SpeedTech WiFi: Is It Scam Or A Legit Portable WiFi?

By  //  June 13, 2021

Are you facing challenges with your internet and Wi-Fi router or having troubles with a slow internet connection? Internet connection has become the basic necessity of people due to the reliability of many things. For every little or big task, one needs a reliable internet connection. Unfortunately, Wi-Fi routers do not provide the speed required to complete tasks.

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However, a newly introduced Wi-Fi router from SpeedTech will solve many users’ problems in the United Kingdom, South Africa, Australia, and other parts of the world. Our viewers want to know if this Wi-Fi router will work effectively. They also want to know about the stability and connectivity of this new Wi-Fi router. This article is summed up with the complete information you want to know about SpeedTech WiFi.

How does this Wi-Fi device work?

The Wi-Fi router from SpeedTech is a device that allows you to use an internet connection wherever you want. It works perfectly in the areas where it is difficult to obtain an internet connection through other routers. Many areas do not get stable network coverage. But, the Wi-Fi device from SpeedTech will work perfectly in every area you use it.

This device receives the signals of your current Wi-Fi signals and finds ways to enhance the internet connectivity before you use it or transmit it. It will enhance your existing Wi-Fi signals and will help reach internet connectivity in challenging areas.

What Is SpeedTech WiFi?


It is a Wi-Fi router introduced by the SpeedTech brand. It aims to boost internet connection, providing strong connectivity by avoiding dropouts and lags. Whether you are using this Wi-Fi router in the basement area, main, ground, or the top floor, it will provide you with consistent internet access with high speed.

You only need to plug in the Wi-Fi router or device and enjoy continuous internet access at high speed. Besides, you can use the internet connectivity through this WiFi device in an open area. This Wi-Fi device will not work according to the location or size of your area, but it will work with the same efficiency in any area of your home or office. Please scroll down and know more about this Wi-Fi device.

Benefits of the Wi-Fi device:

■ SpeedTech WiFi helps promote continuous Wi-Fi signals.

■ It will give strong internet connectivity in challenging areas.

■ You can get internet connection in indoor and outdoor areas too.

■ It will receive signals on any floor or area you use it.

Product specifications of Wi-Fi device from SpeedTech:

■ Product: Wi-Fi device

■ Type: Internet connectivity router

■ Brand: SpeedTech

Price of Wi-Fi device: one unit costs £37.95, two units at £69.90, three units at £98.85, four units at £123.80, and five units at £139.75.

What are the features of Wi-Fi device from SpeedTech?

The Wi-Fi device from SpeedTech has a wide variety of features, making it unique and unparalleled. Therefore, you can know the below-mentioned features of the W-Fi device and know its significance.

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■ Mobility: This Wi-Fi device has enhanced mobility as it comes with an internal antenna. The antenna is embedded in the SpeedTech

■ WiFi that helps increase mobility. You can use this Wi-Fir device anywhere by plugging in the electric board and enjoying internet connectivity with its increased internet coverage.

■ Range: The Wi-Fi device from SpeedTech provides maximum range to help you connect with the high-speed internet connection at any range. You can gain access to the internet connection at a broader range.

What is the speed of the Wi-Fi device from SpeedTech?

The Wi-Fi device or router from SpeedTech is unique due to its prominent features and advantages. It is engineered with unparalleled speed. The speed provided by this Wi-Fi device is up to 300 Mbps. Besides, the speed is provided on a band of 2.4 GHz.

This speed will allow users to stream, download, upload, or play anything of their choice over the internet. So whether you want to download music video, your favorite movie, or do research over the internet, this Wi-Fi device will help you do anything you want over the internet with its high and maximum internet speed and connectivity.

Will this Wi-Fi device from SpeedTech save money?

Many internet service providers around the United Kingdom, South Africa, Australia, and worldwide offer premium packages for high-speed internet connectivity and coverage. However, they do not cover the maximum range and do not provide stable internet connection in the challenging areas.

However, the Wi-Fi device from SpeedTech offers similar net connectivity consistency and speed at a low price. Hence, why should you waste your hard-earned money on premium packages when you enhance speed and internet coverage in a broader range through this unparalleled Wi-Fi device from SpeedTech.

How to set up this Wi-Fi device from SpeedTech?

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It is effortless and convenient to use this Wi-Fi device or router from SpeedTech. As per the claims made by many users and the manufacturing company of this Wi-Fi device, it will take only three minutes to set up your new SpeedTech WiFi device. You will get your new Wi-Fi device working in less than three minutes. That means, within three minutes, you are all set to use your new Wi-Fi device and enjoy watching, downloading, uploading. or playing any video, movie, or information you want from the internet. You can set up and connect it easily by searching for “Wi-Fi Repeater.” This signal will set up your device when you tap on the “Connect” tab.  Then, your Wi-Fi device is ready to use and enjoy.

Will connecting more than one device affects the speed or signal?

Often people connect more than one device to the Wi-Fi connection to use the internet. But, it leads to poor signal and slow speed from the service providers. But with a Wi-Fi device from SpeedTech WiFi, to will get the same boosted speed on all your gadgets, devices, computers, etc. If there are many dead spots at your home, this device is the best option for you. Multiple devices and users can be connected to this new Wi-Fi device from SpeedTech, enabling you to use internet connectivity continuously with optimum speed, coverage, and range. What else a user wants when he gets all the features in a single Wi-Fi device. You can install many devices and multiple units with this Wi-Fi device and enjoy the same strong signal and continuous connectivity on all devices you are connected to.

Is the device has a backward compatibility option?

Yes, this Wi-Fi device comes with a backward compatibility option. You can connect your Wi-Fi device with traditional personal computers too. Besides, SpeedTech WiFi is compatible with a television, mobile phone, computers, and laptops. Whether you have an old model of computer or other devices, or a modern and updated device, you can confirm with the company about the compatibility of the devices you want to use with your new Wi-Fi device from SpeedTech.

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Besides, there is no limit on the number of devices you want to connect with this Wi-Fi Repeater from SpeedTech.

What are the contact details of SpeedTech?

You can contact SpedTech for any support and assistance through the following means of communication:

■ Contact number: +353 1 800 903 214

■ E-mail Address: support@speedtechwifi.com

Address of SpeedTech: Balau Management Ltd., Dublin 12, Wilkins Court, D12VY9T, Ireland.

Registration Number: #612200

Address for returning the product: P.O. Box Number 0538, Central Post Office, TOA PAYOH, and Singapore- 913119.

How can I purchase a SpeedTech Wi-Fi device?

If you are looking forward to buying SpeedTech’s Wi-Fi device, you should get it from its official online platform. We have provided the link to buy SpeedTech’s from its official website as attached below:


SpeedTech also offers a 52% discount on the WiFi repeater when buying it from its official website. You can claim a 52% discount offer through the official website. In addition, you will also get a 30-day money-back guarantee if you buy it from SpeedTech’s official website.

Will the Wi-Fi booster work with high-speed?

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The Wi-Fi device from SpeedTech is a speed booster and wireless extender for internet connectivity. It is also called a W-Fi repeater. It will take your internet connection to the challenging areas where it had always been difficult for you to connect with other Wi-Fi devices. SpeedTech WiFi can help connect in dead zones of your home and other spaces effectively.

What are the claims of SpeedTech for its Wi-Fi booster?

SpeedTech, the WiFi booster’s manufacturing company, claims that its WiFi booster or WiFi repeater will help connect your devices with the internet where it is challenging for other devices or routers. Besides, it also claims that it will help improve the internet coverage in your spaces and homes. The company claims that the internet connectivity will be stable and boosted through this device, making you more productive while doing your official tasks and helping you enjoy the stuff on the internet when you are with your family and friends. SpeedTech WiFi will help you stream, download, upload, play or browse at a higher and faster speed than other devices in the market.

Who should use this Wi-Fi booster from SpeedTech?

The Wi-Fi booster or repeater is useful for many people who want complete coverage of their spaces with a high-speed and stable internet connection. Many people can benefit from this Wi-Fi booster from SpeedTech, including the following:

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■ It is useful for users having trouble with many dead spots and dead zones in their areas.

■ It is useful for those who want high-speed internet coverage in all areas without paying an extra amount.

■ It is also useful for poor connectivity in remote areas, garage, distanced rooms, the backyard, or other challenging areas.

■ Besides, people who cannot connect to the internet through their existing routers found this SpeedTech WiFi booster from SpeedTech the perfect option.

■ It is useful for those who want to relocate their Wi-Fi connections.

You need to plug in the device and get the internet connection with high speed, stability, and coverage with the high range from this WiFi repeater. It will help you connect with W-Fi in a few minutes. You don’t need experience or technical skills to operate, install, or use this WiFi booster. It is an easy-to-use WiFi booster to help you enhance internet connectivity instantly.

What are the customers saying about the new Wi-Fi booster?

Many customers using the Wi-Fi booster are happy and satisfied with the Wi-Fi booster. They are pleased with the fast shipping and found the Wi-Fi booster a high-quality product. Many customers are running their SpeedTech WiFi perfectly while connecting with the Wi-Fi booster. Besides, many customers appreciated the launch of the Wi-Fi booster and found it to be the best device after they tested the internet speed using this Wi-Fi booster. It worked perfectly and with a stable connection on all their devices. Moreover, customers found it very easy to use and set up the Wi-Fi booster. Hence, we advise our reader to buy this amazing Wi-Fi booster and enhance their internet connectivity and stability at a higher range and coverage.


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Is this W-Fi device compatible with all devices?

Yes, this Wi-Fi device is compatible with all gadgets, computers, or other devices. So, whether you own a computer, mobile phone, or tablet, you can use this Wi-Fi device on every device you own. SpeedTech WiFi is compatible with Android, Apple, iOS, Mac, and other gadgets or devices. Besides, you can use this Wi-Fi device from SpeedTech with television too.

How does the Wi-Fi device work?

It is a Wi-Fi repeater, taking your Wi-Fi signal from the router you are using and help it extend. It will make you have a different router within the same network in your spaces. In addition, it will help you boost your existing range of Wi-Fi with the help of the Wi-Fi booster from SpeedTech.

Can I reinstall this Wi-Fi device anywhere?

Yes, you can re-install this Wi-Fi repeater or device anywhere you want an internet connection. In addition, you can easily plugin or unplug the Wi-Fi device, making you locate or relocate SpeedTech WiFi anywhere you want to use the internet connection.

Is there a money-back guarantee on the Wi-Fi device?

Yes, you will get a 30-day money-back guarantee on this Wi-Fi device when you purchase it from SpeedTech’s official online shopping platform. In other words, you can return your Wi-Fi device within 30 days of purchasing it from the official online platform of SpeedTech. If you are not satisfied with this Wi-Fi device, you can return it to the company within 30 days of purchase. SpeedTech will give you the complete refund of your Wi-Fi device if you send back or return this device within 30 days of purchase. The refund is applicable only if the SpeedTech WiFi is unused. However, if you used it, the refund is not applicable, and you will not get your money back. Hence, if you want to return this Wi-Fi device, you must send it back to SpeedTech without using it. An unused Wi-Fi device is applicable for a 100% refund within 30 days of purchase.

Can I use this device with my device’s hotspot?

Yes, you can use this WiFi booster from SpeedTech to extend the range of your devices, such as mobile phones, laptops, tablets, etc. Besides, it will lower the cost of your internet package. You can replace this WiFi router with an approximately 2.4 G SIM card, making it cheaper for you and using internet connectivity all over your office, home, or other areas.

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What is the price of SpeedTech’s Wi-Fi device?

The SpeedTech WiFi device from SpeedTech will cost you £37.95 if you buy a single unit. The price of two Wi-Fi units is £34.95, costing you a total £69.90. However, if you buy three Wi-Fi units, it will cost you £32.95 with a total of £98.85. While, the four units will cost you £30.95 each, costing you a total of £123.80, and five units at £27.95, costing you a total of £139.75.

Will I get a discount on the Wi-Fi booster?

Yes, SpeedTech is offering a 50% discount on the Wi-Fi booster. The shipping price and the unit price vary according to the number of Wi-Fi booster devices you purchase. Besides, you will be offered 30 days money-back guarantee when you buy the Wi-Fi booster from SpeedTech’s official website.

How long does it take for the Wi-Fi to arrive?

Every SpeedTech WiFi device order is shipped the next day after you confirm the order. Customers will receive order confirmation notification through e-mail provided by you. However, standard shipping for the Wi-Fi device might take seven to ten business days. You can also track the shipment of your Wi-Fi device through the tracking details sent to your e-mail address.

Is it easy to set up the Wi-Fi booster?

Yes, it is easier to use the Wi-Fi booster as it does not take more than three minutes to set it up. Then, you only need to plug in your Wi-Fi device and tap on the “Connect” tab to enjoy the consistent and stable high-speed internet connection, covering the maximum area with SpeedTech WiFi  optimum range.

How many devices can be installed with this Wi-Fi booster?

You can install multiple mobile phones, computers, laptops, tablets, and other devices through this Wi-Fi booster from SpeedTech. It will cover all the dead spots from your area with enhanced speed and stability.

Will the shipping cost affect the number of orders?

Your shipping cost will be reduced depending on the number of Wi-Fi booster units you order from SpeedTech. Three unit packs is the most well-known choice of users as it reduces the shipping price.

Can I connect the Wi-Fi booster with old devices?

Yes, you can use the Wi-Fi device and install it on any device. Whether old or latest, this SpeedTech WiFi booster is compatible with all gadgets, computers, and mobile devices. You don’t have to think about the device model or check the compatibility before using this Wi-Fi booster. This device will work easily and perfectly on all devices. So you can enjoy internet surfing, downloading, uploading, and much more on any device you want or you have.

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Why is it recommended to buy three and more units of Wi-Fi booster?

SpeedTech recommends buying three W-Fi boosters to enhance WiFi signals in your spaces completely. Three devices will help you give high-speed internet connectivity from all directions, making you complete your task, such as downloading, uploading, or browsing efficiently and speedily. Besides, you will benefit greatly from SpeedTech WiFi by getting internet connections from all sides and directions of your homes, offices, or other spacer or areas.

Will the Wi-Fi booster work outdoors?

Yes, you can use this Wi-Fi booster wherever you want. All you need is a wall socket and a Wi-Fi connection to use it anywhere. So you can use it effortlessly even in your garages, basements, balconies, yards, or any other place where you have a wall socket and a Wi-Fi connection.

Can I relocate the Wi-Fi booster?

Yes, you can easily relocate your Wi-Fi booster. You don’t need to plug-in the Wi-Fi booster into your device’s jack. Hence, it helps make you find easier to relocate it in your hotel, office, home or anywhere and anytime you want.

Final Conclusion:

SpeedTech WiFi has launched a new Wi-Fi booster or repeaters, helping you enhance the internet speed and connectivity. It will also help you get the internet connectivity in the most challenging areas, dead zones or dead spots. Besides, it will help you get internet connection at any place and anytime you want. It covers the maximum area of your home and spaces with the optimum range through the Wi-Fi booster. You will never face instability in your internet connection due to this new Wi-Fi booster from SpeedTech. Besides, it is a cost-effective Wi-Fi device, saving your money and energy. You only need to plug in the device to set up and enjoy a high-speed internet connection anywhere and at any place you want.

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Hence, you can buy this Wi-Fi booster from SpeedTech’s official website and use it on any device or system you have. Enjoy the internet speed, connectivity, and coverage with this ultimate W-Fi booster. We hope you liked our article on Wi-Fi booster from SpeedTech and will share it with your family and friends to help them know about the advantages of using this extraordinary and unparalleled Wi-Fi booster. Please leave your comments about this article in the end.