Let’s talk About Uber

By  //  June 3, 2021

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Do you hate not knowing how much a trip in a taxi could cost you ahead of time or seeing the cost of your ride going up the longer you are in the car?

If the answer was yes, then you should give Uber a try.

Uber is available in over 85 countries and in over 10,000 cities around the world. With more than 93 million monthly active users, Uber is one of the most popular ride-sharing apps worldwide.

Wait, what is Uber exactly and how does it work?

Let’s explain: Uber is an independent taxi company with a mobile app that offers ride-hailing, food delivery – UberEATS – bicycle sharing, just to name a few. The company hires drives that uses its own vehicles; to show that they are available to drive, they can log in on their Uber app on their phone and the passengers can request a trip – using the mobile app – that will be automatically sent to a driver near to them.

The passengers enter their address where they want to be picked up and the address where they want to be dropped off. The app will automatically work out the navigational route, estimates the distance and the cost of the ride, and finally, transfers the payment for the drive from your selected payment method on the app, without grabbing a wallet, so there is no exchange of cash involved whatsoever.

The story behind Uber

The app was founded in 2009 by Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp and launched in June of 2010 in San Francisco. The idea of the app came on a cold and snowy night in Paris, when Camp and Kalanick had trouble finding a cab. Thanks to that experience, they were inspired to start a new company called UberCap, a taxi service; later that year, the company was renamed as Uber.

Some of the benefits of being an Uber rider

A few features and benefits from the app are that it has a text message chat on it so that the passenger has the ability to contact their driver through a text message or phone call making it possible for them to stay in control over their journey.

Another way for them to stay in control and feel safer is by adding ‘Trusted Contacts’ to their account. These trusted contacts will receive a message with a link that will allow them to follow the journey, plus details of the car and the driver. The app also gives the users the option of adding to their account the addresses of their work, home or other places, making it easier to select their destination.

And passengers not only can tip their driver but also rate them at the end of their trip. The app will ask them to rate their drivers from one to five – one being the lowest rate and five being the highest -. These compliments and ratings can be very useful. The rating will affect the driver’s overall rating, and future passengers can see and assess the quality of the service that drivers have provided.

Want to become an Uber driver? What you need to know

Becoming an Uber driver is free, and there is also a specific app for them. Some of the requirements are that the person must be 21 years old, have driving experience – at least one year of driving experience – a valid driver’s license with insurance and finally, access to a 4 or 6 door car.

Uber drivers also have the ability to rate their passengers. And like for the drivers, this rating will affect the rider’s overall rating, and a good passenger rating can help increase the chances of getting picked up quicker by a driver. 

Let’s set an account

Creating an account is very easy, you can go to the website Uber.com or download the Uber app in the App Store for iOS or in the Google Play Store for Android devices. To sign up, all you need is a valid phone number, an email address, a password and grant access to your location. Then, you will have to provide a payment method of your choice, such as a PayPal account, a credit card or a debit card. And after verifying your account, you are ready to start using Uber.

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