The Latest Innovations in Land-Based Casinos in the US and Canada

By  //  June 29, 2021

AI, cashless payments, virtual reality, HD and 4k graphics – It is easy to remember the latest online casino innovations. But how do land-based casinos in the US and Canada fare? A lot is going on in the tech world and it is exciting to see just how remarkably these land-based casinos continue to evolve. Let’s take a look.

Current innovations in land-based casinos

The ultimate aim of technology is to create a fully immersive experience. Brick-and-mortar casinos are using ground-breaking technology to make their physical games more entertaining while also improving security. Some of the ways these casinos have won players over include:

■ Sophisticated ambiance: While this does not sound so new, many people have become more comfortable during their nights out at casinos because of the themed environment.

In addition to the flashy lights, the interiors of land-based casinos have become more sophisticated. Aside from having bars and restaurants, some land-based casinos serve users with their own mobile apps to help with orders.

■ Fair play: Before now, it was quite easy to manipulate slot games. Now, added layers of security featuring cameras with facial recognition qualities help to prevent barred players from cheating. As expected, manual scanning is becoming outdated and imaging technology keeps getting better.

■ Specific security measures: Land-based casinos have incorporated several steps in protecting their players. License plate registration helps to track cheaters even before they enter the premises as long as authorities know their vehicles. Also, card switching and issuance of counterfeit chips can now be detected with high-end tech.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID): It is a modern technique, which automatically helps to track labels attached to casino chips. This helps casinos to know their chip locations at all times, thereby preventing and detecting theft. The technology can also be used to know a player’s desired bet amount.

Non-Obvious Relationship Analysis, or NORA: This feature detects otherwise hidden links among people scouring the internet for data. In other words, it identifies suspicious relationships and flags them with the operator helping them to stay ahead of the game.

New gaming experiences: Evolution and Scientific Games have a lengthy and successful relationship in the Canadian and US markets. Scientific Games have brought the biggest table game, Lightning Roulette to land-based casinos. The game is one of the most entertaining live table games and is offering a unique roulette experience to players.

Putting it together

Technology is the future of mankind. Thanks to tech, modern-day casino players are spoiled for choice with turnkey solutions added to land-based casinos every now and then. More so, some of these solutions can be employed by even online casinos.

From reinforced security at entry points to electronic ordering from the bars and restaurants, and the sleek information screens, these casinos truly take players’ experience to a whole new level. Many games can be played for free with no deposit free spins as incentives for new players. Is the spotlight finally returning to land-based casinos?