Salon Quality Nails at Home

By  //  June 25, 2021

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Save your money and get salon-quality nails at home, all you need is the right toolset and a few products.

Getting perfect fingernails is easier than you might think.  If you want to give your nails a salon-like treatment all you need is the tools, knowledge, and patience to make sure your nails look clean, and well-groomed every time. 

Shaping your Nails

If you want a simple, quick way to file and shape your nails, try this method.  The first step is to remove the topcoat and the nail polish with a polish remover. The topcoat is a shiny, clear top layer that helps protect your nail polish from chipping.  Next, dip your fingernails in baby oil, let them stay there for about five seconds, then shake your hands for a few seconds shaking off the excess oil.

Take an Emery board and file your nails as you normally would to the desired shape. Always use the best nail tools to make your job easier, and ensure the results you want.

Once you are done filing your nails, you should rinse your hands with warm water and soap so that the cuticles are soft making it easier for you to push back the cuticles from the nail bed leaving a clean line. You should then use the same clean fingernail file that you used earlier to make sure your nail’s edges are smooth and perfectly shaped. Your fingernails will look perfect once they are filed and cuticles trimmed back. However, brittle nails may need extra attention.

As you learn how to shape your fingernails, you will also learn how to buff and polish your fingernails. This technique requires some patience, but it is an excellent way to bring out the natural luster in your fingernails and keep them looking polished for a long time.

Basically, when you buff your fingernails, you remove the rough top surface of your nail creating a smooth shiny surface. You can also buff the area just below the nail, which is the cuticle edge. Once you buff and polish your nails you will have softer, smoother, shinier fingernails that will not peel.

Cuticles Polishes and Dips

Using a quality cuticle dip product will help keep your cuticles soft and easily shaped. There are several products on the market today, but only one works well for everyday use. These polishes are called dip powders. Your nails will be softer and easier to shape the following day, even if you do it just once.

Dip powders are an alternative to traditional acrylic nails and gel polish. Dip powders have become popular due to their ease of application.

Use a quality nail polish or gel product each and every time. Cuticles and nail beds need extra care and attention each and every time you wear nail polish. It is important to wash your hands each time you apply polish so that you aren’t spreading germs and getting the polish all over your hands and nails. This can lead to some health problems over time.

If you choose to go with artificial nails for your manicure, make sure you choose quality products. Artificial nails do not last long. If you do decide to use artificial nails for your manicure, make sure you apply them carefully especially if you have an important event coming up.

Artificial nails can sometimes cause damage to the cuticles and nail beds if they are not used properly. They can also cause discoloration around the edges if you are not using the products in the right way.

It is usually best to rely on your natural nails, and use artificial nails only for less frequent big events.