Furnish Your Modern Apartment With These Gorgeous Items

By  //  July 23, 2021

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Getting your apartment is a right of passage for all people living on their own. However, sometimes trying to furnish it can be quite the hassle. Maybe you have some hand-me-downs that aren’t cutting your style. Of, maybe you are ready for a design overhaul for a completely contemporary space.

Regardless of what you are looking for, if shifting to a modern design is on your mind, we have some great items for your apartment.

Check out the following items that you need to furnish your modern apartment.

Rounded Mirrors 

One great way to make sure your space is wide and open is to add mirrors to your rooms. This tricks you into thinking that space looks bigger than it is, which is perfect for a small space for an apartment. Another way you can effectively use mirrors to modernize your space is to opt for mirrors designed with clean or sharp edges. Mirrors are also great to use in dark hallways because they add visual space. 

Angled and Geometric Lighting

How you chose to light your space is another great way to modernize your space. Whether you are wanting soft, bright, or stacked lighting, however, you can choose to bring your space to a whole new level.

When searching for the different styles of lighting you want to incorporate into your space, check out the following design types that will capture that modern aesthetic: 

■ Colors – look for neutral or solid color lights or fixtures

■ Angles – fixtures assembled to display right-angle shapes

■ Intended symmetry 

■ Natural materials – wood and stone are the most popular used

■ Timeless look – designs that pull for a specific area such as the early to mid-1900s

By referring to this design guide, you are sure to find the right fixtures that will modernize your apartment’s lighting design. What is also great is that with this type of lighting, you can accentuate your space and create different ambiances, all while maintaining that modern look. 

Open Shelving

If you’re tired of using heavy and bulky bookshelves, now more than ever is a great time to toss them and grab some new modern ones for your apartment.

Not only are open shelves easy to install, but they also vastly open up your space and make it feel roomier. Try using shelves that are made of natural materials like wood for a woodsy feel. You can also use stainless steel or shelves with a beautiful lacquer finish. 

For more inspiration, see below some types of great modern design choices when it comes to opening shelving:

■ Rustic – as the name implies, this type of shelving involves reclaimed wood and is usually structured with stainless steel or black iron support

■ Window shelving – another trend in modern shelving is to add shelves to a window, which creates an overlapping look in any room

■ Suspended – this type of shelving includes suspending shelves from securing them on the ceiling

As long as you refer to this list of modern design qualities, you will be sure to find the right type of shelving that works for you and creates the modern look you crave for your space.

The best part about open shelving is that you can put it in any part of your house to open up space, as well. So next time you are wondering if you should ditch that old bookcase, especially if it’s falling apart, make the decision to do so and install some open shelves instead.

Bedroom Decor

Now that you have some ideas on who you want to decorate your apartment space with a modern flair, don’t forget to look over your bedroom for a make-up over as well.

If you aren’t sure where to start designing your new bedroom, check out the following on some much-needed inspiration:

Clean colors and patterns – opt for something uniform like plaid

Metallics – steel or iron is always a good go-to for a modern design

Lacquered wood – this high-gloss look makes anything look polished and sophisticated. 

Make Your Move to Modern

Creating a modern space for your apartment doesn’t have to be hard or time-consuming. If you have a style guide like the one we mentioned here, you should have all you need to successfully redesign your space.

As a recap, remember the following when shopping around:

■ Mirrors make your space look larger, especially in low light areas

■ Geometric lighting gives your apartment a touch of sophistication

■ Open shelving helps you not open up your space, but organizes your things in a more modern way

■ Modern bedroom decor mainly consists of clean colors and patterns, metallics, and lacquered wood 

If you need some help researching some ideas, try modern furniture miami as a great jumpstart for items that will make your place pop.