Tiny Homes: More than Meets the Eye!

By  //  June 7, 2021

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The minimalist living movement has extended into the phenomenon known as tiny home living in the last few years. Thousands of people are rejecting consumerism and the traditional way of life to embrace the minimalist lifestyle. This extends into the housing market in the form of tiny houses. A tiny home is one that typically is less than 500 square feet or 46 square meters.

The most obvious limitation is, of course, space. Yet, these homes can fit much more than you would expect. By utilizing innovative interior design techniques, tiny homes can fit nearly anything you want inside them. In fact, a tiny house often has a second floor to utilize the maximum amount of space. Here are some other surprising things about tiny homes!

Small, but Spacious!

Just because a tiny home has a small footprint doesn’t mean it can’t be for many people. For instance, Tiny heirloom offers multiple 2 bedroom tiny house models with a surprising amount of space and style! You can often find a second floor in tiny houses as well, with many people utilizing split-space techniques to separate private and guest-accessible areas.

There are many kinds of tiny houses made from many different designs and materials to fulfill different purposes. Part of the minimalist lifestyle is to cut out the junk, so you shouldn’t expect to fit everything you have in your current home. However, with some heavy-handed spring cleaning, you will be able to fit everything you need into your new tiny house.

Luxurious Kitchen

Despite your commitment to minimalism, we understand many people would loathe to give up a full-sized kitchen that you would get in a full-sized house. However, living with less doesn’t mean you have to live without all luxury. For the indulgent minimalists, you can choose to have a full-sized kitchen built into your tiny house.

This is typically possible in larger tiny houses, so you might have to sacrifice a little bit of portability. However, you are also getting the added advantage of having full-sized appliances and other stuff in your kitchen. This is why it is crucial to work with the designer of your tiny home, so you know your interests will be prioritized.

Luxurious Bathroom

Hey, everyone in the world has their own top priority. For some, this is a luxurious bathroom! While some may forego this pleasure, people living a minimalist life often opt to have bathtubs and even steam rooms built into their tiny house.

While others attach a hose to their kitchen sink and shower outside, others have the most cutting-edge technology making heated shower rooms in their tiny houses. And if you think the bathroom is going to be dingy, think again. You can have tastefully lit, tiled toilet spaces in your tiny home if you want that freedom to relax in your bathroom.

Rooftop Balcony

Did you think you could only walk on the roofs of an actual apartment building? Your tiny house can have roof access built-in if you reinforce the ceiling! You can even have your bedroom or living room opening out into a rooftop balcony if you’d like, as long as you arrange for proper structural support. The best part about owning a tiny house is the personal touches you can add to it.

If you would rather buy your tiny house, search for one that gives you what you need. You can always add additions to it later as long you purchase your base from a high-quality company. When buying your home, remember that you are paying for something of value that will sustain you for a few hours. It is best not to sacrifice the quality of your tiny homes for size or anything else.

Electronic Systems

An argument made against tiny homes is that they don’t have security systems or integrated heating or cooling. However, modern tiny homes come with all of this. You might have to free up some space, but most security systems would fit with any style of a tiny house that you buy or build. Thus, you are not entirely eating up all free space in your tiny house.

Surprisingly, you can also fit home automation systems into tiny homes. If you are interested, you can even set up a DIY security system that includes things like carbon monoxide sensors in your tiny house. Adopting minimalism shouldn’t mean having to give up safety and security! Some people even add external cameras so they can see who’s approaching from their living or dining room.