A Look into the World of Body Armor and How It Can Save Lives

By  //  July 5, 2021

For those who work in law enforcement or security, every day is filled with uncertainty as they leave their homes without ever knowing if they will come back.

Regardless of politics and the complicated issues that plague societies, there are those who put their lives on the line to protect us. Fortunately, as technology progressed, so did the different ways we can keep those people safe. This is where body armor comes in. We will delve now into the world of body armor and see how it can save lives.

What Is Body Armor?

In very simple terms, body armor is protective gear worn by individuals who might be at risk in their line of work. It is used to shield those individuals from gunshots, knife attacks, ricochets, shrapnel, and other projectiles that might otherwise be life-threatening.

To protect individuals from these risks, body armor plates are put inside a carrier that houses those plates, and we know it as a bulletproof vest. Body armor comes in different designs and sizes/shapes. Some body armor types provide more protection compared to others. For instance, only hard body armor can stop a rifle round, while softer types would only stop handgun rounds. 

How Does It Work?

Body armor works through the basic concept of transfer of energy. The plates used are made of very powerful fibers that are woven in a tight perpendicular weave to give us the final solid sheet of material that can stop a bullet that would otherwise kill the person. Further layers of resin or plastic are often added to increase the armor’s thickness and strength.

This is why Bulletproof vests can save lives. The great thing about this kind of vest is how comfortable and lightweight it can be. It is also affordable, so if you’re working as a private security contractor, you can easily get one at a low price. These vests are concealable, too, so the assailant will not know that you are wearing one.

So, when you are shot, the body armor plates that you have in your vest will diverge the energy and deform the bullet, thus stopping it from hitting vital organs.

This means that the layers of the armor absorb the energy of the projectile and spread it across the whole surface area, which is why the impact is felt in more than just the location of the gunshot. 

The primary use of a plate carrier is to carry body armor, which provides protection against ballistic threats. Externally, a plate carrier can hold pouches, IFAKs and other equipment that are mounted on the carrier’s MOLLE webbing.

Body Armor Saves Lives

Unfortunately, for those with dangerous occupations, you never know what you might encounter going to work one day. If you are a cop, bodyguard, private investigator, or security officer, there is always a chance that you could be assaulted by an armed assailant. If you are not wearing your body armor, then there is a chance that your life would be at risk.

There is a reason why officers wearing body armor are three times more likely to survive a firearm attack than those that aren’t. In short, wearing your vest while going to work probably means that you will go home that day. 

Confidence and Compliance

Body armor saves lives because it gives you the necessary confidence to deal with an armed assailant. An officer without his vest might not be as confident in his approach to a gunfight, and there is a chance that they might not follow standard procedure because they are afraid they might get shot and die. With your body armor on, you can move forward and try to apprehend or stop the armed suspect without having to worry that any stray bullet can end your life.

Complying with policies and wearing body armor at all times also means that you will be able to survive an ambush where you least expect it, which police officers encounter quite often. 


Last but not least, body armor can and will continue to save lives at higher rates because advancements are consistent in this field. Newer materials are always added and different ways of developing powerful, lightweight body armor are invented. This happens because body armor has significant military applications, but it can also be used by law enforcement as well as private contractors.

At the end of the day, you are more likely to avoid serious injuries, or worse, if you have your body armor on. It’s important that you find the right fit and get your hands on high-quality armor whenever you can because it might just save your life.

Most importantly, never think you can ‘get the assailant first’ or lazily ignore putting your body armor on. Going the extra mile and being vigilant means you get to go home to your family.