Kansas Storms Leave Thousands of Residents Without Power

By  //  July 20, 2021

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Power outages were experienced across Kansas last week due to thunderstorms and high winds. Thousands of people were impacted by the intense weather conditions, which could potentially return this week across the whole state.

More than 65,000 power outages were reported across the Kansas area, with St. Joseph and Topeka appearing to be the hardest hit by the storms. 

Severe Weather Warnings

Residents throughout the state of Kansas were warned of extreme weather last week in the run up to the thunderstorms. People who live in the nearby states of Nebraska and Missouri were also alerted to possible issues connected to the adverse weather conditions, with all three states placed on a severe thunderstorm watch. 

Reports claim that hail “the size of a lime” was experienced in parts of northeastern Kansas, while wind speeds reached up to 70mph in certain places. 

If the thunderstorms do return in the coming days at the same velocity, then residents have been warned to stay home and stay safe.

Protecting Utility Infrastructures

It is not uncommon that power outages will occur when extreme weather takes hold. There are also several other reasons why the integrity of utility infrastructure may be compromised.

Professional local companies are tasked with keeping infrastructure operating as it should be for the benefit of the community. This becomes all the more important during periods of poor weather, such as thunderstorms.

Earthworkz’ directional drilling services are an invaluable resource for electrical excavation tasks, or when the need to locate underground utility lines presents. When utility lines need to be repaired or maintained, it is essential to accurately determine where the lines are before drilling commences. This is one of the many reasons that utility locating services are so important. 

Staying Safe in Severe Weather

If you have been impacted by severe weather in the past week, then it is important to take precautions to stay safe in the coming days. 

Whenever a thunderstorm is taking place where you live, it is a sensible idea to stay indoors. Do not go outside unless it is absolutely essential. The chance of actually being struck by lightening is incredibly low, but it is usually fatal when it does happen, so do not take the chance. 

If you do get caught out by a thunderstorm because you have taken a journey somewhere, then remaining in your vehicle with the windows rolled up should keep you safe. Stay as far away from large bodies of water as you can while in your vehicle.

It is important to be aware that being indoors does not entirely prevent you from the dangers of a thunderstorm. If lightening strikes your home, then this could still cause harm. To boost your safety in the home during a thunderstorm, you should avoid using the bathtub or the shower, or from using any other water sources. Keep electronic equipment turned off and do not use your corded telephone. 

It will usually be the case that the storm will pass in a few hours, so be sure to keep yourself safe by following this guidance. You will soon be able to resume normal activities.