Foot Rest Cushions and Other Products to Make You More Comfortable

By  //  July 11, 2021

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Comfort is one of our ‘hail Mary’s that we have here on Earth. In order to obtain it, people will go to great lengths. Desperate for relaxation, any kind of comfort is appreciated. From footrest cushions all the way to advanced technology like handheld massagers. As we push forward into the future, the devices we use may change with the world around us. 

The Small Self Care Comforts

Face masks are a simple and inexpensive way to show yourself some self-love. Face masks can help you care for your skin while you relax. There are many types of face masks to choose from: clay masks, sheet masks, mud masks, cream masks, and a few other options depending on availability.

Most face masks are fairly cheap if store-bought. If you want a face mask but can’t get to a store or maybe you’re low on money this month, try making one. There is a mask you can make that has just two ingredients, coffee grounds, and honey. This mask helps exfoliate and brighten your skin. Just make sure to use the correct ingredients when making your own.

Bubble baths and showers are a nice way to comfort yourself, especially after a really long day. You can purchase items to help take your comfort levels to the max while replenishing your hygiene.

Herbal bath bombs are extremely favored and we can see why. There are thousands upon thousands of companies that create bath bombs. Often they are made with aromas to relax or rejuvenate. It is up to you to find which ones best suit your needs. Support the small businesses you find as they put a lot of work into hand making these awesome things. 

Get yourself a new toothbrush and razor. When was the last time you replaced yours? Yeah, it’s about time that you did yourself this small favor. It’s important to your health and recommended by dentists to change your toothbrush every three to four months. A study has shown that a woman replaces her razor about once or twice a month but dermatologists advise tossing it after a few uses. It can collect so much bacteria, especially left on the edge of the sink or bathtub.

Invest in a simple lotion or cream for your skin. This is something you can get at pretty much any store, and it doesn’t have to be scented. It’s just nice to give your skin hydration every now and then. “Dry skin by itself isn’t a medical worry, although serious cases can result in cracks and fissures that invite infection and inflammation.” 

You could consider getting a wax melter or oil diffuser to control the aroma throughout your house and/or work setting. With different options of scents from chamomile, lavender, sandalwood, frankincense, cherry blossom, jasmine, vanilla, etc.

Sounds may be helpful to your relaxation. Different people like different sounds. Some like soft piano music, campfire burning, some prefer ocean waves or lofi hip hop. It is something small that makes a huge impact. Personally, we love to listen to the sounds of rain while relaxing and getting comfortable. 

Tea is a cheap yet effective way to relax your mind and body. Chamomile tea before bed with a bit of honey is delicious. If you are interested in trying new or bold flavors, we recommend taking a trip to your nearest grocery store and locating the tea aisle. If you are not sure what a tea may taste like, you could do a simple web search. 

We have also heard of a gadget that can keep your tea or coffee warm. Imagine you relaxing on your sofa with a cup of tea so that you don’t have to worry about it getting cold. Unless you would prefer your tea over ice, instead. 

Thinking About Long Time Comfort 

Footrest cushions are in popular demand nowadays. They’re seemingly essential if you have back pain and reduce stress. Not to mention that they have many health benefits. Footrest cushions have been proven to improve the blood flow and circulation of the body. 

It can relieve pain in the hip, leg, and foot with ease. Plus, most of the footrests for posture are portable and small enough to keep under a desk. Memory foam is a type of foam that adapts to your body and shape.  You can be cozy at your desk at work, or even your home office. To relieve back pain while laying down. Place the footrest under your knees to elevate your legs a little. 

Hand-held massagers are an excellent choice in comfort and relief fast. There are a couple of different kinds of massagers on the market, along with some devices you can lay or sit down and use. Handheld massagers are normally able to vibrate or rotate to massage the muscles and loosen tension easily.

Having a handheld masseuse that you can take anywhere is pretty awesome in our opinion. It is an affordable way to relieve stress, improve mobility, and flexibility.

Other Options

You could get yourself a new pair of comfortable sweatpants and have a lazy day.  Perhaps you may find comfort in a heating pad on a low setting, this is good for sore muscles.

There are some pillow options for more comfortableness! Whether you like a firm, soft, semi-soft, or semi-firm, there are definitely options out there. Besides, when was the last time you bought new pillows? “Having the right bed pillows is not only comforting, they play an important role in supporting the intricate structures of the head, neck, shoulders, hips, and spine. When used well, pillows help in alleviating or preventing many common forms of back and neck pain, as well as shoulder, hip, and other forms of joint pain.” 

 Another option for long-term comfort is a weighted blanket. I’m sure you have heard of them, but are you aware of the benefits they bring along with comfort? Weighted blankets are for anyone, kids and adults alike. Weighted blankets use a deep pressure to help your brain produce the happy hormone called serotonin.

It also decreases the hormone that stresses you out all the time, this is called cortisol. While these blankets will technically lift up your mood, they also help people get better sleep. According to a study of weighted blankets within a group: “Participants in the weighted blanket group were almost 26 times more likely to experience a decrease of 50% or more in their insomnia severity compared with the control group, and they were nearly 20 times more likely to achieve remission of their insomnia.”

You could invest in a nice pair of comfortable shoes to help increase blood flow to the legs. Walking in shoes that are a comfy fit will have you feeling less fatigued and less sore at the end of the day. Make sure these are not too tight or healed as this may cause some minor discomfort.

Regardless of the way you seek physical comfort, everyone needs it. You deserve to give yourself a break every now and then. So why not treat yourself to something nice? Handheld massagers and footrest cushions are at the top of our wishlist now. These items could also make wonderful gifts for any occasion: birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, even Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.