Why Invest in a Bathroom Remodel: 5 Reasons

By  //  June 25, 2021

Bathroom remodels are a big undertaking. Even so, they really do pay off. Whether you are looking for the perfect excuse to remodel or now is the best time to upgrade your bathroom, the following reasons will give you the necessary justification you need to go ahead with a bathroom renovation. 

Your Life has Changed

When buying the house, it was probably just the two of you, but now your family has grown. Your tiny bathroom may already be too cramped.

Another situation is where you are about to retire and want to enjoy more privacy in your home. Whatever the life change, if the bathroom is not enough, it may be a great time to remodel. Bathroom remodeling enables you to add the space and features that you want in your bathroom. 

Boost the Value of Your Home

The second reason you may want to invest in a bathroom remodel is to boost the value of your home. Are you planning on selling your home some time soon? If you are, updating the bathroom will often increase the value of your home and make it more desirable once you get it listed.

Reports show that a quality bathroom remodel can help you recoup 50% of the total remodel cost. The simple fact is home buyers want a great bathroom, and they may be turned away by outdated bathrooms or ones that lack the functions they desire. 

More Efficiency 

How old is your bathroom? If it is old, it is most likely not using energy in the most efficient way. Poor lighting capabilities, excess water wastage and poor insulation in a bathroom not only make being in the bathroom less enjoyable, but it is also a big money waster. If this is the case with your bathroom, contacting a professional team like Kitchen & Bath to help with a remodel is the best thing to do. A remodel enables you to install efficient showers, toilets and better lighting. A professional will also ensure your bathroom doesn’t have air circulation issues. 

Increased Safety 

When handling a bathroom remodel, you will have the perfect time to think about safety. If you want to grow old in your current home or plan on selling it at some point in time, creating an accessible bathroom will be a fantastic idea. You can install a shower that makes it easy for you to get in and out. You should also consider installing non-slip tiles, a shower seat, handrails and more. 

Repair Damages

Damages in the bathroom can be caused by so many things – paint damage from a curious butter-knife-wielding kid, mould damage from uncirculated air, water damage from leaks and cracked tiles from the time your teenage son dropped a weight on it. If your bathroom has so much damage, a renovation will be a great idea. Remodeling gives you the chance to fix up all the damages.

It Does Not Look Good

You can simply remodel your bathroom because it doesn’t look good. Time flies by so fast, and styles change. If your bathroom is too outdated, it is okay to invest in a bathroom renovation. A renovation will help give your bathroom a facelift and offer a range of other benefits. A renovation gives you the perfect time to build a bathroom space that you will love. 

There are many other reasons why you may want a bathroom remodel. The key, however, to achieving the best results lies in working with a competent renovation expert. Our team at Kitchen & Bath has the experience, resources and materials you need to create your dream bathroom. Give us a call now to find out more.