Finding Motivation: Top Tips for Better Productivity from DJL Dato Jonathan Lim

By  //  July 28, 2021

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Dato Jonathon Lim is a big name in motivational speaking. We caught up with Malaysia’s finest businessman to see what tips he had for us.

DJL Dato Jonathan Lim is a huge name in his native Malaysia, but has made waves in America, the UK, and Europe as a businessman of note. He was spotted early and earmarked as a contender to look out for by the Malaysian people, who awarded him with the young entrepreneur of the year award back in 2017.

Four years on, DJL has created a business empire that would rival a Kardashian… but we want to know what it was that made him so productive.

DJL History

You may have heard of Dato Jonathon Lim as a motivational speaker, as a businessman, or even as someone who has amassed an incredible 700k+ Facebook followers. In his home country of Malaysia, DJL has reached such heights of success that he has been nominated for countless awards.

Not least of which includes the ASEAN top 50 social media influencers of 2019 award, the International Prestige Brand award of 2019, and the Top International Business Style Award of the previous year.

Not only is he an affluent businessman, DJL Dato Jonathan Lim has earned his stripes in dozens of industries. He has a YouTube channel where he has again amassed countless followers interested in his advice. His business acumen has seen him grow a property investment portfolio of more than $10 million, and his IT successes have seen him buying and selling businesses all over the world.

In recent years, DJL Dato Jonathan Lim has turned his attention – and his work ethic – towards motivational speaking. Arguably, it is his position as a motivational speaker that has attracted so many followers to his Facebook and his YouTube accounts. 

We asked DJL what he thought about motivation. How does he get so much done? Here are the best pointers he gave us.

Pointers for Better Motivation

Want to get more done in 2021? Here are the top tips DJL Dato Jonathan Lim has from his career as a motivational speaker.

Set Clear Boundaries

Identifying the times of day you are willing to commit the most hours of productivity to. It may be that you are a morning person, it may be that you think clearly in the afternoons. A few of us don’t even get going until late at night. Deciding when you are going to put in those hours is a key way you can increase your productivity.

Learn to Priorities

Making sure you put things in order of priority means you will perform better. DJL Dato Jonathan Lim recommends doing the hardest things first, that way they are less likely to take up all your time.

Minimize Distractions

Some people are easily distracted by things like television or radio noises. Isolate yourself somewhere where there are fewer distractions for better productivity.

Review your Week

Regularly reviewing what you have accomplished in a week can act as motivation to do better the following week. Set your reviews for a Friday afternoon and watch your activity levels increase.