List of Companies That Hire Felons

By  //  June 5, 2021

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It is difficult to begin a new work life for a felon. Many challenges are experienced in the process. Find joy for companies that grant opportunities for this past.

As a famous retailer, Walmart is one of the companies that hire felons. By adapting to the present times, they keep on improving their business techniques. US residents are grateful for their diverse and affordable merchandise. Likewise, they welcome employees from different backgrounds. Despite having experience as a felony, opportunities are available.

While there is no assurance of acceptance, trying is the first step. The working environment is favorable for those with a criminal past. A promising future awaits in the labor division as equality exists. When the skills and qualifications are suitable for the role, it is open. This is no matter the department and rank. The only condition is that no firearm use for the work.

Walmart takes pride in multiple initiatives like the Fair Chance Business Pledge and Ban the Box List. These encourage employees with criminal records to participate and generate revenue. 

2. Military

Felons are also found in the United States Military depending on the case. Although there is a chance for work, it is difficult. Sound moral character is very important in the five divisions. Felony background is a culprit to possess this. The category of crime determines entry for the role. At the same time, the present relationship with the justice system is also considered.

They will look into the probation status, criminal proceedings, or parole. Also, the past moral record and age at the time of felony are inspected. Criminal acts need to stay in the past. When there is war, the time is right for felons to get in as the need for more employees rises. 

3. American Express

As a reputable financial institution, American Express prides itself in giving felons a new life in their business. Although chances are open, acceptance depends on the case. There is also no assurance of getting in. 

4. Boeing

A huge airline company like Boeing welcomes those with past criminal backgrounds. Engineering and science are the main opportunities. Production of systems for defense, security, and space is the duty. Furthermore, commercial jetliners fly in the air through them. The felony needs to have innovative thinking and dreams big!

Boeing wants to give felons a second chance for a new life. That is why their opportunities are equal. The main roles are in manufacturing, IT, engineering, and cybersecurity. Regular employees can have insurance for life and health. In addition, there are programs for work-life and plans for retirement. 

5. Calvin Klein

Felons who support Calvin Klein and want to work with them are allowed. Throughout the United States, felons are granted a second chance initiative. They believe in granting a better future without giving attention to the past criminal record.

6. Comcast

Interest in technology and media makes Comcast a favorable business to join as a felon. Being a huge company, they like employees from diverse backgrounds. Providing equal chances to those with previous criminal charges is part of labor. Fortunately, a high possibility awaits entry into the business. Over time, they can also rise in ranks and reward themselves with privileges otherwise only dreamed of. They are less rigid in upgrading employees no matter the background.

7. Dow Jones and Company

Reliable business details and news come from Dow Jones and Company. This is on an international scale. On different formats and mediums, global institutions and citizens receive regular content. The form is digital, printed, and live. 

8. Amazon

The largest online retailer also wants felons to have a better work life with them. In general, the warehouse division has opportunities. In the presence of a past criminal record, they inspect a few factors. These include the form and duration of conviction along with past work. A lower chance of entry is for crime related to violence, theft, sex, and drugs. Crime history from seven years and beyond is not looked at anymore.

9. Facebook

Passion in the social media and tech industry makes Facebook among the companies for felons. Roles are plenty in its organization for matched skills and backgrounds. Opportunities are in administration, IT, or corporate. On regular status, benefits are granted. Every day, feel the excitement of immersing in a lively place! Enjoy the privilege of catered food!

Apart from these, employees can ride private transportation service to and from the building. Laundry and health centers also exist as services. Facebook is a proud participant of the Fair Chance Business Pledge. Although felons can join the company, the process is confusing. 

Despite the tough past for felons, they are grateful for these companies. Through them, the desire for equal chance opportunities exists. When successful in joining one of them, there is renewed confidence!