Planning to Travel to Barcelona? This Key Information Should be Useful

By  //  June 22, 2021

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If you think of Spain, you might think of Barcelona first. It has a rich culture, beautiful landscapes, visitors from all around the world, and it also has a great environment for adults and kids to “squeeze out” the best of the city.

But, above all, it can be a place where you could feel overwhelmed because of its size, and because of the number of tourist spots and activities, you can choose from. 

This is why we are here to offer you support and to give you key information if you are making this trip to get a job, or just to visit, or maybe to study Spanish in Barcelona.

Establish how long are you going to stay 

Barcelona has an extension of 100/sq km; it is like an outdoor museum, with many activities to do and places to visit. So, it will not be the same “tourist route” if you stay three or four days, as if you plan to be a week or more.

If you are going to spend a few days at “Barna”, we recommend you book a hotel room near the city centre, so that you can be near to every important spot. Then, you’ll get to know most of the city key places, just in a couple of days.

But, of course, if you want to be in Barcelona a week or more, touring or because you want to study Spanish, you can get the best of it.

Plan your route

This might sound obvious, but you need to know Barcelona offers beach, mountain range, nightlife, cultural exhibitions and all kinds of events. And some of them are free, and others aren’t.

So, if you plan your route and play smart, you can book some tickets to visit the Sagrada Familia Cathedral at a lower price or avoiding a long line at the Picasso Museum. Or if you want to attend a soccer match, you’ll have to buy the tickets earliest as possible, because “Barça” is one of the most popular clubs in the country and Europe. 

At the same time, it has many squares and parks and gorgeous streets to walk on. Just keep in mind that the most popular a place is, the most crowded will be. The early bird gets the ticket. 

What transport should you use?

Barcelona is huge, and you could say that you can reach most places by just walking. But to be fair, the subway (or “metro”) is one of the best ways to move around the city. It is one of the cheapest transports, and you can buy a card that gives you ten trips and even get an unlimited-trip card.

A single-trip ticket costs about 2,40 euros, and you can buy a card for 11,35 euros and get ten trips. 

Another way is the bus or the tram and the taxis, but taking a cab is the most expensive option for obvious reasons. But if you want to hang out with your friends at a bar or a nightclub, a taxi might be a good option. 

Which time of the year is the “best”?

In this case, it depends, because Barcelona has a wide variety of environments and you can take advantage of every one of them, depending on the month you are visiting.

If you love going to the beach and have a drink with your friends, you can get the best time between July and August. But you should keep in mind this is “high season”, so beaches are going to be more crowded than other months and everything gets more expensive.

If you prefer walking the city, take advantage of Barcelona’s “chilliest” mood with a cool climate, May and June or September and October are the bests options.

Dinner timing

Spain has a particular “life timing” when it comes to working hours and meal hours. In Barcelona, they usually eat lunch between 2 pm and 3 pm, and they have dinner at about 9 pm. This does not mean you are not going to be able to eat something at 8 in the evening, but be wise and be prepared if you want to eat with locals.

Either way, don’t despair, because even though mealtimes might be different in Barcelona than in your country, bars and restaurants offer their services so tourists can dine at the time they prefer to.

Beware of the misunderstanding. 

We all know Barcelona is a city inside Spain territory, but it is also a part of Catalunya, an autonomous community established as a nationality. So, yes, you are in Spain, but you will hear people talking Spanish and Catalan. 

It is considered offensive for Catalans to be referred to as they are Spanish, and we advise you to remember this because we know you don’t want to get into trouble or offend anyone during your visit.

But don’t be disappointed, because you can practise your Spanish or learn it from locals. And most of the menus or information signs are displayed in Spanish and English, so don’t worry, you’ll be able to understand everything and, at the same time, learn another language. 

What can you expect from Barcelona?

After all, Barcelona is what you can call a “cosmopolitan city”. It has tourism during the entire year, visitors and professional from all around the globe travel there to know one of the most beautiful cities over the Mediterranean Sea.

You are going to find people from Latin America, from other European countries, from Asia, some are staying for a couple of days, others have been living there for the past 20 years or so, and of course locals with incredible stories to tell.

If you want to know the most popular places, you can do it, and if you prefer knowing the quiet part of Barcelona, walking down a small neighbourhood or chatting with strangers and learn about their culture, you can do it as well.

You can chill all day, you can get to the beach, you can hike, or you can do trekking, you can go to a nightclub or look for small bars and art exhibitions. But the thing is: Barcelona has a lot to offer and is waiting for you to get there and have your own experience ¡the one that best suits you!