Start Using a Mail Tester From Folderly to Learn Inbound Delivery Rate Improvement Tricks

By  //  July 8, 2021

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Bad luck in cold mail campaigning? Folderly’s tester plus our top strategies are here to help! Test email delivery rate with Folderly’s app, use our tips and be great!

H2. What are strategies to test email delivery rate and see deliverability constantly improve

A great number of businesses can’t but make mistakes while doing mail cold campaigning. A tester is essential to always be at hand so that a company knows what the flaws are.

However, all a tester is able to do is test email delivery rates but not improve them. It’s persons behind b2b sales’ task to monitor their deliverability status and fix issues dragging it down. To achieve that, knowing deliverability improvement methodics is necessary.

And also definitely being aware of how to use them. On the whole, what one needs here is:

■ Folderly’s mail tester;
■ Our top methods for fixing deliverability problems.

Let’s take a closer look at those items.

Want to see great test email delivery results? Authenticate DNS setup for domains’ purity

There’s barely a b2b company that wants its cold email campaigns to fail. To test out Folderly’s delivery rate check software shouldn’t be something to be afraid of in this case. Cold email sales success depends on how good a company’s deliverability is. That’s why it needs to test email delivery rates as often as possible. And that’s what Folderly’s top application is great at. With our app meant to test email delivery rate status one always knows if his DNS domain name requires authentication. There’s nothing difficult about it, all it needs to do here is enable SPF, get access to authentication records and publish them.

H2: Folderly’s test email delivery software is great at checking any ESP feedback

Don’t think that your actions stay unnoticed by the ESP. It’s one of any ESP’s tasks to watch what users do and decide whether those actions look spammy or not. Depending on how providers see one’s actions, they react positively or negatively. If this feedback isn’t of positive character, the suspiciously-looking domain name or website is blacklisted. Using Folderly’s spam checker is the primary tool in keeping track of the ESP’s reaction towards you. With our spam checking application there won’t ever be problems with running cold sales and b2b emailing most smoothly.

H3: Maintaining proper IP for great incoming email outreach, delivery rates and email check test results

B2b campaigns and cold email sales are based on how many leads a company has got. The more prospects are on one’s b2b sale list, the wider a lead audience is. Therefore, the bigger the number of daily outcoming e-letters to prospects is. As soon as that number crosses the 25 000 message mark, your dedicated IP needs to be indicated.

To successfully indicated it, it needs to:

■ get rid of any IP problems lest your sender score should be negatively affected;
■ check all your e-messages for being legitimate for the ISP and leads as well.

H3. Ensure success for email campaigns and high delivery test results through being trusted by SPF

“Have I built enough trust with my SPF?” is a question any b2b salesman has to ask himself not once. To always be aware of one’s status with Sender Policy Framework (SPF), it’s recommended to resort to becoming Folderly’s client. Folderly is a product of b2b lead generation company – Belkins. With us you’ve got years of experience and professionalism at your service.

Without a proper SPF record for one’s email account, any spam filter may perform a check and consider one a spammer. Therefore, getting along with SPFs are necessary when it comes to maintaining sender score’s purity.

H2. Working with Folderly to test email delivery rates and keep inbound opt-in infrastructure in order

When it comes to talking about optimizing a company’s inbound opt-in infrastructure, some people feel at a loss. It’s because they start thinking about removing their opt-in components in order to communicate with as many prospects as possible, no matter who they are.

However, what’s referred to here is doubling a company’s opt-in in order to separate truly loyal clients from those likely to send your message to the spam folder. Using a powerful checker like Folderly’s one helps email campaigning to go more smoothly. Another thing to resort to here is filtering entry e-message signups. Here it needs to detach valid addresses (probably typed in in a hurry) from invalid ones.

H2. Test email delivery rates with Folderly to know if messages need being cleaned from spam words

While creating b2b content, salesmen have to be aware of such a non-obvious issue as spam words. There are thousands of spammers on the Internet and they resort to using many catchy words in their messages. As a result, those words get marked by spam filters as spammy and later can end up on spam word lists.

All that leads to good users being considered spam distributors because of that. What’s the way out here? It’s necessary to methodically study those spam word lists and be in the know of what words to use in emails and what to throw away.