Luxurious New Look for Your Residential Estate

By  //  June 15, 2021

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Most homeowners are in a love-hate relationship with their homes. They may be proud of it and enjoy living there but often find themselves wishing they could make changes to suit their needs better.

Whether the homeowner is looking for a complete redesign or wants to revitalize an area of the home that has grown stale over time, there are many ways to improve a residential estate and create your dream house. In this post, we will explore some residential renovation ideas you can use to turn your property into one that suits all of your desires. 

Think About Your Dream Home Inspiration

One of the most important things you can do when considering a renovation is to think about your dream home. It may be difficult and tiresome for many people to visualize, but spending time thinking about it will help narrow down which areas need improvement and how many changes are needed overall. It would be best to try drawing out floor plans or sketching out the types of renovations that you would like to see.

Update Floors and Walls

Home updating is an easy way to have a luxurious new look for your residential estate. In most cases, updating floors and walls is affordable, and you can use paint, flooring, or wallpaper to update the room. You should also consider other features like lighting fixtures or window coverings that affect how your home feels when it’s finished. If changing floors is too much for you, cover its wear and tear by using Pakistani rugs around the house.

 Update Appliances

Kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms are three places that you’ll want to update appliances. It’s important to make sure your dishwasher is up-to-date and running properly, so it doesn’t leak water or leave clothes unwashed. If the washer isn’t working well enough for laundry detergent anymore, it will give your home an untidy image.

Choose a Theme for Your Home

The newest trend in home decorating is to choose a theme for the room. For example, you might want to make an office into something resembling rustic chic or have all of your furniture matches if you’re trying to create a cohesive look in one area. Also, a theme makes it easy to decorate. If you choose a theme, it’s easier to figure out what furniture goes with that type of design and how much space is needed for an area if your options are limited or the room needs to be divided into two different spaces.

Give Your Home a Fresh Look

You can create a new look for your home by installing new windows and doors. Consider the size, noise level, climate control, insulation, or security of each window before making any decisions about what to buy. Doors are another change that will give instant style updates with just one purchase. You’ll want to choose between wood grain and faux paint.

Another way to freshen the home interior is by changing the color scheme. Paint can be done as a DIY project or professional installation and is fairly inexpensive. A few more ways to make your home look new are buying new furniture, adding window treatments, choosing rugs that match the color of your walls or a versatile rug that matches any interior style such as wool rugs, replacing worn-out appliances, or swapping out flooring for something modern.

Add a Touch of Royal Feel to Your Home 

Give your home a luxurious royal feel by adding crown molding. Crown molding is an architectural detail you’ll find in homes of the rich and famous, but it’s not very expensive to install if your home doesn’t already have it. This design element will make any room feel more elegant without a ton of effort or expense on your part. At the same time, silk and velvet fabric can give the same effect and can be found at lower prices. Velvet curtains in the bedroom and living room are a great way to add that touch of royalty.

Add New Furniture and Accessories 

It’s easy enough to find good quality used furniture at your local thrift store, which will allow you to update the look for less money than it would cost if you were buying new pieces. Accessories like candles or vases can have an enormous impact on your home and lifestyle. A chandelier can make a small room feel like it’s been graced with natural light, while vases can add color and life to a table.

Give New Life to Your Entrance

If you’re feeling especially brave, a new front door could be just what your house needs to get ready for the next decade. It’s worth considering replacing that old and battered entryway with something more modern or upscale looking. Besides changing anything, repaint the door color, change accessories in the entrance or even add a welcome mat to greet your guests. A single console with a mirror on one side will transform the entrance to your home. Place colorful rugs in the entrance to lift the mood.

Never Ignore Artwork

A home without artwork is not a home. And if you want to make your house feel like yours, then it’s time for some wall art! Consider adding one of the following:

– Art with inspirational quotes

– A framed family portrait or photo album

– Poetry on a coffee table

– A painting or sculpture that is meaningful to you

A classic surprise for guests and visitors coming into your home. Introduce them with original artwork!

Don’t Forget About the Stairs 

It’s not just floors, walls, and furniture in your house either. Just as important are all these spaces on staircases. Use wallpapers for a luxurious touch, such as marble or embossed paper. Also, you can add a runner or rug to make the stairs more comfortable and beautiful or Hang pictures on walls for an eye-catching sight at every step of your way up. A mirror in the staircase will also make it seem brighter and taller.

Bring Plants In

An interior designer will always suggest plants in your home. Keep the plants low and in large containers. Place it in the corner of the living room or a beautiful one at the entrance. A few small plant pots on the shelf will make your house look more alive and not so dull.

Visit a Florist

Fresh flowers are always beautiful, but they need to be changed every week or two because the water content in them will evaporate. If you find it too troublesome to keep buying new ones for decoration, then visit a florist with lots of varieties that are already fresh and in bloom. Put a vase with fresh flowers at the entrance of your home, and it will give a welcoming feel to anyone who comes in. Also, put these flower vases in the bedroom and dining table.

Summing Up

We know that a luxurious new look for your residential estate is the perfect way to update and refresh. From changing the color scheme to making the entrance vibrant, we hope the above tips will help renovate your dream abode if you are looking for a rug for your home. RugKnots provides a wide selection of ziegler rugs for your residential estate. We carry silk, wool, and any other type you might need to give it the luxurious touch that will make you feel like royalty. Check out our website now!