How to Use an Impact Wrench to Change Tires / Lug Nuts

By  //  July 13, 2021

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It’s hard to say that a car enthusiast doesn’t struggle with changing tires or removing lug nuts. Even in most people’s mansions, this is a time-consuming process. If you’re already tired of it, move forward to encounter the problem using an impact wrench. 

How hard the tire bolts or nuts, using an impact wrench, means cutting the process quickly. Significantly, impact wrenches are now preferable everywhere for changing tires.

It holds a great impression in auto shops. For removing a lug nut or bolt more comfortably automobile experts love the air impact wrench. Those provide more power and performance than regular impact wrenches.

However, It would be confusing to use an impact wrench to change tires as a beginner. To understand the details clearly, our expert’s write-up on how to use an impact wrench to change tire bolts or lug nuts. 

So, let’s find every possible way! 

What is an Impact Wrench?

An impact wrench is a mechanical power tool that is used opposite of a socket wrench. It provides high torque impact to remove lug nuts from cars or trucks without allowing too much pressure. 

Moreover, it is powered (pneumatically or electronically) through a motor. The motor powers faster the torque process on tires hard lug nuts or bolts and finishes the job within a few seconds. No matter how hard the objects, the force of impact wrenches make it easier to loosen or tighten the lug nuts faster rotating

How to Change Tires with Impact Wrench

If you are a first-timer, you have to arrange everything you need. To change tires or lug nuts, an impact wrench is convenient to finish the job smoothly. Here we share our knowledge step by step that makes you understand the way of changing tires. 

Assemble the Parts

The impact wrench needs to be assembled before you loosen up anything. Honestly, there is nothing much you need to assemble. But, corded or cordless whatever you use the basic parts always need to assemble. For example, To operate the air compressor, you have to connect it with a long rubber air hose.

Don’t hesitate to double-check the air hose line for ensuring that the air passes smoothly and uninterrupted. And for further assembly, it’s a wise move to follow the manufacturer’s manual. 

Set the Air Compressor 

If you use a pneumatically powered impact wrench, you have to connect it with an air compressor. It allows you to operate the impact wrench properly to change tires. You need to adjust the air compressor regulator range with the impact wrench. The range uses between 90 to 100 pounds, Be wise to check the perfect range manual.

On the contrary, if you are an electronically powered user, make sure the battery works well and has a back-up battery in the case.

Apply Tool Lubricate

Lubrication is a key to keeping the impact wrench living for a long time. So, before removing tires bolts or nuts apply a few drops of oil into the air inlet. It will freshen the bearings and work under incredible speeds. If you want it to keep going like that, apply the lubricate after every interval. 

Connect with Correct Size Impact Socket

Your impact wrench must be connected with the right size of impact socket depending on the lug/nut or bolt size you are operating. Now, align the socket and impact wrench together to connect them. You will hear a perfect click sound when they match perfectly. If you are done, it will be time to place the vehicle to remove the lug nuts.

Test the Machine and Correct the Speed

Run the impact wrench for testing the machine direction. If you see it is rotating in the wrong direction, press the knob to reverse the impact socket’s direction positions. Remember, Anti-clockwise rotation loosen the lug/nut/bolts and clockwise for tightening them. 

Depending on RPM (Resolutions per Minute), you can adequately measure the impact wrench’s speed. Therefore, high torque impact can achieve a lower RPM and for low impact high RPM need to deliver. So, depending on job requirements, you can set your right RPM. 

Time to Finish Work

Now you’re done with all the basic things, and it’s time to change tires by loosening the nuts. Apply brakes that ensure the vehicle stands still. Now line up your impact wrench and socket into the tires nuts or bolts. 

Push the socket and press the trigger to remove the lug nuts. Keep doing this until you remove all of them.

Tips To Remove the Lug Nuts with Impact Wrench

1. Place your vehicles on a flat surface and apply brakes that freeze the car while removing nuts. Keep the spare tire right beside you for manageable work. 

2. Inspect the lug nut after removing the hub cap. 

3. If you find any rusty nut, use a WD-40 to loosen it.

4. To remove lug nuts for changing tires, use an air impact wrench. 

5. For frozen nuts, you can use an impact wrench to break it. 

6. Don’t jack the tire until you remove all the nuts with your bare hand. 

7. Finally, replace it with new tires and tighten back all the nuts with the impact wrench

Final Write-Up

Both electric and air impact wrench are beneficial to change tires or remove lug nuts. You might find them similar, but they have some limitations too. If you give pressure on the lug nuts, it may damage the tires and wheels. Because too much torque is difficult to control at work. So, better to use them precisely to avoid these sudden incidents. 

Undoubtedly, the impact wrench is the most useful power tool to loosen the stubborn lug nut or bolt. We try to give you the right idea on How to use an impact wrench to change tires. We hope next time it will be easier for you to deal with changing tires.