How to Watch Tokyo Olympics 2021: Live Stream Free Without Cable

By  //  July 21, 2021

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Check all options to listen or watch Tokyo Olympics 2021 live streaming for free on Reddit, Crackstreams & Twitch below. One of the biggest events in history takes place on Friday, July 23 2021, in Tokyo, Japan.

Lets see below between Tokyo Olympics 202 live where and how to watch free from any location.

Tokyo 2021 is still a year away, but the hype has been building for months now. Tokyo 2021 is the official name of the upcoming 2021 Summer Olympics, also known as the Games of XXXII Olympiad. The Tokyo Olympics will be held from July 23 to August 8, 2021, and will feature a number of different sports.

Watch Now: Tokyo Olympics 2021 Live Stream

Are you interested in watching the Tokyo 2021 Olympic Live Games? We have you covered, whether you want to watch on TV, online, or on the radio – this is our ultimate guide with everything you need to know.

Here is everything you need to know to watch an Olympics live stream in 2021, from the Tokoy 2020 Olympic Games date, events, and free live streaming.

2021 Summer Olympics Details, location, and date

Tokyo, Japan, will host the event from July 23 to August 8, 2021.

During the 125th IOC Session in Buenos Aires on September 7, 2013, Tokyo served as the host city. Tokyo will host the Summer Olympics for the first time since 1964 with the games.

This will be Tokyo’s first time hosting the Olympics twice in Asia. There are four Olympics held in Japan in total.

Watch Now: Tokyo Olympics 2021 Live Stream

The only place to watch the Tokyo Olympics 2021 Live Stream Free this year is on the Seven network. It is the same deal that applied for the 2016 Games, giving Seven exclusive rights for Australian audiences for the 2021 Games.

Seven will broadcast their Olympics coverage across all three of their channels – 7, 7TWO, and 7mate.

Seven is also the place to go to if you are keen on finding a live stream for any event. They are live streaming all three of their channels’ coverage live online, both through their website and through the Olympics on 7 app, available for iOS and Android.

However, that’s not all – if you’re keen to watch an event that is not being shown on one of Seven’s three channels, you do still have the ability to live stream it online or through the app.

Unlike four years ago though, you won’t need to pay for the right to watch every single event out of Japan. Instead, it’ll all be for free through a yet to be confirmed Channel Seven digital application. All you’ll need to provide is an email address and some personal details to access thousands of additional hours of content, which Seven have also said will be streamed in HD.

So how are you going to know when you need to watch? We’ve got you covered of course, with the ultimate Tokyo Olympics 2021 Live Stream Free TV Guide for Australians, to let you know what’s on TV and when, all in AEST time.

If you’re looking for even more detail, you can hit up our Olympics Events Guide for Australians which lists every single event on at Tokyo 2021, and the AEST time and date that it’ll occur.

If you’re wanting to listen into the Olympics coverage on radio instead, there are a couple of different options.

Olympics 2021: Participating Countries

A huge increase in popularity and participation was seen at the 2016 Rio Olympics. As the Olympics has grown in popularity, despite the fact that there were barely any countries or athletes participating at its inception, sports events and athletes have become more popular every year. IOC statistics indicate that 11,238 athletes represented over 205 countries at the Rio Summer Olympics, including 6,179 men and 5,059 women.

Though the number of countries participating and qualifying in the Olympics Games has steadily increased since the Ancient Olympics were revived at the end of the 19th century, a number of countries, including Australia, France, Greece, Switzerland, and Great Britain have remained a permanent fixture.

In the past Olympics Games, these countries have also won the most medals. Summer Olympics are one of only a handful of sporting events that connect fans around the world, not just in the participating countries. This is probably why there is so much excitement and fervor surrounding the games.

Tokyo Olympics 2021 Sports Schedule

Summer Olympics Games are the world’s largest sports event in the modern era. Summer Olympics have featured at least 42 different sports since the beginning of the 19th century.

There were 28 fixed sports of choice at the last three Olympic Games (of 2000, 2004 and 2008). There were 26 sports represented in the Rio de Janeiro 2012 Summer Olympics as softball and baseball were removed from the list.

The list of sports and events for the 2021 Tokyo Olympics Games were finalized by the IOC executive board and announced in June of 2017.

The 2021 Tokyo Games will showcase 339 events in 33 different sports and spread across 55 disciplines. The Tokyo 2021 will also see an addition of 5 new sports and have 15 additional events.

Prior to the main games, there ar4e 56 test events planned to be held for the 2021 Olympics and Paralympics Games in Tokyo, starting in June 2019 and ending a year later, in June 2021 before the opening ceremony of the 2021 Tokyo Olympics Games.

Numerous events from these are from the core-25 sporting events covered in the Summer Olympics however the new sports added to the 2021 Tokyo Games will be properly tested before the start of the actual competition.

Check out below the number of events covered under the various disciplines which are part of the official Summer Olympics Games:

Aquatics –

Artistic Swimming (2 events)

Diving (8 events)

Swimming (37 events)

Water Polo (2 events)

Baseball –

Baseball (1 event)

Softball (1 event)

Basketball –

Basketball (2 events)

3×3 Basketball (2 events)

Cycling –

BMX Freestyle (2 events)

BMX Racing (2 events)

Mountain Biking (2 events)

Track Cycling (12 events)

Road Cycling (4 events)

Equestrian –

Dressage (2 events)

Jumping (2 events)

Eventing (2 events)

Gymnastics –

Artistic (14 events)

Trampoline (2 events)

Rhythmic (2 events)

Karate –

Kata (2 events)

Kumite (6 events)

Canoeing –

Sprint (12 events)

Slalom (4 events)

Wrestling –

Freestyle (12 events)

Greco-Roman (6 events)

Volleyball –

Volleyball (2 events)

Beach Volleyball (2 events)

Others –

Archery (5 events)

Athletics (48 events)

Badminton (5 events)

Boxing (13 events)

Fencing (12 events)

Field Hockey (2 events)

Football (2 events)

Golf (2 events)

Handball (2 events)

Judo (15 events)

Modern Pentathlon (2 events)

Rowing (14 events)

Rugby sevens (2 events)

Sailing (10 events)

Shooting (15 events)

Skateboarding (4 events)

Sport Climbing (2 events)

Surfing (2 events)

Table Tennis (5 events)

Taekwondo (8 events)

Tennis (5 events)

Triathlon (3 events)

Weightlifting (14 events)

How to Watch Olympics 2021 Live Stream

The 2021 Tokyo Olympics is yet another installment in the series of quadrennial sporting events that is followed fervently by millions upon millions of sports lovers from all over the world.

The Tokyo Olympics is set to be televised for viewers in almost every country worldwide. As has been the case earlier too, the Olympic Broadcasting Services (OBS) shall be delivering the live video feed to numerous popular TV and online sports channels.

Watch Now: Tokyo Olympics 2021 Live Stream

The IOC is the rightful owner of all TV, internet, radio, and mobile platforms that show the Olympic Games live or recorded. The Broadcasting Services allot TV, radio, and online slots for live streaming the numerous events as part of the Olympic Games to the leading TV, radio, and other media companies.

The online, TV and radio broadcasting revenue is an important source of income for the IOC as it supports funding the:

Olympic Games and Olympic Movement

The growing global popularity of the Olympic Games

Increase in promotion and representation of the Olympic Games and the Olympic values

The main aim of allotting broadcasting rights to a maximum number of media outlets as possible is because the Olympic Charter states that “The IOC takes all necessary steps in order to ensure the fullest coverage by the different media and the widest possible audience in the world for the Olympic Games.”

Hence, it will be possible for fans, including you, to witness the thrilling and exciting Olympic Games from the comfort of your home, on your TV, computer/laptop, and mobile phones, and even on the radio.

Let’s check how to watch Summer Olympics 2021 live on TV in the popular viewer regions across the world:

United States

NBC Universal has acquired the official rights to broadcast the Summer Olympics 2021 live for TV viewers across the US. If you are a subscriber to NBC, contact the service provider to learn the offers and rates to view the incredible event live from the comfort of your home.


CCTV the state-owned TV network has gained the official rights to air the 2021 Tokyo Summer Olympic Games all across mainland China and its territories. Viewers in China can tune to CCTV and watch the numerous events being played live on their TV sets.


Match TV, a popular Russia-based free-to-air sports TV channel is in line to get the rights to transmit the 2021 Tokyo Summer Olympics in real-time for the millions of viewers in the country. Match TV subscribers will be able to enjoy watching the Summer Olympics easily with Match TV.


The Sony Pictures Networks India (SPN) won the official broadcast rights to air the 2021 Summer Olympics in India as well as the Indian subcontinent.

United Kingdom

BBC Eurosport is the official broadcaster of the 2021 Tokyo Olympics for its viewers in the United Kingdom. BBC Eurosport subscribers can view the live TV broadcast on their TV sets at home in the UK.


The Japan Consortium, the joint venture between the country’s official TV channel and several other broadcasters, has won the rights to broadcast the 2021 Tokyo Olympics live to its subscribers on their TV sets.


Germany is one of the top countries in the Olympics. In the 2016 Rio Olympics, Germany finished sixth in the medal tally. So people in Germany are excited to watch the Olympics live by sitting back in Germany. For that, ARD ZDF will bring the live Olympics action to Germany. The ARD ZDF is the official broadcaster for the Olympics. 


RTVE is the official Tokyo Olympics broadcaster when it comes to Spain. The RTVE is a Spanish Radio and television service in Spain. So Spanish people, who wish to enjoy the Olympics live from their couch with popcorn tune to RTVE. RTVE also has an online platform – which allows their audience to stay updated with the live feed. 


The 2020 Olympics is going to be different from the rest of the Olympics in the past. With pandemic danger still in place, the overseas audience has been banned from the Olympics. So French fans need to sit home and enjoy the Olympics live on television or on any digital platform.

Eurosport has grabbed the official broadcasting rights of the Tokyo Olympics in France. So tune to Eurosport to enjoy the seamless stream of the Tokyo Summer Olympics. 


RAI is the official rights of broadcasting their Olympics content live in Italy. The Italian fans back home can support their athletes by tuning to RAI which is a popular sports channel in Italy.


Australia is one of the most sports-loving countries in the world. Australia is not only a sports following country but one of the active sports event hosting countries. Australia has popular athletes who bring home gold medals which makes Australia one of the top countries in the world at the Olympics. They are usually part of the top ten performing countries at the Olympics. If you are residing in Australia, Seven Network is all you need to enjoy the Tokyo Olympics live from home.

Watch Tokyo Olympics 2021 Live Stream Without Cable

The past few years have witnessed an immense increase in the number of mobile smartphones all over the world. The number of smartphone users has increased across the world in the recent past. Hence, there has been a significant shift of a large portion of viewers from the traditional TV and radio broadcasts to watch the Olympic events by live streaming them on their internet devices, including laptops and computers, apart from mobile phones.

Major online streaming platforms in the US, UK, Australia, Canada, and other countries with larger viewership audiences have partnered with the official TV broadcasters in the regions to provide limited but sufficient coverage of the 2021 Summer Olympics with millions of online watchers.

Watching the 2021 Summer Olympics by live streaming over the internet, rather than on the TV or radio, has become extremely trendy today.

With the rise in mobile smartphone users, official broadcasters and popular online live streaming platforms are racing to provide the best coverage of the 2021 Summer Olympics at Tokyo to users across the world. It is easy and convenient to switch to any of the below online platforms and How to watch Olympics 2021 live stream without the need for a TV set.

Check out how you can watch Tokyo Olympics 2021 live stream without cable:

Fubo TV

If you live in an area with Fubo TV availability, then simply tune into the online channel and catch the 2021 Summer Olympics events live without cable on your smartphones, tablet phones, computers and laptops in the US. Fubo TV has limited coverage rights from NBC, the official TV broadcasters of the 2021 Tokyo Olympics in the US and will offer all major events to view over the internet.

Sling TV

Sling TV also has limited coverage rights to broadcast the 2021 Summer Olympics online with a partnership from NBC, the official TV broadcasters. Sling TV is an efficient and affordable way to enjoy live stream viewing of the 2021 Tokyo Olympics online.

YouTube TV

YouTube TV is another popular online streaming platform that offers limited coverage of the major sporting events that are part of the 2021 Tokyo Summer Olympics.

If you want a free and convenient way to catch the thrilling Olympic events online, tune into YouTube TV for live streaming without cable.

Hulu TV

Hulu with Live TV is another excellent online streaming platform to catch the incredible 2021 Summer Olympics live on your internet devices, including smartphones and computers to watch the major events from the comfort of your home or outside.

When is the opening ceremony?

The Summer Olympic Games officially begin on July 24, 2021.

The Olympic opening ceremony, which will take place at the New National Stadium in Tokyo, is expected to be a huge event, so remember to check start times with your broadcaster(s) of choice and tune in.

Olympic 2021 Live Streaming Channels

Apart from the countries and their channels mentioned above, you may be wondering about other regions and their official broadcasters for the Tokyo Olympics 2021.

The Summer Olympics is a great deal around the globe, and you are not alone to be excited for the games to begin. This should explain why there are so many broadcasters, as well. To verify whether your country is listed, take a look at these countries and their official broadcaster for the 2021 Olympics:

Brazil – GloboTV

Finland – Yle

India – Sony Liv

China – CCTV

Ireland – RTE

Korea – SBS

New Zealand – Sky NZ

MENA – beIN Sports

Germany – ARD

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