on their mobile devices – and the number will only keep growing. Therefore, if you are truly interested in guaranteeing the success of your email marketing campaign, make sure that you are considering and catering to the changing habits of your customers. 

If you want your emails actually to be read and ideally even engaged with, you first need to deliver them to your audience in a format that they can access with ease without losing any time. Responsive email templates will help maintain great client communication. Without them, there is always a chance that your readers may eventually lose patience with inconvenient email displays and unsubscribe to your email campaign. So why not be smart and seize this opportunity to improve your campaign!  

Some Additional Tips! 

When curating your templates, you can keep some factors in mind. It is usually just about paying attention to the little things. For instance, avoid creating a messy look with multiple hyperlinks in your email – less is more. Suppose you need your audience to fill up a Salesforce feedback form etc. One link should be enough. If you need to use multiple links, try and make sure that there is enough space between them to access them is not messy for the user.

Try to stay with a single-column layout and pay attention to the font size of the text. This factor makes it much easier to read the content, especially on a smaller screen. Use smaller images and insert alt tags as well. Finally, test your email before you deploy your campaign to assess expected audience engagement. Your timely strategies to ensure an ideal user experience will aid in your campaign success.