What Are the Traits of a Good Personal Injury Lawyer?

By  //  June 25, 2021

It’s not all about hiring any personal injury attorney. It doesn’t stop at taking your case to court. What matters is the personal injury lawyer you choose. Get it wrong and mess up with your case. Remember, not any lawyer can handle a personal injury case. These cases involve a lot of legal issues. There are lots of technicalities involved. That’s why hiring a lawyer with the following qualities is the real deal.

Past Solid Settlements

Choose a personal injury lawyer with a good track record. Look at the history of that lawyer. What is his/her success rater? Select a lawyer who has successfully handled a number of personal injury cases. Of course, new graduates can help you. However, when things become tough, they may take off. Thus, look at the number of years that lawyer has been in practice.  Ask for testimonials. Contact his/her past clients. Ask them about the experience of dealing with that lawyer.

Area of Specialization

Personal injury law is a specialized field. Not all ordinary lawyers can handle these cases. Thus, before selecting your lawyer, look at his/her specialization. What did he/she study in school? Did that lawyer specialize in personal injury law? Avoid general lawyers. They won’t deliver optimal results. It’s also important to note that personal injury law is divided into different subspecialties. They include:

■ Traffic accident law

■ Premises liability law

■ Medical malpractice law

■ Dog bites

■ Boat accidents

Other subspecialties include toxic tort, assault law, nursing home abuse, as well as product liability law. Choose a lawyer who is highly passionate about the area he/she is practicing.


Personal injury cases can be traumatizing. They can really create havoc in your life. From missing work, losing income, not being able to walk, to paying huge bills, personal injuries can turn your life around. This is the time you need someone who is empathic about your situation. And that’s where an emphatic lawyer comes in. Select a lawyer who is willing to do everything to help you. He/she should put himself/herself in your shoes.

Choose a genuinely emphatic lawyer. Select a lawyer who is willing to clearly articulate and communicate your suffering, pain, and losses to the adjuster. He/she should passionately communicate your pain to the defendant’s lawyer, judges, and jurors.

Willing to Accept Contingency Basis Payment Program

Payment is an important part of any personal injury case. In most cases, you should pay your attorney on a contingency basis. This means that he will only get paid after winning your case. Select a lawyer who is willing to be paid on a contingency basis. Avoid lawyers who ask for a sitting allowance. A lawyer who demands court attendance allowance is a red flag. Here, the lawyer will have that drive and zeal to win the case. Be aware of fiddly fee models proposed by rogue lawyers.


Chose a lawyer you can trust. Of course, any lawyer can handle your case. But the question is, does he/she have the time resources, devotion, and expertise to litigate your case?  Remember, things can get heated up along the way. Is he/she the kind of lawyer who will take off?  That’s where trust comes in handy. Work with a lawyer who you can trust.  Trust your instincts whenever you conduct interviews. Choose a lawyer who exudes a high level of professionalism when it comes to client-lawyer relationships. Ask questions.

Here is how to spot a trustworthy lawyer:

■ Expertise—ask the lawyer about his/her expertise. Ensure that he/she is specialized in handling cases similar to yours.

■ Testimonials—Check the testimonials of that lawyer. Also, check the references. Follow up with the testimonials as well as references. You will get a clear picture of that lawyer.

■ Reviews—Go online and check the reviews of that lawyer. Avoid lawyers with exaggerated reviews. Don’t hire a negatively reviewed lawyer.

■ Terms—Consider requesting payment terms. This should be done in writing. Go through the terms. Ensure that you understand each and every term. Pay close attention to the details regarding fees, charges, etc.

■ Prompt Answering—A good lawyer should answer your questions promptly. Stay away from lawyers who take a long time to answer your questions. Also, a good lawyer should be clear and concise when responding to your questions.

■ Promises—Most lawyers will want to overpromise you. Don’t believe them. Choose a practical lawyer. He/she should give you realistic expectations.

Willing to Take Pressure from Your Shoulder

A personal injury case can put you under intense pressure. Things like dealing with insurance adjusters and attending court sessions can emotionally drain you. Remember, you need time to heal. This intense pressure can mess up your life.  Nobody should pester you. A good lawyer should take control of everything, leaving you to recover. This will not only give you jumble time to rest but also removes pressure from your side.

Thus, consider choosing a lawyer who recommends that you rest to recover. He/she will take up all the legal issues regarding your case. A good lawyer will handle details like phone calls, intense paperwork, and any issue arising from your case. In a nutshell, a good lawyer should focus on listing pressure off your shoulder. A good lawyer like Jeffrey Scott Lasswell, PC will lift off pressure from your shoulders and allow you to concentrate on the healing process. 

Attention to Detail

When it comes to dealing with lawsuits, attention to detail is extremely important. You shouldn’t be rushed when filling the paperwork. Avoid lawyers who are in a rush to make you their clients. He/she should carefully scrutinize the evidence, statements from witnesses, and other reports. He/she should thoroughly prepare for trial. A good lawyer should walk you through how the court process work, including all the steps your case, is likely to follow.

How to Win A Personal Injury Lawsuit

Law, in general, is complex in nature. It entails a lot of technicalities. Plus, there are several steps that must be fulfilled. From hiring a good lawyer to filing paperwork, you should go through several steps before winning a personal injury lawsuit. So, don’t mess your case. Follow the following tips and tricks to win your personal injury case.

Preserve Evidence

Judgment will be issued depending on the strength of your evidence. Presenting strong evidence increases your chances of winning your personal injury case. That’s why you should preserve all pieces of evidence. This includes medical reports, hospital fees, etc. Also, take photos at the scene of an accident. This should be done as soon as the accident happens.

Take photos of the damaged car. Record the details of the other driver’s driving license and insurance policy. You can also take videos at the scene of an accident. It’s also important to take the contact details of the eyewitnesses. Also, you can take photos of your injuries. This includes during the injuries and after recovery. Don’t throw away any medical report. Preserve all the bottles of the medications you took.

Never Leave the Accident Scene

The accident scene is the most important aspect when it comes to personal injury cases. Here is where your case will be built from. Thus, never leave it until the police arrive. Cal the police to inform them about the accident. Allow them to document evidence. Let them draw a police report. You can request a copy of this report.

Medical Attention

Prioritize your health. This, as soon as the police finish their work, seek immediate medical attention. Going to the hospital will help you recover quickly. It will also increase your chances of winning a personal injury case. Remember, if you don’t go to the hospital, the other party may dispute your personal injury evidence. They will argue that your injuries are a result of your precious or preexisting condition. The judge will have no option other than to believe so. So, if you don’t want to jeopardize your case, seek medical help as soon as you can. Choose a good hospital. Select a hospital with enough capacity to handle your injuries. If you dint have referrals, call your lawyer. He/she is likely to refer you to a good hospital.

No Social Media

Of course, you are bitter. You want to tell the world how the injuries are bringing hell in your life. But, wait. Did you know that talking about a pending case in court on social media is illegal? It’s true. This, keep off social media. Also, you may be so happy that you want to inform your friends how quickly you are recovering. Posting pictures while in the gym can injure your case. In particular, your insurance adjuster may be monitoring you. They may argue that your injuries were aggravated by the physical activities you undertook.  In a nutshell, it’s advisable to keep off social media until your case is heard and determined. This will eliminate a lot of sideshows in your case. Plus, it will give your lawyer a humble time to track your case.

Hire the Best Lawyer

To some, lawyers are expensive. However, they aren’t focusing on the long-run benefits of hiring an attorney. With an attorney, you have the peace of mind to concentrate on other important matters. Plus, a lawyer will work hard to get you the best compensation. This means that nobody will take advantage of you. Still more, judges can easily believe lawyers. To them, hiring a lawyer is a sign that you are serious about your case. Hiring a lawyer boosts your chances of winning your case and getting the right compensation.

Let Your Lawyer Do the Talking

Insurance companies are like any other businesses. Their work is to make profits. They will use any opportunity to deny you claims or give you a raw deal. For instance, they may send an adjuster to give you a quick offer. Don’t be desperate to accept such an offer. In fact, don’t speak to adjusters without the knowledge of your lawyer. A good lawyer understands how to handle these adjusters to deliver the best compensation. Plus, they understand the trick insurance companies use to deny clients compensation. It’s your right. So, get a good lawyer. Choose a lawyer you can trust. Let him/her handle every aspect of your personal injury lawsuit.

Follow Doctor’s Instructions

From taking medications to attending a physiotherapist, you should follow your doctor’s instructions to the latter. Take all the medications.  Follow the right dosage. Attend all doctors’ sessions. Don’t skip any physiotherapy session. Doctors serve as crucial eyewitnesses in court. They will give an account of how you behaved in the hospital. If you skipped your doctor’s instructions, the court may fault you. Your case may be thrown out of court.

Court Sessions

While it’s impossible to attend all court sessions, you should at least attend half of these sessions. This will not only give you complete control over your case. It will help you track your case accordingly. Don’t leave everything to your lawyer. It’s your case. So, try to attend as many court sessions as possible.

Clear Statements

Give clear and concise statements. Don’t contradict yourself. Be clear, short, and straight to the point. Remember, the judge will be watching you. Any contradiction can cost you dearly. Give statements in the presence of your lawyer. For instance, if you suffered injuries from a slip and fall accident, don’t hide. State the facts clearly. 

Embrace Patience

Pursuing a personal injury case is a process. There are several steps involved. This includes filing your case, gathering evidence, litigating the case, and negotiating for a settlement. All these steps require patience. So, be patient and calm. Follow all the steps. Allow your lawyer to follow all steps. Don’t pressure your lawyer. This isn’t a one-time process. It takes time. So, even if it takes months, wait. In the long run, you will get justice.

The Bottom-Line

It takes time to get a reputable lawyer. It can cost you some money. However, it’s worth the money. Working with a good lawyer is all you need to win your case. A good lawyer will ensure that you get the right compensation. He/she will deliver the right results. Select a lawyer with the above qualities. It will boost your case’s chances of succeeding.