How Can You Get Rid of Stretch Marks?

By  //  June 23, 2021

Stretch marks, also known as “striae,” happen when your skin changes its shape rapidly due to weight gain or growth. However, there’s nothing for you to be afraid of; they aren’t a sign that something is wrong with your health.

Both men and women can indeed get stretch marks. However, puberty and pregnancy are the two most common reasons for getting stretch marks in life.

At first, a stretch mark will appear as a thin purple or red line on your skin that takes on a different texture than the surrounding skin layer. 

Eventually, you’ll see that most stretch marks fade and become lighter or you can also see that it becomes almost translucent in color and becomes shiny.

Getting rid of your stretch marks in an entirely natural way isn’t expected. Some stretch marks can be so stubborn that it becomes challenging to fade them or make them invisible. 

However, some remedies can help minimize the appearance of stretch marks and help them fade quickly.

1. Vitamin A

Vitamin A is also referred to as a retinoid. Retinoids make your skin appear smoother and youthful. They’re even used in many topical cosmetic creams.

Simply using a topical extract of vitamin A or just taking vitamin A orally can drastically contribute to your skin’s health and overall appearance. 

Certain foods, such as sweet potatoes and carrots, might greatly help you increase your vitamin A levels.

According to a study in 1996, a group of researchers identified that retinoids could actually help with the appearance of stretch marks. 

However, further research is still required to identify all the ins and outs of stretch marks.

2. Sugar

Some people consider sugar to be a naturopathic microdermabrasion method.

Microdermabrasion performed by dermatologists is one of those few clinically proven methods that can make your stretch marks fade. Therefore, this home remedy indeed seems worth a try!

Rubbing a sugar scrub on your skin will exfoliate the area.

In order to do this:

■ Mix a cup of sugar with 1/4 cup of any softening agent; it can be coconut oil or almond oil, before you entirely mix it to the consistency of wet beach sand.

■ Add a slight amount of lemon juice.

■ Scrub the whole mixture on the part of your body where your stretch marks are visible.

Repeat the whole procedure several times a week, especially when you are in the shower. And make sure that you rub the mixture for at least 8-10 minutes.

3. Aloe Vera

Although there’s very little clinical evidence for aloe vera acting as a remedy to cure stretch marks, pure aloe vera is indeed both a skin softener and a natural healing agent. So, this certainly makes it an ideal home remedy to try for your stretch marks.

Apply pure aloe vera from any plant, and then apply it to your stretch marks regularly after your shower. And if you are consistent, then you can indeed have some visible results!

4. Hyaluronic Acid

 Collagen is actually the protein that helps and keeps your skin in good shape and makes the skin appear more healthy and glowing. As you age, the amount of collagen decreases in your face and your body.

But the production of collagen can actually be stimulated with hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid can easily be absorbed by consuming a capsule or extract.

5. Coconut Oil

Since stretch marks are the appearance of skin damage, coconut oil might be a great help to heal the stretch mark appearance quickly.

According to various studies, coconut oil has always been at the top for its exceptional healing properties. And in experiments conducted in rats, it was found to reduce the time it takes for the skin wounds to heal.

Applying virgin coconut oil each day regularly might help take away some of your stretch mark appearances. Unless you’re too allergic to coconuts, this oil is considered to be one of the safest remedies of all time.

Other Treatments

Laser therapy or light therapy has been one of the most effective remedies for many conditions. Initially, it was designed to cure people with depression and insomnia. 

But further research found that it can also be used to cure skin conditions, muscle growth, and many more. 

Moreover, needling and microdermabrasion are also effective treatments for stretch marks. 

Light therapies involve the exfoliating of the skin in such a way that at-home remedies cannot. It literally works like an infrared sauna.

Research has also shown that this can also improve the appearance of various types of stretch marks.

But I highly recommend you take the suggestions of your dermatologist before purchasing any of these devices, as he’ll give you the best advice on whether or not you need a therapy device. 

Furthermore, even if you need one, he’ll also recommend the type of device applicable to your case.  

Who Tends to Get Stretch Marks?

The truth is genetics is the strongest predictor of your stretch marks.

According to the Mayo Clinic, women are likely to get more stretch marks, especially pregnant women. 

Other risk factors include:

■ having breast enlargement surgery

■ being on corticosteroid medication

■ losing or gaining weight rapidly


The best treatment to prevent stretch marks is by keeping your skin hydrated. With this, you can help keep the elastin of your skin from appearing.

Using topical creams like coconut oil will definitely keep your skin moisturized and make those ugly stretch marks less likely.

Lastly, light therapy can also be one of the best ways to cure these stretch marks, provided you are consistent and use the authentic product.