5 Cute Toddler Girl Clothes Ideas to Start Wearing This Summer

By  //  July 20, 2021

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Summer is here, which means shopping for new cute toddler girl clothes. All of the pieces we have selected are so cute and stylish that you are going to say: “I wish they came in my size!”.

The rising temperatures call for some refreshing garments to complement the Summer heat. There are some amazingly cute new models this summer that will have your little girl looking like a fashionista. However, the design of the pieces is not everything.

Fabrics will play a primordial role in keeping your girl fresh and cool during the hottest hours of the Summer. Organic fabrics are in trend and for good reason. They are hypoallergenic, fresher than synthetic ones, and above all reduce our carbon footprint. If you are one of the cool moms that believe your little girl must be wearing the best at all times, then organic fabrics are your calling. The top 5 organic fabrics for the Summer you won’t regret spending on are crisp cotton, cool linen, flowing silk, bamboo, and lyocell.

The 5 cutest toddler girls clothes to stay cool this Summer

1. Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits may be the best trending garment of this summer. The designs are astonishing and look absolutely adorable. Halter jumpsuits with long pants are stylish, and fresh at the same time. The design varies from floral prints to pastel colors, and it’s easy to fall in love with both styles. 

The second winners are sling jumpsuits. These toddler clothing come in short or long pants, and the designs are to die for. The photo below shows a cute crisp cotton baby blue piece with white Broderie Anglaise accents. Perfect for the beach, the Amusement Park, or walking around enjoying a delicious ice cream treat, while looking like a million bucks diva.

2. Floral dresses

Cute floral dresses for toddler girls are a classic, but not because they are less appropriate for this summer. The flowy skirt of the dress will make your little one feel like a princess, and the sling top will keep her cool and fresh. Sunflowers, lilies, daisies, and roses are the most common details to adorn these adorable toddler clothing.

Another dress style that is on the trending list for this summer is the button dress. The sleeveless top fits perfectly with the button accents, elevating the dress from a casual garment to a most sophisticated look. This elegant dress still manages to keep your toddler cool during the hottest hours of the day.

3. Skirts, pants, or shorts with suspenders

This year brings a new fashion trend that we welcome with open arms. Suspenders add a few notches of cuteness to every bottom garment.

To add up, the look is so stylish, that you could bring your girl to events and have her be the fashion icon of the night. The suspenders also help the clothing to stay in place, while your toddler moves around, and has fun playing.

 Skirts with suspenders are so lovely when paired with a fresh top. This is when your fashion designer streak comes to play when you color match with the many tops your little one already owns in her wardrobe. A bandana in the same fabric or color as the skirt will provide the look with a finishing touch.

Pants with suspenders are great for nighttime. Even in the Summer, the nights can be a bit chilly. If so, this combination of light long sleeve blouses with pants got you covered. The best part is that you can still choose a fresher top if you think the temperature is high enough.

4. Shorts/Skirts sets

Being able to combine clothes will be your biggest asset when shopping for new pieces this Summer. It will save you not only money in buying tens of new garments, but it will enhance the look of your toddler girl. Shorts and skirts are an all-time favorite for Summertime, what will make the difference is how you combine them and what fabrics you choose. 

Denim and linens are perfect for shorts. The most trendy designs include flower or striped prints. Flowy shorts with a waist-length bow are the sensation this year, and even cotton is a good fabric for this popular style. Combine the shorts with a top that shares some color of the button, for a more complete look.

Another tip for making a good shorts set is to choose them based on the prints, and colors. The match will be phenomenal. There are plenty of great options for these cute toddler girl summer sets.

You can follow the same logic when buying skirts, and matching them with a top to make a lovely set. Flowy skirts are in vogue and the ones with one extra top layer of tulle are any princess-dream come true. 

5. Swimwear

How to forget the most important part of any Summer, the swimwear. This year brings many cute options for toddler girls to enjoy their pool or beach days. Polka dots, stripes, and pastels are the trending designs for this Summer. The most stylish designs include halter tops, frilly high waist bottoms, flowy tops with tight bottoms, and one-piece swimsuits with flowy tops.  Always remember to pick fabrics with high SPF, to keep your little one’s skin protected and away from the Sun. 


This summer brings the cutest toddler girl clothing. Enjoy shopping for stylish and cool garments for your little girl. From flowery prints to the loveliest of pastel full-color items.

Halter and sling tops are a great design choice for dresses and rompers. Select the most novel of garments with suspenders for a totally chic look. Your baby girl will be an absolute princess this Summer while playing and feeling fresh all day long.