7 Tips on How to Spend Great Hours in Your Own Four Walls in Bad Weather

By  //  July 23, 2021

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The rain clouds are piling up, rain pelts on the window and the wind seems to howl a song. If these weather conditions await us, most people will want to crawl back into bed. However, there is no reason to flee under the cozy blanket, because even in rainy weather you can have a nice day at home.

All you need is a little creativity, a desire for new things and a good mood. The latter arises by itself when the fun begins in your own four walls.

To keep yourself busy at home in the cold and wet and to sweeten the time until the next nice weather day, there are seven great tips:

1. Swing the wooden spoon and try new dishes

If you don’t feel bored at home, you can let your creativity run free in the kitchen. There are numerous exciting recipes that can be prepared with just a few ingredients in cookbooks or on the Internet. Before you start your cooking or baking project, you should get an overview of your existing supplies.

The basics for a delicious meal or cake can be found in almost every household:

■ Flour

■ Sugar

■ Baking powder

■ Eggs

■ Milk

■ Butter

Are you missing an ingredient in a recipe? Feel free to try out alternatives to pass the time and expand your “kitchen horizon”. To do this, rummage through the furthest corners of the pantry. Often there is food there that was bought in the past and then forgotten unused. The noble nut must, which could not inspire anyone at the breakfast table, is suitable, for example, as a substitute for butter to bake tasty cookies.

If you are in the mood for a Caribbean flair to dream of the South Seas, prepare a steak in coconut oil, for example. Garnished with a pineapple or mango pieces, a dish is created that will be remembered by your taste buds. If you don’t enjoy cooking or baking, you can try fruity cocktails as an alternative. These do not necessarily have to contain alcohol. Even the aroma of rum from the bakery can be enough to conjure up that South Sea feeling in your own four walls.

2. Put your luck to the test with casino games

So that boredom doesn’t get the upper hand on a rainy day, adventurers can dare to gamble. There are several online offers for exciting casino games such as blackjack or poker to choose from. With a bonus, the whole thing works much better. You don’t have to worry about your savings because you can find one or the other casino with no deposit bonus here. If you don’t have any luck online, that’s not so wild either.

3. Create new creations while puzzling

If you want to relax at home in bad weather, you can read a good book – or work your gray matter in some other way. Many households have a puzzle with 1,000 pieces or more than enthusiastic puzzlers have always wanted to put together. So far, there has not been enough time or the beautiful weather lured you outside. If it rains and storms, there is a good opportunity to finally dare to tackle a big puzzle.

You can work on this alone or in pairs and ultimately enjoy the beautiful result. Do a jigsaw puzzle with your children, slow down the quiet activity for the children as well, reduce stress and promote concentration.

TIP: When the puzzle is finished, you can tie the individual puzzle pieces together with an iron and hang the picture in a picture frame on the wall. In this way, you benefit from an individual decoration that reminds you of the beautiful afternoon alone or with loved ones.

4. Reminisce

When is it better to sit back and think about vacations or good moments with the family than when the weather is bad? Cuddled up in a blanket, warm socks on your feet and a cup of tea on your lap, you and your loved ones put yourself in “memory mode”. You can look at photos together or even create a new photo album.

When looking at the pictures, many memories that make you smile come to mind. Exchange your favorite holiday memories with your partner or the children, you can put yourself back together in the past hours of sunshine and ignore the rainy weather.

5. Build an adventure landscape with the children

Anyone who has children doesn’t just have to fight boredom on their own. The youngsters also want to be entertained and entertained. Once the camp fever sets in, the bad mood can quickly dampen all creativity. To avoid this, take the initiative and invite your little ones to an adventure holiday in their own four walls.

In order to make the play area as varied as possible, the entire apartment can be turned into a cave. Tables and chairs in particular are ideal for supporting the “cave walls”. Blankets, tablecloths or sheets are ideal for turning the kitchen table into a bear cave, an Indian tent or the crypt of Count Dracula, for example.

6. Treat yourself to a day of pampering

Certainly, you could in rainy weather

■ Make the long-overdue tax return,

■ Finally, clean up the kitchen cupboard or

■ Sort out the closet again.

However, the chores only worsen the bad mood. On the other hand, the mood rises when you treat yourself to a day of pampering. Soak in a bubble bath with a moisturizing face mask, listen to your favorite music, and let work be work.

7. Plan the design of the garden or balcony

Who does not know it: As soon as the rain sets in outside, you suddenly feel like going outside and swinging your green thumb. Since this is not fun when it is wet and cold, you can plan the new garden or balcony design on paper. If you don’t have a green area outside, consider creating an indoor bed. All you need is an old egg carton, which you fill with soil in order to plant the seeds of your choice.

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