Jeep Parts – How To Get Your Jeep Ready For The Winter

By  //  June 25, 2021

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When the coldest months of the year start to creep up on you, your vehicle will start to need some extra care. Jeep parts are put under additional stress throughout winter, and this can lead to issues further down the road. In order to prepare your Jeep for the winter, there are a number of things you can do.

Things To Inspect As Winter Approaches

As winter slowly creeps up on you, there are some things that you’ll want to keep an eye on in your vehicle.


The capacity of the battery will begin to be around 20 to 50% lower in the colder months of the year.  This can cause issues because starting your engine in cold temperatures requires more energy in comparison to warmer temperatures. Older batteries have a more difficult time functioning in the winter months, and you’ll definitely want to take a look at the condition of your battery before the cold weather starts. You might just need to get it recharged. If it can’t be recharged, you’ll probably have to get it fully replaced. 

Getting a car battery with gel electrolyte helps it perform better in colder temperatures. You should also note that even if you do end up getting a new battery, you’ll still need to charge it every now and then in winter. If you constantly notice that your battery is having issues, there could potentially be an alternator problem with your vehicle.

Climate Control System

When it’s the middle of winter, nothing is more uncomfortable than a vehicle that has poor climate control. No one wants to be freezing as they’re driving to work every day, so ensuring your heater is working properly will go a long way in increasing your comfort levels throughout winter. All you have to do is do an inspection on your pipes, pump, and condenser. You might also want to take a look to see if your air vents are blocked in any way.

Getting a professional to do this inspection is probably the best way to go about it. You should consider getting your cabin filter replaced before winter sets in. A clogged cabin filter will prevent air circulation in the vehicle, and this can cause your windows to fog up.

Door Seals

Worn-out door seals will cause a lot of extra cold air to get inside the vehicle. Higher humidity levels can also increase the chances of corrosion on your vehicle. There is the possibility your door could also freeze right to the sill. Getting door seals replaced is a good way to prevent this from happening.

If your door seals are starting to look cracked, that’s a sign that you might want to consider replacing them soon. Every now and then, use some silicone grease on the door seals to keep them protected from changes in temperature.

Body Panels

Changes in temperature, increasing levels of snow, debris, and water are all things that can wreak havoc on the body of your vehicle, as well as the suspension. Once spring rolls around, many people will notice new rust spots popping up on their vehicles.

If you don’t address these issues right away, the corrosion could spread and cause more issues. It’s recommended to use some anti-corrosion formula on the body of your vehicle. If you notice any paint chips, you’ll want to paint over them. 

Window Wipers

This might sound obvious, but having a good pair of wiper blades will go a long way to ensure your safety. Many people like to get as much use out of their wiper blades as possible, only to find themselves driving in some heavy snow through a windshield they can’t see out of because their wiper blades are leaving streaks all over the place. It’s suggested to get winter wiper blades to get you safely through the winter. They are manufactured with rubber characteristics that repel the water and retain their elasticity.


Tires are one of the most common things that people get replaced when winter starts to creep up. Driving with summer tires in winter can lead to disastrous consequences, and it’s recommended to switch over to winter tires when the temperature levels start to get under 7 degrees Celsius over the course of a week.

Winter tires are manufactured with rubber that’s softer in comparison to summer tires. The tread patterns of winter tires also promote better grip when you’re driving on ice or snow.


Many people like to get all-season oil when they are going for their routine oil changes. If you’re driving in frigid weather conditions, the choice of oil should reflect that because it will lead to less wear and tear on the engine.

Useful Winter Accessories For Your Vehicle

Anti-Fog Products

Getting anti-fog products for the glass on your windows can help you see better once they start to moisten up. This will increase your levels of safety while you’re driving.

Liquid Key

If your locks ever start to freeze up, using this product will help you with that.


This one should go without saying, but having a shovel in the trunk of your vehicle is always recommended during the winter months of the year. If you don’t end up getting stuck, you might be able to shovel out someone who has.

Tire Mats

Tire mats are another recommended thing to keep in your vehicles in the winter. If your vehicle gets stuck, using tire mats under your tires can help give you some traction.

Tow Rope

You should always have a tow rope in your vehicle in winter. It can be used to drag you out or for you to drag someone else out.

Final Thoughts

Winter driving can cause a lot of stress and frustration in people living in those climates. Getting your Jeep parts through will ensure you’re ready and able to take on the winter conditions before it’s too late.