Everlasting Comfort Helps Working Professionals Sit Better and Protect Their Lower Backs

By  //  July 11, 2021

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If you’re a working professional with an office job, you are likely to spend 40 or more hours per week in your office chair. This can be less than comfortable, to say the least. But if you work on a computer, you don’t have many other options.

A common side effect that many working professionals of all ages face is lower back pain. After a time, it seems inevitable that lower back pain will happen to us eventually. But it doesn’t have to be.

Everlasting Comfort can help working professionals sit better to prevent lower back pain. Here’s how they do it.

What Causes Lower Back Pain While Sitting? What is it that causes that lower back pain while sitting?

It presents as a searing, aching, or even a sharp pain that hurts worse when you get up. It can be caused by a few different underlying conditions. Let’s take a look and see what it could be.

Nerve Pain Cause by Sciatica

A common issue that many people face is something called sciatica.

Sciatica is a pain that occurs throughout your sciatic nerve, which runs through your hip, lower back, buttocks, and even down your leg. This pain happens when a nerve somewhere along your spine gets pinched or a disk gets slipped, causing pain to shoot through your back and buttocks.

Sitting Down In an Uncomfortable Chair for Too Long

Sitting down all day has its own problems associated with it. This position is just not something that humans are designed to do all day, especially with the uncomfortable office chairs that many of us have to use.

Poor Seated Posture

Lastly, your lower back pain can be caused by a poor seated posture. Working professionals get tired and lose energy as the day goes on, so it’s difficult to remain seated upright in a perfect posture, especially if you don’t know what good seated posture looks like.

How Everlasting Comfort Can Help Those Working Professionals Sit Better

How is it that Everlasting Comfort can help you deal with lower back pain by getting the best possible use out of seat cushions?

Here are a few of the products that they have to offer to help you sit better.

Protect Your Lower Back With a Memory Foam Lumbar Support Cushion

The area of your back where you experience lower back pain is referred to as your lumbar spine. This lumbar region consists of the bottom few vertebrae.

A memory foam lumbar cushion is shaped to form the curve of your lower back. You can get one of these from Everlasting Comfort to help protect your lower back.

All you need to do is strap it onto the back of your office chair so that it’s in line with your own back. It will provide support and cushion to your lumbar spine all day, keeping it from getting out of line.

Keep Your Back in the Correct Position With Everlasting Comfort’s Coccyx Cushion

What many of us don’t know is that our lower back pain actually starts with our hips and buttocks. If we sit too far forward or too far back in our chair or unevenly balance the weight in our buttocks, our spine follows. 

Improper seating causes our spines to follow in these patterns, sometimes creating an over curvature that leads to that lower back pain. 

Everlasting Comfort offers a memory foam coccyx seat cushion to keep your hips in line. It’s a U-shaped memory foam cushion that is placed on the bottom of your seat with the opening facing toward the back. This cutout allows the coccyx to be suspended above the seat, making sure there isn’t any extra pressure on your delicate tailbone.

By protecting your tailbone from contact, your spine is free to remain in a healthy line.

Elevate Your Hips and Increase Circulation with This Wedge Foam Cushion

For even more relief on not only your lower back but also your legs, you should use Everlasting Comfort’s memory foam wedge cushion.

This cushion has the same coccyx cutout as their other seat cushion, but it has the added benefit of placing your hips on an incline. This takes even more pressure out of the hips, allowing your back to relax healthily.

Make Those Long Days at the Desk Hurt Less With Everlasting Comfort

As a working professional, it’s important to protect your lower back to prevent damage. Everlasting Comfort offers all of the seat cushions you need to keep your seated posture good and your lower back comfortable.