Future of Legal Tech

By  //  June 25, 2021

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The advancements have revolutionized various aspects of people’s lives. For example, you can order various household items online, conduct virtual meetings, and stream movies rather than renting VHS. Technology has also revolutionized the legal industry too. If you plan to implement various forms of technology in your law firm marketing, consult with an expert.

Here is what you should know about the future of tech. 

Current legal tech

Jessie has revolutionized the way personal investigation clients communicate with their lawyers, thanks to artificial intelligence-based CRM known as SimplyConvert. This tool helps law firms to process and respond to high volumes of customer inquiries. It also makes it simpler to select customers that the law firm in question can take on. This saves money and time. Lawyers can also use it to send contracts to their clients.

This is just one example of tech-based solutions and how they help streamline operations of various law firms. There are also other technology-based solutions that are helping lawyers right now.

For example, PPC is one of the powerful marketing technologies that allow personal investigators and lawyers to advertise their practices. When implemented perfectly, PPC can help generate quality, and this makes it easier for lawyers and law firms to attract new customers. 

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest have come a long way too. With millions of monthly users, law firms are assured of reaching a broad audience just by creating social media profiles and targeting the right audience. Just think about how lawyers and law firms used to advertise their services in 2010 compared to what’s happening today.

The future of legal tech-based solutions

For the past five decades, the legal industry has seen significant technological advancements. This journey of the digital-driven legal sector has not come to an end. Actually, unforeseen circumstances such as the COVID-19 pandemic have necessitated further digital transformation in this industry.

It is not uncommon for many legal practices to have a volume of paperwork to sift through, particularly if they are handling multiple cases. It is a tiresome job. These are some of the issues that have prompted most law firms to seek alternative and more effective solutions. 

 Here are some of the top trends that will transform the entire legal industry.

1. Remote law firm 

Most businesses across various industries have made the shift to working remotely, particularly during the coronavirus pandemic. If you have the right cloud-based environment and highly secure and productive applications such as Microsoft Suite, working remotely has become a possibility for many employees in the legal industry.

2. AI-driven legal practices

Approximately 48% of law firms in the United Kingdom use AI and another 41% of law firms in the same region are expecting to integrate artificial intelligence solutions into their operations. These solutions often provide high-value insights and could boost the firm’s overall productivity.

3. Automated processes

In most cases, lawyers and their assistants waste a lot of business resources on tiresome and repetitive processes such as sifting through paperwork or arranging paper files. However, the advent of technology has transformed the industry. It is expected that document review and validation will be a perfect candidate for automation in the future. Various tools will allow firms to proofread and probably flag any errors within their case files. That means lawyers will no longer rely on their juniors or assistance to review files.

From artificial intelligence and automation to remote working, there are many impactful technologies emerging in the legal industry. Consider implementing such solutions whenever possible to ensure that you stay relevant.