How do I turn off Norton Automatic Renewal Service?

By  //  June 9, 2021

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Norton is a widely popular antivirus and antimalware software product which has been in use for 3-4 decades. It is very easy to use as it’s the interface is designed to be used by normal people and professionals as well.

The security service of Norton is well known and it has gone through many virus penetration tests. The users of Norton vary from place to place, though they can be found almost everywhere. Norton provides some of its plans at a very cheap price so that it can be afforded by the common mass and especially for single-use.

The Norton Automatic Renewal system comes in handy if you are a working professional who needs the advantages of auto-renewal, but in case you do not need that feature, you can easily turn it off by following the steps below. Activate Subscription Renewal feature is only needed for long term is use and one has the liberty to turn it off.

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One can find help for the same from Norton support.

1. First of all you need to access your Norton account, make sure you have the account credentials ready with you and then you need to Sign In. You need to put the email which you used for creating the account and the password, then click on Enter.

2. After signing into the account, you need to navigate to the My Subscriptions tab, where you will find the renewal settings.

3. You need to Turn off the settings for Auto-renewal and when you do so, there might be a pop-up notification that asks you whether you are sure you want to turn off the auto-renewal or not.

4. After Turning Off the auto-renewal, you need to manually renew your subscription if there is a need next time. This feature is only helpful if you plan to keep using Norton for a longer period. If one has no plans to use it for a longer period then auto-renewal isn’t needed and it is in the best interest of the user to turn it off.

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There are many devices and almost all major Operating Systems which support Norton, the disk space used by Norton is even less in comparison to some other security service providing software. Also, it has been ranked one of the best software for virus and malware protection in the world.

Its sales are limited to a special geopolitical boundary as its users can be found worldwide. There are a lot of advantages of using Norton as it keeps a tab of Signatures to help eliminate viruses and malware trying to invade the computer system. A single Norton account can be a user, my multiple users, at the same time if the particular package providing such facilities is purchased. Norton’s auto-renewal system can be a turned off and on manually.


The auto-renewal feature is very easy to carry out if one follows the above steps, however, if there are problems that persist, then they need to contact the support office of Norton, they can use the website ‘’ which provides backend support to its users.

The support office is very responsive to the users and has been very efficient in problem-solving, it is a proven place for solving problems like these where you can even find many Q/A which help you to understand more about Norton and make it’s use easier for you. Norton Automatic Renewal service is a handy feature though it isn’t widely used.

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