Why Athletes Love Protein Shakes?

By  //  June 23, 2021

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Protein is one of the essential nutrients for our body. It even contributed extensively to your weight loss. Intaking the proper amount of protein can actually help to boost your metabolism. 

Therefore, it can diminish your appetite and also help you to lose weight drastically.

And the best part about these protein intakes is it actually won’t lead to losing your muscles. So, athletes love to intake these proteins and make them mandatory in their regular diet.

So, in this article, I’ll tell you all the reasons why athletes are so much in love with these protein shakes. Therefore, if you are a sportsperson or want to keep yourself fit, this article is just what you need!

Protein Shakes: What Are These?

These are actually drinks that are made by mixing protein powder and water. Although, various other ingredients are also added sometimes. There are some ready-to-drink protein shakes as well.

Moreover, these shakes can indeed be a suitable supplement to your regular diet, mainly when you have limited sources of quality protein foods.

Mixing protein powders is not a tough job; all you have to do is take some water and add some protein powders. And SHAKE IT WELL!!

That’s all you have to do!

Now, there are a few demanding types of shakes in the market.

Whey Protein: 

It’s a dairy-based protein powder, and it can quickly and effectively get absorbed. Additionally, it also contains all the vital amino acids.

Casein Protein: 

It’s also a dairy-based protein powder, but it doesn’t get absorbed faster. It also contains all the essential amino acids.

Soy Protein: 

It’s a plant-based protein powder and contains all the critical amino acids. Moreover, it also includes soy isoflavones, which can indeed be very beneficial to your health.

Hemp Protein: 

These are plant-based protein powders that are rich in omega-6 and omega-3 fats. But are low in amino acid lysine.

Rice Protein: 

These are also plant-based and are low in vital amino acids methionine and cystine.

Pea Protein: 

These are plant-based and are low in the non-vital amino acids methionine and cystine.

So, these are some of the protein powders that many athletes are in love with!

Why Do Athletes Prefer Protein Shakes?

There are many reasons why athletes are so fond of these shakes. So, in this section, I’ll tell you the prominent and significant reasons they are so keen on this.

It Decreases Appetite And Hunger

Now, if you are an athlete, then fitness is your first priority. So, you do need to keep your appetite in full control. And this is where your protein shakes are going to come in handy.

These shakes can decrease your appetite in two ways:

Firstly, it drastically reduces the appetite-reducing hormones like CCK, PYY, and GLP-1 which eventually reduces the levels of your hunger hormone ghrelin.

Secondly, proteins are responsible for making you feel full for a longer period of time.

These shakes can also add an extra protein in your diet, but you need to keep in mind these intakes can also encourage adding more calories to your body.

It Increases Your Metabolism

The increase in protein intake can drastically boost your body’s metabolism. This can encourage your body to burn some calories each and every day.

These protein shakes can even increase your muscle burns more than fat.

Protein shakes can also increase the metabolism required for digestion. The entire process is called the thermic effect of food (TEF).

In short, protein shakes can speed up your metabolism, and they can also play a key role in building your body muscles and contributing to burning your fats.

It Helps To Lose Body Weight 

In a variety of research, it has been found that being rich in protein can drastically help you lose weight, especially in your belly.

In a study, a group of participants was given  56 grams of extra protein every day for 23 weeks. Later, it was found that every participant lost approximately 2.3 kilograms with a regular and consistent intake of protein shakes.

So, in contrast, we can say that protein shakes can indeed contribute to losing your body fat!

It Can Also Reduce Muscle Loss

It’s natural that when you are losing body weight, it can also reduce your muscle mass. But this is not applicable for protein shakes.

When you are intaking protein shakes, you can see that it’ll prevent the loss of your muscle mass, even though it’ll help reduce your body weight.

Moreover, it has been proven that with a regular intake of protein shakes, your muscles tend to stay more maintained and in shape.

Although, it’s highly recommended that you exercise regularly to keep your body and muscles more active and fit.

Final Verdict

No matter what, if you know the correct proportion of protein shakes, it can surely help enhance your body.

Starting with a shake per day can indeed be a great start. But make sure that you are regular with this supplement. And don’t think like this that just because you are on protein shakes, you will stay out of dairy products.

Keep eggs, soy, pea, and various other protein-rich foods in your diet!

So, I hope this article will help you know the reasons why athletes love these shakes so much.