Why Summer is the Best Time to Service Your Boiler

By  //  June 16, 2021

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For many households, the thought of getting the boiler serviced is met with groans of distain. Often overlooked for years until the boiler is no longer performing as it should, servicing the boiler often ends up at the bottom of a large to-do list. However, it’s a lot simpler than you’d think to arrange, and will improve the longevity of your boiler.   

If you’re thinking about servicing your boiler, the best time to do so is during the summer months. Although the British summer can be unpredictable, in general it tends to be warmer, meaning there is less of a need to have your boiler switched on. As the boiler won’t be on, it will be easier for the engineer carrying out the survey to tell if there are any issues. Should you need any repairs or maintenance, you’re also less likely to miss the heating if it’s warm outside!  

By staying one step ahead of the game, it also means that your boiler is all ready for winter, when you really need it. If you’ve had it serviced in the summer, you’re far less likely to have problems once winter rolls around. By turning your boiler on for a short period of time in the summer, you will also break up the dormant period between summer and autumn.  

If that wasn’t a good enough reason to service your boiler in the summer months, perhaps this will convince you… Did you know that it’s often cheaper to have a service check in the summer?

As there is less demand for boiler servicing during the summer, you can save money in the long run. And another benefit is that it’s nowhere near Christmas, giving you a chance to spread out some expenses. With Brits spending on average £1,116 at Christmas time, December is not the best month to fork out for a boiler repair.

If you do find that your boiler does need replacing, a popular option nowadays is an electric boiler. Electric boilers use (you guessed it!) electricity to heat the water and as a result don’t need a chimney.

They can also be more energy efficient than gas boilers as they lose very little heat when generating hot water. Perfect for anyone looking to save money where they can.  

All in all, while it can be tempting to put off boiler servicing until you really need it, boiler servicing and maintenance should be planned in annually to keep everything working as it should. So next time you find yourself putting off your next boiler service, think again! Your future self will thank you for it.