Hollywood Smile Price in Top 3 Destinations

By  //  July 15, 2021

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The Hollywood Smile is among the most popular practices in cosmetic dentistry. It is one a comprehensive procedure that can correct several dental mishaps at once.

Although it’s among the top procedures in dentistry, the Hollywood Smile price makes it nearly impossible for everyone to achieve it. However, with medical tourism, many individuals find that the costs abroad can be more affordable.

This is especially true for patients coming from the USA and the UK. Without further ado, we’ll list down the Hollywood Smile price in the top 3 destinations.

What is the Hollywood Smile?

The Hollywood Smile is a cosmetic dentistry procedure that can entirely transform your smile. Using shell-like veneers, the Hollywood Smile covers all dental mishaps.

From pigmentation, to chipping, and dental gaps; the veneers can eclipse any aesthetic issue with your smile. Most importantly, the procedure is personalised so every detail from the color to the shape is considered to make your smile as natural as possible.

There are two types of veneers the traditional veneers and the luminaires. The luminaires do not require filing down your teeth but they’re also not effective in cases of severe mishaps. They are extremely slim in structure and work best to correct minor issues such as slight pigmentation.

Veneers on the other hand are the more effective alternative. They’re thicker than luminaires and to place them naturally your dentist has to file down some dental tissue to fit them properly on teeth.

Hollywood Smile Price in Top 3 Destinations

1- The USA

It was in the USA that the first ever-Hollywood Smile procedure took place. While the USA offers the treatment for exaggerated prices, the technologies offered are cutting-edge giving you natural results. The average price of the Hollywood Smile procedure in the USA is around $2,500 per tooth. Typically, people get the procedure done for the upper and lower front teeth mounting up to 12 teeth.

Other fees such as use of dental clinic facilities, dentist fees, consultation, and additional services are paid separately.

2- The UK

The UK is another popular destination for patients seeking the Hollywood Smile procedure. The NHS doesn’t cover the procedure, so it’s one of those destinations where only people who can afford the treatment visit. The Hollywood Smile price in the UK is around $1,000 per tooth. These costs don’t cover costs of consultation, clinic facilities, additional services, or advanced technologies. All these factors will affect the price and costs may go up.

3- Turkey

Turkey is currently witnessing rapid growth in the medical tourism industry and Dentakay is leading the dentistry scene. From luxury services to advanced practices, Turkey’s contradicting costs to quality are taking the world by storm.

You can get a Hollywood Smile for around $3,500 for a full set. These costs usually cover consultation both online and in person, private transport, translation, airport reception, and accommodation.

At Dentakay, you can also find procedures such as one-day Hollywood Smile using the CAD/CAM system. If you’re interested in having a Hollywood Smile in Turkey contact Dentakay for a free online consultation.

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