A Few Reasons Why You May Need To Hire An Immigration Lawyer

By  //  July 21, 2021

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Thousands of people every year apply for one of the many different visas available in the United States and many are successful depending on the type of visa, applicant’s ability to meet entry requirements and how organized their application documents are. 

Immigration into any country has its challenges, and the US is no different. Going through the process of immigrating to the United States involves collecting the required documents and filling out the various application forms.

Mistakes on your application forms or failing to submit the right documents and information can lead to long delays, extra costs, and an increased chance of your visa application being denied.

Therefore, it is essential that visa applicants seek the advice and expertise of a professional immigration lawyer, preferably based in the US. 

There are several reasons many people choose to hire an experienced immigration lawyer, which this article will look into further.

Excellent Knowledge of Laws and Regulations

The immigration laws and visa regulations in America are known for being complex, varied, specific to circumstances, and likely to change every few years.

A guide provided by one Northern VA immigration lawyer categorizes immigration issues and visas into three areas; employment, naturalization, and immigration defense and asylum.

It is the job of an experienced and knowledgeable immigration lawyer to understand your case and guide you through the process of applying for the visa that best matches your circumstances. A good lawyer will take time to review the regulations and eligibility requirements so that they can build a case backed up by laws and documentation. 

They Don’t Miss Important Details 

Paperwork is a vital part of the immigration process and of course, it takes a lot of time to carefully input and check every detail on application forms and supporting documents.

When attempting to complete paperwork yourself, the chance of making an error that costs money or time increases especially if English is not your first language. Immigration lawyers on the other hand went through years of university and training before joining a practice where they handle the paperwork from clients on a daily basis.  

Lawyers Make the Process Less Stressful

Relocating to another country is a life-changing event so it is no surprise that the immigration process is stressful for many people.

However, having a lawyer can help to reduce your anxiety and worry as they will answer accurately and honestly based on their knowledge of the law and experience working on past applications. 

Furthermore, professional immigration lawyers also help applicants to correctly fill out forms, ready documents, and prepare for any required interviews.

Your lawyer should answer all your questions and keep you informed throughout the process so that you can feel confident about your future move and plan accordingly. 

Lawyers Are Dedicated to Solving Problems 

Occasionally, people experience problems during the immigration process or their case is more complex than usual, either way, it’s the job of immigration lawyers to find a solution whether it be a clause in the regulations, finding the most suitable visa, or taking a case to court in certain circumstances. 

Immigration Lawyers Can Represent You In Legal Proceedings

Unfortunately, some applications are denied for various reasons, some of which may seem to be arbitrary or unfair. In such cases, immigration lawyers can represent their clients throughout a series of interviews and hearings even to the point of a case going to court. 

If your case does go to court and you are at risk of deportation, it is the task of your immigration lawyer to build and present your case, examine and review relevant laws and identify anything that can support your case. 

Affordable Rates

Some people applying for visas to the US are concerned that hiring an immigration lawyer will be expensive, however, there are lawyers around who offer more affordable rates.

Immigration lawyers typically charge their clients an hourly rate or a flat rate, many people opt for a flat rate as you can agree and understand the cost before the application even starts whilst an hourly rate in comparison can soon result in the cost adding up if there are delays. 

The flat rate that immigration lawyers usually agree with clients is determined by how complex a case is and if the applicant has been rejected before. In addition, lawyers often consider the specific legal issues, the estimated duration of the process, and the number of interviews or hearings before providing a quote to the client. 

For people moving to the United States, it is advisable to hire a professional immigration lawyer if they would like to improve their chances of getting their application approved.

Lawyers specializing in immigration are vital for several reasons including their knowledge, expert advice, skill at completing paperwork, and commitment to clients.