How Much Does Surrogacy Cost in USA and What Is Provided in the Contract?

By  //  June 29, 2021

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One of the important indicators of the state of reproductive health is infertility. The problem of infertility is relevant around the world, and the United States is no exception. Today, 10-15 percent of families suffer from infertility, which can be attributed to direct reproductive losses. 

New reproductive technologies are being actively used in the treatment of infertility in the United States today. The surrogacy program enables couples who do not have children due to health problems to experience the joys of motherhood and fatherhood through the use of reproductive technologies. The online agency World Center of Baby provides all relevant information on surrogacy in USA.

Find below the general characteristics and price of surrogacy in the United States.

Two Basic Types of Surrogacy USA

According to the best surrogacy agency USA World Center of Baby, there are two types of surrogacy in the country: traditional and gestational.

In the traditional form of surrogacy, the surrogate mother’s eggs are first fertilized by the sperm of the potential father and then implanted.

The gestational form of surrogacy represents a woman’s eggs, fertilized by her husband’s sperm and implanted in the uterus of a surrogate mother, who then bears and gives birth to a child.

Features of the Contract

Surrogacy in USA is legally governed by the conclusion of an appropriate contract on childbearing and birth of a baby by a surrogate mother, which establishes the rights and obligations of the parties, as well as the terms of such relations between them. The contract must be approved by the law court. Without this condition, the contract will be declared null and void.

Among the essential conditions, in addition to the already mentioned subject, the price, place, and term of the contract, the clinic where fertilization will be performed, etc. are determined. According to the World Center of Baby, conditions, and terms of payment for the surrogate mother’s services, the liability of the parties for non-performance or improper performance of the contract, etc. are also indicated.

Surrogacy Cost in USA: What is the Price of the Service?

The price of surrogacy is usually set by agreement of the parties and ranges from $ 90,000 to $ 130,000. The price should include mandatory running costs that may be incurred during the surrogacy program and monetary compensation for a surrogate mother.

The surrogate mother also receives money for maternity clothes, insurance, reimbursement of transfer cost, and babysitting for a child.

Due to the lack of legislative enshrinement of the settlement mechanism under the contract, in the market of surrogacy services, there are different options of payment for surrogate mother services. In this case, the schedule and amount of payments are prescribed in the contract and notarized.

For more information, contact the best experts at the World Center of Baby. You can visit the perfect agency’s forum and find answers to exciting questions regarding the possibility of using surrogacy services by gay men, the possibility of obtaining a discount on services, etc.