From Interior Design to Landscaping: Why You Should Enroll in the Home Design Institute’s Free Online Courses

By  //  June 23, 2021

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The Home Design Institute ( team are passionate about education. Their mission is to provide the best synchronous online education to help all students make their dream job a reality. 

All courses take place in online classrooms, allowing students the opportunity to better themselves from any location in the world. These courses are designed per licensed programs, and their certificates are recognised across the European Union. 

Furthermore, industry professionals are at the helm of these courses: to ensure that you truly learn from the best in the business. 

Why choose online learning? 

Today’s business world is all about side hustles. Enrolling for online learning not only takes you one step closer to your dream job, but it also allows you to pursue other passions outside of the classroom while you work towards obtaining your qualification. 

Plus, online learning offers tremendous flexibility. Remember: life happens. If you can’t make one of your classes with the Home Design Institute, you can always catch up at a later stage. 

Online learning also prepares you well for a possible future career as a freelancer. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, more and more businesses are opting for remote work. As an online student, you will develop the necessary skills and self-discipline to flourish as a freelance or at-home employee.  

Which free courses do you offer? 

As mentioned before, the Home Design Institute is passionate about education, which is precisely why we offer two free courses: Interior Design Fundamentals and Landscape Design for Beginners.

We want you to kickstart your learning process without the burden of immediate payment. During our free courses, you will also get a taste of what it’s like to study with the Home Design Institute. 

Although free, these courses are still designed according to high education standards of the institute, and you’ll be attending real-time online classes with experienced lecturers that work within the industry. 

Want to obtain a certificate? That’s no problem! Once you have completed your free online course, you will have the option of purchasing access to a final exam. Once you have successfully passed the exam, you will receive an online certificate to add to your portfolio. This is for as little as  €85 and remains entirely optional.

The Interior Design Fundamentals course 

If planning on how to furnish a space according to a specific style excites you, and if you’d like to immerse yourself in topics such as colour theory and interior composition, then the Interior Design Fundamental course will be a perfect fit.

During this course, you will learn all you need to know to kickstart your understanding of interior design — from top-rated industry professionals, of course.

Topics covered in this course include the history and theory of interior design; the different styles, colour compositions, and techniques to creating a beautiful space; and the needed skills to apply this new-found knowledge to your design projects or home. 

This course will take place in a real-time Zoom classroom, so you will also have the opportunity to meet fellow interior design enthusiasts and communicate with your instructor. Classes will take place twice a week for one hour   — there’s that flexibility that we mentioned! 

Enroll for free here.

What can I do with the skills from the Interior Design Fundamental course?  

    ■ Develop your creative eye by becoming acquainted with leading design houses and interior designers.

    ■ Lay the foundation for becoming educated within the interior design industry. 

    ■ Develop essential skills to become an interior designer. 

  ■ Gain insight into creating beautiful spaces, which you can apply to your own home. 

  ■ Expand your designing portfolio. 

The Landscape Design for Beginners course 

 Garden and landscaping enthusiasts, this fantastic course is for you! Whether you love working with flowers and plants or are a nonprofessional gardener looking to learn more about the rewarding world of creating beautiful garden spaces, this course will set your gardening soul on fire. 

After this course, you will understand concepts and terms used in the landscaping industry and expand your knowledge of colour patterns, vegetation, flooring options, and much more.

All this, you will learn from talented landscape architect Hristo Chilov, the Creative Director of Studio Linework in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. This award-winning designer has a Bachelor’s degree in Landscape Architecture from the University of Greenwich. Still, it is his vast experience and passion for creating beautiful spaces that sets him apart. 

Enroll for free here.

What can I do with the skills from the Landscape Design for Beginners course? 

  ■ Understand which elements and flowers to choose for different gardens.

  ■ Learn about plant species and how to incorporate and space them in different settings.

  ■ Become emerged in the often elusive terms and concepts to prepare yourself for future study. 

  ■ Learn the basics of sketching and planning a garden, and expand your skills to take on clients. 

  ■  Create examples for your design portfolio.